The Bodybuilding Industry: Enhanced Athlete

Most athletes are familiar with products . Whether an athlete has taken products  or have heard about them, the integrity of what a bodybuilding product company promises is sometimes questionable. Enhanced Athlete, a Wyoming-based company, focuses on providing customers the best researched products  on the market.


The non-profit company spends its revenue on researching and developing safer and high quality products . The list of ingredients used in their products  are clinically tested to prove its effectiveness. Essentially, Enhanced Athlete is on a mission to provide athletes with the utmost ethical and healthiest products for their athleticism. The company makes products with essential vitamins like Zinc and Magnesium. Health is their overall goal. But the company is not only involved in the nutritional product business. Their sister company, Enhanced Gear, is a clothing line of t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts for women and men. Enhanced Athletes does not stop there. They also have a coaching company called, Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Coaching was created to bring training and diet plans to gain weight and give desirable looks for an affordable price.


In November 2017, the United States District Court settled a case between Nutrition Distribution and Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution is a fitness and bodybuilding product company that claims because of false advertising from companies like, Enhanced Athlete, their sales have seen a decline. Nutrition Distribution filed lawsuits against seventy various companies in the nutritional product business with these accusations.


Enhanced Athlete believes Nutrition Distribution are in the business of coercing other industry relevant companies to pay a small amount of money or else face threatening lawsuits of false accusations. Enhanced Athlete believes the opposing company does not have actual facts or data to prove false advertising has had an influence on their sales. The CEO of Enhanced Athlete states his company will not be penalized by this scheme. The court ultimately denied the lawsuit, siding with Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete is a leader in its field of products . The company is committed to researching and developing products with high standards. Enhanced Athlete is a one-stop shop of clothing, coaching and products  the affordable and standard way.

Talos Energy: Acquiring Stone Energy Corp.

Talos Energy is an independently ran oil and gas business. According to WorkplaceDynamics, Talos Energy was named the top workplace amongst resident small productions. In a $1.9 billion dollar merger, Talos Energy LLC is acquiring Louisiana Stone Energy Corp. The companies will then combine and be called Talos Energy Inc. The trade name in the New York Stock Exchange will be the icon “TALO”. Talos Energy Inc. has an end objective to be the leading offshore production and exploration business.Timothy S. Duncan is Talos Energy’s CEO. He believes that with the acquisition of Stone Energy, they will have more resources to accelerate Talos Energy’s development projects. The merger is thought to completely close by the early second quarter or late first quarter of 2018.

Once the union is done, Stone stockholders will keep 37% and Talos Energy stockholders will have the other 63% of the business. Stone Energy will have 4 members on the director’s board, while Talos Energy will have 10 members. According to the Houston Business Journal, the whole company is valued at roughly $2.5 billion dollars. The main headquarters will be located in Houston, Texas. Additional agencies will be found in New Orleans and Lafayette.Per the release, there will be about 136 million containers of oil with an average of 47,000 containers daily. In the Gulf of Mexico, Talos Energy will have 1.2 million gross acres. Also, the company is expected to have long-term notes until 2022, $600 million in borrowing abilities, and a $1 billion dollar credit office.Although Talos Energy has been faced with tough competition from different offshore Mexican opportunities, it still seems to be thriving quite efficiently.

In 2015, Talos Energy attained a bid in Mexico for exploration of shallow-waters. In July, partners and the energy company discovered roughly 2 billion containers at the Zama-1 well in Mexico.This top oil and gas group uses UBS Investment and Citigroup banks for financial advice. They also have several legal councils including Weiss, Vinson & Elkins LLP and Paul, Rifkind, and a couple others. Since the company did file for bankruptcy in 2016, this union is a representation of Talos Energy’s new success in its restructure.For Talos Energy, their expertise is centered on gaining assets around and in the Gulf of Mexico and the Gulf Coast regions. They have high interest in exploration, exploitation, and optimization. For 70 years, they have been improving their techniques in drilling and technology.Their team members work hard to give their best and most accurate performance. Talos Energy is supported by investment reserves joined with Riverstone Holdings LLC, Talos management, and Apollo Global Management, LLC. More information on Talos can be found at

Jeremy Goldstein and the Fight for Pay on Performance

The world of human resources is getting more complicated each year. Ways of motivating employees that had been thought to work for years are being struck down by research. Types of bonuses that were once thought to be the best way to increase the bottom line are now being shown to actually reduce it. One of the biggest arguments that still remains is the performance-based pay programs that give employees and executives bonuses depending on how the company performs.


This debate is centered around one fundamental question. “Will giving employees bonuses based on company performance encourage them to help increase the company’s income, or will it only encourage them to cut corners and sacrifice the long-term goals of the company for short-term gains?” More and more people are starting to agree with the latter portion of that statement. While research has shown that companies with performance-based bonuses have higher overall performance, it does not take into account that the higher performance in one year might be affecting the performance of the firm in years to come. Some argue that executives are more inclined to put off large capital expenditures that are needed by the company because it will reduce the amount of income the company receives, thus affecting their bonus. Executives might also be inclined to give false impressions of sales and even make fictitious sales in order to grow the income statement. Learn more:


For all of the companies going through this debate, Jeremy Goldstein and his firm Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates is there to help. Goldstein has worked for several years in compensation and corporate law, and he has seen all different kinds of pay plans and bonuses. He has worked with several executive compensation committees to help find the line between paying employees for their hard work and giving employees money after they have sacrificed the long-term goals of the company. He knows there is a middle ground.


For the debate on performance-based pay, Jeremy Goldstein has found a solution that all parties are happy about. He has suggested that employees should be paid well if the company is doing well, but that all of the executives and decision-makers need to be held accountable for their actions. Namely, compensation committees should put provisions in their compensation agreements to make sure that large projects and expenditures are not sacrificed, and that all decisions made by the executives are ones that are for the good of the company, not just their pocketbooks.

End Citizens United Poll Reveals A Surprising Weakness For The GOP In Texas

According a new poll released by the political polling organization Public Policy Polling it is possible that United States Senator Ted Cruz who currently represents the Southern state of Texas could be in for some trouble this fall from a prospective Democratic challenger. According to the poll measuring Ted Cruz’s chances of winning an election this fall against Democratic challenger Beto O’Rourke, the sitting Texas senator is only 8 percentage points ahead of O’Rourke.

According to the local publication Texas Monthly the poll that detailed estimated results of a potential showdown between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke was sponsored by a political action committee that is known as End Citizens United. Beto O’Rourke is a politician and an elected official who serves as a United States Representative in the United States House of Representatives for the state of Texas. According to the publication Texas Monthly the survey questions from the poll that indicated that the gap between Senator Ted Cruz and Congressman Beto O’Rourke, Congressman O’Rourke has evidently committed to not taking any money from Super PACs organizations that have arguably helped to distort the political landscape where elections are concerned. The decision to not take money from political action committees could end being a boon for Beto O’Rourke as voters are seem to be turned off by candidates who are controlled by special interests according to Senator Ted Cruz also seems to be facing a potential problem with regard to his approval ratings. According to Texas Monthly Ted Cruz’s disapproval rating is higher than his approval rating. The Texas Senator’s disapproval rating is more than 10 points higher than his approval rating which is only 38 percent.


The political action committee End Citizens United is named after the famous Supreme Court case that ended up transforming American politics as we know it. The Supreme Court case Citizens United completely transformed the political landscape by weakening the laws that governed political spending and determined what kinds of organizations could give and receive political funding. Prior the Supreme Court’s ruling on the case that is known as Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission there the laws that regulated campaign spending prohibited corporations and labor unions from contributing to political campaigns. These same campaign finance policies also limited the amount of money that a single individual could give to a organization that was receiving money that was intended to spent on the activities of a candidate who was running for a political office. All of this changed once the Supreme Court’s decision to treat corporations as though they were citizens who had the right to free speech. The Supreme Court’s ruling on the Citizens United vs. Federal Election Commission case also ended up establishing the precedent that political donations could be treated as though they were equivalent to political speech.

Rocketship Education Gets the Job Done With Spectacular Results

When Rocketship Education got its start in 2006, it sounded like a utopian dream, but when reality sank in several years later, people found out that the dream had turned into reality. Someone once said that if there is a need, someone will find a solution to that need and that is just what Rocketship Education has done.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school network that works in economically deprived areas to establish a quality education program for elementary students. It looks for areas where there is little to no quality education available.

The results from studies that have looked at metrics of students who have been through Rocketship Education are impressive indeed. Most Rocketship students are ready to graduate a full year ahead of their peers in public schools. Alumni students who go on to middle school are much more accomplished in their academic abilities and have a higher skill level in emotional and learning skills than their public school counterparts.

One of the key areas that Rocketship uses to propel such high achievement is the partnerships that are formed with the community, parents, teachers, and students. When parents fully understand the program and buy into it, the students are just that much more motivated. Most students want to receive approval from their parents anyway, and here are their parents actively working alongside to make good things happen.

There are the Rocketship core traits of respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence which engender the student to focus not only on their studies, but it makes them aware that there are social and demand criteria that are at stake. Classes come in many different forms, from large grouping where general concepts are discussed to smaller group sessions, and one on one tutoring.

Rocketship believes that each student has unlimited potential and that the job of the teachers and parents is to help unlock that potential. Using technology such as tablets, smartphones, digital aids, and similar functional tools, kids participate and take a hands-on approach to their learning. Rocketeers, as the students are called are exposed to a definite path of science, math, social studies and reading. In addition, they take dance, art, music, and gardening, which gives a well-rounded exposure to life elements.

What Rocketship Education Has Learned in Ten Years

Rocketship Education is a charter school company that builds schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the U.S. They’ve operated for ten years and in that time they have learned some valuable lessons that they want to share with other school systems. Here are the ten major things Rocketship Education has learned by building schools all over the country in every kind of disadvantaged neighborhood.

1) Personalized learning starts with stronger relationships between teacher, student and parent. Each member is essential to the learning equation; therefore teachers and parents must also build a relationship as well as teachers and students. Rocketship teachers start each school year with a visit to the home of the student where they get an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the parents.

2) Rocketship Education currently only teaches elementary students. Rocketeers go on to public school or other charter schools for higher education, because Rocketship doesn’t see a large demand for Charter high schools.

3) Parents who exercise their power can change the school system. In San Jose Rocketship Education has opened a middle school and a high school, because the parents were active demanding attention from the political leaders and better schools.

4) Rocketship believes integration of students is not the solution to helping marginalized communities. Integrating teachers of different ethnicities, creeds, races and classes is the answer.

5) For those who believe in equity, where you send you kids to learn is the action every you should take to ensure you are living what you preach. Rocketship provides an opportunity for everyone to learn by providing them with a quality education.

6) Rocketship has learned that including the disabled in the general classroom helps not only the disabled child but also the able-bodied child as well. The able-bodied child learns that there are others that need additional help and they can offer that help, which they often do.

7) Rocketship learned from a flex-model of teaching it tested. Now, Rocketship knows that an adult learning model of continuous learning, goal setting and feedback works.

8) Rocketship has defined the mindset that is ideal for their teachers. They seek teachers who like continuous feedback on their performance and love the idea of mastering their craft.

9) For any school to thrive it must develop healthy partnerships with public agencies, school boards, zoning commissions and bond financing boards.

10) Public Education can be excellent. Rocketship has been seen by many as a free private school. It’s not, but it wants the world to know it’s a charter school changing public education, so its new name is Rocketship Public Schools.

Dr. Mark Mofid, Plastic Surgeon

Mark Mofid knows how to perform buttocks implants, which are intramuscular implants only. He refuses to enlarge buttocks. The motivation for this sort of plastic surgery is to add on to fame. At some point, 8 years ago, when he started buttock augmentation, he was hung up on the fact that silicone implants were not effective while using it for what he wanted to get done. Mark Mofid had decided to design a Low Profile Round Gluteal Implant for Implantech, which solved this aggravating problem. Dr. Mark Mofid had in mind improving the base width-to-volume ratio so that the design is more proportional when finished.

Buttocks implants do not have to have a high rate of complications when they result in something that works for the patient. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons, reports that there were 858 buttocks implant procedures performed in 2012, which is lower than 25% in 2011. Mark Mofid is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, and is committed to providing proper aesthetic procedures. He believes in natural-looking results, which he brings about by looking at the situation with great care and keeping in mind, the medical ethics.

Mark Mofid graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University, having finished his M.D., training in general surgery, plastic surgery, and advanced craniofacial research. He is a staff surgeon at Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla, Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, and Palomar Medical Center in Escondido, CA. He is also clinical faculty at the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of California San Diego. He provides reconstructive plastic surgery such as but not limited to facial reconstruction that occurs when skin cancer is removed, as well as treatment for traumatic facial injury. Also offered is post-mastectomy breast reconstruction and microsurgery.

Dr. Jacob Gottlieb – The Business Builder

Brooklyn native, Jacob Gottlieb is in the business of building business. In 2005, he founded Visium Asset Management, which today has $3.5 billion in assets. Gottlieb does not want to stop there though. He would like to take Visium to an even higher level. He envisions Visium as a multiproduct, multistrategy powerhouse. With a background in both the medical and financial professions, Dr. Gottlieb is thought provoking and knows how to motivate and excel people to their highest potential.

Many years of training and education helped him to become the “business builder” he is now. Dr. Gottlieb earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island. He also attended New York University Medical School and received his Doctor of Medicine degree. After serving for several years in the medical profession, he switched gears and focused on a career in the financial world. In addition to establishing Visium Asset Management, he served as a founding member of Balyasny Asset Managementt. Dr. Gottlieb is also credited as an investment portfolio manager with Merlin Financial in London, England.

As an inquisitive youngster in New York, Gottlieb gained wisdom and interest in both the medical and financial professions from his Polish parents. Dr. Gottlieb’s father, Max Gottlieb PhD, is a professor of economics at the City University while his mother, Dr. Helena Gottlieb is a respected pediatrician.

Growing up as a Yankees fan, Dr. Gottlieb was fascinated with baseball card trading. While in the seventh grade, Dr. Gottlieb won a contest that required him to select stocks. His father was so impressed with his expertise, that he set Jacob up with his very own investment trading account.

In addition to his business, Dr. Gottlieb work with several charities, including Math For America. MFA was founded in 2004 with its focus on teachers in New York City. The organization awards two district four-year mathematics and science fellowships. The goal is to improve teacher retention nationwide and to put into place a network of programs that is based on the structure of MFA. Today, there are over 1,000 MFA teachers in classrooms across America.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Process In Dallas, Texas

There are two different types of Brazilian butt lift procedures that can be performed by the North Texas Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas. A traditional butt lift procedure is invasive and requires anesthesia. During your initial consultation, your doctor will discuss whether they will perform a butterfly, lateral, upper or lower incision into your buttocks. They may decide to remove any additional stubborn fat or tissue during this process. After that, your surgeon will re-position what tissue remains resulting in a perkier backside. Some patients may opt for buttock implants which are silicone materials created based on your texture, size and shape preferences. If implants were chosen, your surgeon will place them at this point.

Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure

A Brazilian butt lift will enhance the shape and size of your backside to compliment your existing figure. It is very popular to have fat transfer performed with a traditional butt lift procedure. Your surgeon will take stubborn fat from other areas of your body and inject it directly into your buttocks. The staff at Dallas Surgery Arts in Dallas, Texas can recommend reserving fat from your abdomen, back, thighs or other areas. Usually, liposuction requires local anesthesia. However, if you need more extensive fat removal you will probably need general anesthesia.


After your Brazilian butt lift surgery, your final result will be a fuller, rounder backside that looks natural. The healing process is very important to achieve beautiful results. You will need to go to each follow-up appointment and follow your doctors aftercare instructions. Immediately after your surgery you may experience bruising and swelling. You should make sure you have someone that will be able to drive you home after the procedure. Your doctor may recommend that you lie down on your side putting the least amount of pressure on your buttocks as possible. Lying on your back can interfere with your results and your recovery. Generally, it takes longer to recover from a traditional butt lift surgery compared to a Brazilian butt lift procedure.


Meet Ricardo Tosto: The Best Brazilian Attorney

Law is a very noble career. It is comprehensive, and the successful graduates join the policy makers of a country. In Brazil, there are more than a million credited lawyers. Surprisingly, this is only a third of the individuals who have trained as lawyers, the other fraction is, however, not certified.

Brazil is ranked second globally to have the highest number of law schools. Law is the most practiced career in Brazil. This does not mean that the law degrees in Brazil are not authentic. There are regular inspections on the quality of education that the law schools are offering. Some of the students have been denied the right to practice law due to attending schools that are not up to the required standards.

For one to qualify as a lawyer in Brazil, one has to take the Bar examinations. Candidates who successfully pass the exams, graduate. The Bar examination is set as per the instructions of the Attorney Generals of Brazil. Some questions have multiple answers while other questions require the student to give comprehensive answers. The mandate to practice law in Brazil is given as per the Brazil constitution by the Bar Association.

With the big pool of lawyers in Brazil, it is crucial that one takes their time to ensure they choose the right Attorney to represent them in court. This ensures that you win your case.

Ricardo Tosto is among the advocates that have gone through all the necessary steps to practice law in Brazil. Tosto is not only a lawyer but a strategist as well. He helps companies and the government to implement the right policies. Many people also approach him for personal advice regarding legal matters, with the knowledge that he has, Ricardo Tosto gives the most pragmatic solutions.

Ricardo Tosto has also undertaken electoral law. Under this department, his clients are politicians. The politicians might be having an issue with their campaigns as well as the electoral process. With the experience that Tosto has, he advises the politicians on the way out without compromising the Brazilian Law.

If you ever have a legal issue, approach Ricardo Tosto for results that you won’t regret.