The Protection of Intellectual Property Theft Urged by Kamil Idris

When the transfer of knowledge and information occurs between countries, it’s crucial for its economic growth. That’s where, according to Professor Kamil Idris, believes intellectual property comes into play. In recent years, especially with the growth of the economy in technology, there’s been an unparalleled need.


Professor Idris identifies negative consequences to intellectual property as counterfeiting, piracy, and patent applications being processed in an increased amount.


As a result, according to Professor Idris, companies must place greater focus on how to solve these consequences by developing intellectual property using optimal resources and create a team of IP professionals with a handle on the policies. This all must occur in a creative environment that promotes innovation.


Looking at the intellectual property’s infrastructure is what Professor Idris suggests as the first step to consider when combatting IP theft. If a company develops a team or IP professionals skilled in dealing with the challenges of the 21st century, these specialists can build an appropriate infrastructure.


It’s necessary to build these infrastructures to compete in today’s economy, particularly for developing countries. Until developing countries can grasp the importance of intellectual property, it will be at that point they will be able to see advancements in today’s high-tech and globalized world. It’s because of this globalization, Professor Idis notes, that threats to intellectual property continue.

Poor countries are left behind, and developing countries continue facing challenges because richer ones take control when purchasing patents. Professor Idris believes a reformation on intellectual property and international trade agreements are the first steps that are significant toward ensuring every country has access to the liberalization of information and free markets.


It’s possible for countries to educate themselves on intellectual property and, to stay competitive in the current market and economy climate, they must be knowledgeable of these topics. In the developing world, Professor Ibis makes a note about how there’s a great need for education for intellectual property related topics.

OSI Group: A Heritage of Innovative Global Organic Growth

For over one century, OSI Group has been synonymous with innovation. Technological advancements such as cryogenic food processing have played a vital role in the ability of the company to develop and propagate a customer-centric business model effectively. Founded in 1909 as corner butcher shop by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, OSI Group grew organically from its deal with McDonald’s restaurant during its nascent years in the early 20th century to a global entity with operations across various continents including Australia, Europe, and the Americas. Using cutting-edge technology, the company ramped up its production to become a market leader in the production and sale of processed foods. The company currently boasts of over $6 billion sales and several facilities and subsidiaries.

The symbiotic relationship between McDonald’s and OSI Group played a significant part in OSI’s group. With the restaurant expansion in the domestic market, OSI also scaled its capacity by opening new facilities across the country to meet the demand from McDonald’s. The group began new facilities in various states and locations including Chicago, Oakland, Iowa and West Jordan, Utah. This strategy was also replicated when the restaurant chain went global. Buoyed but its successful partnership with McDonald’s, OSI Group continued its organic growth by venturing into new markets beyond what McDonald’s offered. The group transformed into a global brand with operations in new and emerging markets such as Taiwan when it partnered with K&K Foods to form a joint venture. Joint ventures were also formed to tap into the processed foods markets in Spain and Germany.

Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the group’s chief executive and chairman who joined the multinational corporation in 1975, the group has continued with its expansion into the global market through acquisitions of strategically placed companies. In 1996, OSI acquired Moy Park which was followed by the 2006 purchase of U.S.-based Amick Farms. The company expanded into Japan, Poland, Brazil, and India and further cemented its market dominance in the UK through the acquisition of Flagship Europe. Netherlands-based Baho Foods and Germany-based Hynek Schlachthof GmbH were furthered added to OSI’s banner. The company also boasts of operations in Canada through Select Ready Foods while it also acquired Tyson Foods-owned facilities in Chicago. This is in addition to the 2018 merger with Australia-based Turi Foods.

The RealReal: Dominating The Luxury Resale Market

Annually over one trillion dollars is spent on the luxury business. The RealReal has taken notice. This luxury reseller is taking their part in this industry with ever consignment they facilitate. The company began small. Julie Wainwright built her brand from her kitchen table and visiting customer homes. Today, this company is the go to site for luxury consignment clothing, footwear, handbags and accessories with several hundreds of employees in multiple U.S. locations.

Investors are always looking for their next venture. Finally, they have come across the lucrative demand of customers desiring high end fashion items that have been previously owned by another fashion lover. Right now digital spaces of selling fashion is booming, the luxury sector of that is growing rapidly. The online luxury retailer powerhouse has recently raised over one hundred million dollars in funding. This brings the total capital or private equity to two hundred and eighty eight million dollars. PWP Growth Equity led the round of funding. Perella Weinberg Partners and Sandbridge Capital were additional investors. Great Hill Partners is an already an investor in the company. The RealReal will have a new member to its board of directors. A founder of PWP Growth Equity Chip Baird will be joining the luxury reseller’s board.

The amount of investors and hundreds of millions of dollars funded into the company does not surprise many strategists and financial analysts. The marketplace for online luxury retailers is an emerging market that is seeing immense growth. So although The RealReal is only seven years old with still a lot of potential, investors want to get in early and make their profits. Millennials are the shoppers making this market a huge cash cow for investors. The are seeking quality goods that do not necessarily have to be brand new. The RealReal does not own this category entirely to themselves. Thredup and Poshmark are also big names in this space. According to strategists, by 2027 these three giant resellers will own around thirty three percent of closets. The RealReal has a promising future of continuing to bring quality, high end fashion to customers.

Igor Cornelsen Has Shared Many Investing Tactics Over The Years

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native that has become one of the most respected and wealthy investors in the entire country. At the beginning of his adult life, Igor was going to focus on engineering for his studies but instead focused on economics. His skills working with numbers allowed him to excel in class and after graduating he was able to land a valuable position at an investment bank right away.

Igor’s talents allowed him to flourish in the investment business and he was able to quickly rise up the ranks at his first company, Multibanco. First, Igor joined up with the company’s board of directors, followed by taking lead at the company as CEO. When the company was acquired by a bigger one, Igor Cornelsen moved on to other investment opportunities, building up his experience and knowledge of the industry as he went along. His last position as was London Merchant Bank, where he worked for several years before finally starting up his own investment firm.

Igor has been able to build up a vast wealth of different information and various sources of market information from all over the globe thanks to his many years in the banking industry. After starting up his own investment company in 1995, Igor has stuck to his work managing investments and proving advice to others within the community to help bolster their own skills as well as the market. Igor has long been trying to get investors interested in the Brazilian market, where he made much of his fortune over the years.

Igor Cornelsen is regularly giving out his advice to investors and throughout various interviews, Igor has given away various key tips in becoming a successful investor. Not only is innovation important, but so is following the facts and navigating the market to find the right ways to invest. There are many investors out there that act based on pure feeling or listen to what others think, spouting their opinions. This behavior is what keeps many investors back from becoming truly successful in the field.

The Chainsmokers Remain On Top

In the very beginning, The Chainsmokers were originally made up of Alex Pall and Rhett Bixler. In 2012, they re-made themselves into an EDM DJ where Andrew Taggart replaced Rhett Bixler. Taggart moved to New York City from Maine to pursue his dream and to join the group. Two (2) years after re-vamping themselves, they had their first live performance at Terminal 5 where they were the front-liners for Timeflies. Their success today was greatly impacted by their song, “Selfie”, when they released it in December 2013 (The, 2018).

Years later, The Chainsmokers are still making music and entertaining the audience. Their album, Memories…Do Not Open, is still a major hit despite having released many singles after the album was debuted. This album is currently at the No. 1 spot for Billboards Top Dance/Electronic albums chart. The Dance/Electronic albums chart assesses admired albums that are considered to be in the electronic or dance music genre (McIntyre, 2018).

Memories…Do Not Open, held the No. 1 spot on both the all-genre Billboard 200 charts and the Top Dance/Electronic Albums in April 2017. While the album has since dropped from the all-genre Billboard 200 charts, it has never left the top five (5) spots on the Top Dance/Electronic Albums chart (McIntyre, 2018). As the album was remaining on top with the charts, The Chainsmokers were still releasing smash hits that excelled their competitors and kept their fans itching for more music.

This album has tied with the Gorillaz album, Demon Days, on being the No. 1 on the charts for the third-most weeks. Both albums were able to remain on top for thirty-four (34) weeks. As Memories…Do Not Open is a much newer album, there is a high chance they will have more opportunities to be on top, which in turn will allow them to break the tie and be the sole album in third place (McIntyre, 2018).

The Chainsmokers have continued to thrive throughout the past year, despite having to make space for other artists. Even though the group has fallen from the top occasionally, they end up making their way back up as they continue to persevere and attract the listeners.


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The CEO Of GreenSky Credit Is A Successful Billionaire Entrepreneur – That’s Why The Company Is So Successful

GreenSky Credit is one of the financial markets’ hottest financial technology – or fintech for short – companies out on the market. Created in part by the world-renowned billionaire and top-notch entrepreneurial mind of David Zalik. Mr. David Zalik is best known as the Chief Executive Officer of GreenSky Credit – he’s been with the company since he helped create it in 2006 – though he’s also founded companies like MicroTech Information Systems at the green age of fourteen.

If it weren’t for the constant involvement of CEO David Zalik in the day-to-day operations of GreenSky Credit, the company wouldn’t have made it as one of the biggest financial technology companies without the consistent, day-in, day-out effort that Mr. Zalik has put forward.

What exactly does GreenSky Credit do and how does it make its money?

GreenSky Credit’s primary means of generating revenue is providing two-way financing solutions; prospective clients and business partners can simply visit the company’s website and either offer funding directly to GreenSky for the company to handle as it sees fit or apply for a loan.

One thing unique about GreenSky is that it doesn’t own any of the capital it funnels to other organizations it does business with. Just about every business acting as a corporate creditor – think of credit card issuers like Discover and consumer mortgage lenders including local banks – lends their own money to clients instead of borrowing money to have a person or another business borrow borrowed money.

However, GreenSky doesn’t just act as a marketing company or referral agency to help clients get their hands on sufficient funding; rather, GreenSky has hundreds of experienced program administrators on staff to appropriately structure financing agreements. Further, GreenSky – the public company trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange as GSKY – sources funding from financial institutions that are insured by the federal government and chartered on both the state and federal level.

Being able to source these secure loans is one of the major reasons why GreenSky LLC and GreenSky Credit – the companies are almost one in the same – are the best in the business.

Stream Energy Shows Corporate Generosity

Stream Energy came into operation in 2005. It is now the biggest direct connected life service company in the United States of America. The company has specialized in offering energy, home, and protective services to its clients. They have used the idea of using verbal communication to sell energy and expand their markets. Stream Energy has now served different states such as Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington DC and many more.

After growing into a big company, Stream Energy has started giving back to the society in the time of need. It has used part of the money earned from its successful energy sales in a philanthropy mission. One of the Stream Energy operating in Dallas created a foundation called the Stream Cares Foundation, which in partnership with Hope Supply CO, helped the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey was a massive rain disaster, which stroke across the Houston, causing a great flood in the whole area. As a result, many people died, and others left homeless. Stream Energy company come in the hour of need to remedy the situation. The company helped the victims with the fund to ease their recovery from the loss.

This unselfish act was part of the companies’ mission to steer the charity goal through their charity foundation called “Stream Cares.” This foundation’s primary aim is to help those in need (buy offering support) across the whole country. This act of philanthropy has helped the company to gain a lot of reputation to both potential clients and the public as the whole since it directly gives back to the community.

The employees of the company also give part of their share to support the charity events. One of their primary mission is eradicating the issue of homeless living. The company achieved this by conducting an annual event called Splash for Hope. This event is mainly conducted to help the homeless kids. The company in partnership with Hope Supply CO. provides the homeless children with stationaries, clothing, diapers, and food.

Stream Energy has helped the needy in both Texas and Dallas. This effort shows an act of corporate generosity. As a result, the company enjoys a lot of reputation.

Dr. Mark Mckenna and OVME Make a Dream True

Kayla Frazier was your average High School student working hard and gleaming for a bright future that would satisfy her and financially support her. She was popular in school and had a very loving family who would always support her. However, life decided through a curve ball her way and one day when she went in for a check-up they found out that Kayla Frazier had a rare form of cancer and it had spread to her lungs. She battled cancer for over 6 months and one of the things that kept hope alive was her dream of going to New York City to Broadway to see the magical live action performances!

Little did she know, Thanks to Dr. Mark Mckenna and his organisation OVME as well as Make-A-Wish Georgia, that dream was about to come true and her and her family would spend a week in New York City sightseeing and also they would get to watch 3 live Broadway shows and meet the cast and crews. You can bet this really made her cry tears of joy! Dr. Mark Mckenna must really love children and love helping medical patients to do what he does.

Personally, as I read through the article it made me break into tears because it’s just so wonderful that Dr. Mark Mckenna and his organisation were able to get together and help make Kayla feel some happiness in her time of darkness. OVME was founded by Dr. Mark Mckenna and it’s purpose is to make the medical field more convenient and better focused on the patient using technology to enhance procedures. So it makes sense that OVME would use Make-A-Wish Georgia to help make Kayla Frazier’s dream come true. People helping people, especially those in times of need is the real and true beauty of humanity. Make-A-Wish Georgia tries to make at least 300 to 400 wishes come true each year which is just magnificent! Even if they only made 100 to 200 wishes come true, it all makes a difference.

Highlights from Shervin Pishevar’s 21 Hour Twitter Storm

On February 5, 2018, Shervin Pishevar started a tweet storm that spanned 21 hours. The majority of the tweets were focused on why he feels that big companies in the United States will fall, why the US stock market will continue to go down, and why an economic disaster has the potential to lead to a new kind of economy.

Shervin Pishevar is most well-known for his involvement in Sherpa Capital. In 2013, he helped found this fund in order to serve as a venture capital company and startup advisory. He even served as a strategic advisor for Uber for a couple of years. Before his 21 hour tweet rant, the last time that Shervin Pishevar used Twitter was to let people know he would be leaving Sherpa Capital.

The 50 tweets that Shervin Pishevar sent out acknowledge unstable conditions in the United States. He talked about the stock market continuing to go down. In fact, he predicts that in the coming months it will go down an aggregate 6,000 points. He talked about underemployment and described it as a systemic economic stasis. He also warned that inflation would spread. However, he did offer a glimmer of hope. He feels that when middlemen are irrelevant, everyone will be able to enjoy a global economy that is efficient and frictionless.

These are notions that Shervin Pishevar has expressed in the past. For many years, he has fought for a more transparent society. He wants a society without as many bottlenecks on innovation.

Shervin Pishevar is one of the cofounders of Virgin Hyperloop One. He feels that this company as well as SpaceX are moonshots that will do good work. However, he has some dark predictions for a few big companies in the United States, including Alphabet, Google, and Microsoft. He feels that since these big companies are built on monopoly frameworks, they will eventually fall. If they do not completely fall, he thinks that they will lose some of their influence. This is something that he feels is good for short-term economic growth, considering the fact that big companies will no longer be able to buy out small startups.

Mike Bagguley Promoted to Head of Barclays Investment Bank

Barclays Chief Executive Jes Staley remains in control of Barclays’ business for the near future. Jes Staley knows the investment banking industry very well as someone whom previously worked at J.P. Morgan. Jes Staley’s tenure has included cutting jobs and leaving Brazil, Russia, and some parts of Asia. Jes Staley also stopped the equity and precious metal trading business of the bank. The aim was to bring the bank’s size down to keep the bank focused on North America and the UK.

All UK banks report directly to Staley, as he has been named the interim CEO of Barclays Corporate & International. The aim is to shield banking units to protect UK taxpayers. Mike Bagguley was also appointed as the Chief Operating Officer, whom was also previously the head of the macro markets business. Mike Bagguley is also overseeing interest rates, forex and commodities as regulation make parts of these businesses unprofitable.

Getting the strategy right is important because the business is very volatile to attention from investors and politicians. It is a difficult business to be in, because it is also subject to attention from a wide range of different interests.

Mike Bagguley is based in the UK, and is the current COO of Barclays bank. Prior to being the COO of the bank, he was Head of Macro Products Sales & Trading and markets at the investment bank. Mike Bagguley graduated from the University of Warwick in 1988 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. His responsibility has been for strategic positioning and risk within Barclay Capital FX, with exposure to areas such as interest rate swap trading.

Client activity and regulatory pressures are what have caused a slowdown in banking activity in the UK and Europe. The previous role held by Mike Bagguley is being divided up by two people.