The Man, Myth, and Chainsmoker, Alex Pall

In a recent interview with Chainsmoker, Alex Pall, he answered questions many fans have probably been wondering about for quite some time. Mathias Rosenzweig was asking questions to Alex Pall and he answered them with some surprising answers. Mathias began with a simple question to start off the interview. The first question was “How did you two start working together?” Maybe not many Chainsmoker fans know how Drew and Alex met. He mentioned that he was originally a DJ on the streets of New York, sort of moving around from show to show as offers presented themselves. This was the beginning of his passion and was what had sprouted and grew into what is now know around the world, the Chainsmokers. Alex also mentioned that it was more like fun than actually having a job and the money was just a sort of bonus to have. His life began to evolve into this lifestyle of dancing music and he decided he was going to give it a real shot.

Shortly after deciding this was what he wanted to do, Alex quit his job, quit his job and then the new life began.

The interview continued on as Rosenzweig asked: “How did you know it would work out after meeting each other?”

Alex had a response you could maybe predict if you’re a diehard Chainsmoker fan. He said that both of the two knew what they were bringing to the table and knew what they were capable of doing. They knew they could easily make this their future, knowing it would be a lot of work but well worth it at the end when they would be doing what they love and getting paid to do so. Both guys had a strong passion for what they were doing and just had a gut instinct that this was how it would be.

The two would get together every day working on music, sometimes for up to 12 hours a day, writing and creating music. They also continued to push themselves harder and harder each day until it happened, their dreams came true.