Michael Zomber Collects Old Weapons

Michael Zomber has gained a significant amount of notoriety because of his exploits as a collector of old weapons. These are not your standard collections of someone who does a hobby in his spare time. Zomber takes his collecting very seriously.

He prides himself on knowing everything there is to know about any weapon that he adds to his collections. There are two separate collections that Michael has spent many years of his life building. One is a collection consisting of old firearms.

The majority of these are more than one century old. He owns a wide variety of guns and rifles that were used by armies in various military conflicts around the world. He also has quite a few pistols that were carried by gunslingers in the Old West.

IMDB has it that Michael Zomber also owns one of the largest collections of samurai swords that is not owned by a museum. He has said on numerous occasions that putting this collection of swords together was a labor of love for him.

This is because he has always had a great deal of respect for ancient samurai and the way they chose to live their lives. Michael believes that people living in today’s world can learn a lot from samurai about how to go about their daily business.

It is this passion for samurai culture that made him interested in collecting the original swords that the samurai used hundreds of years ago to defend their honor and serve their master.

Michael is flattered that so many people around the world have taken such an intense interest in both of his collections. He enjoys teaching people about the histories of the various guns and swords in his collections.

Therefore, he will often agree to give lectures when the pieces from his collections are displayed at museums, galleries or convention centers. He is also more than willing to answer questions from members of the audience.