Build Your Business With The Traveling Vineyard

With the fast paced life most of us lead today, we often forget to take time out to appreciate the finer things in life. The Traveling Vineyard offers you a chance to bring the luxury of hosting relaxing wine tastings in your home.

Moms that are looking for a home based business will come across scams everywhere, but with The Traveling Vineyard, you need look no farther. This legitimate opportunity provides an honest chance to supplement your income in style. The plan is tailored to allow you the freedom to design your own home business around your lifestyle. Your success is up to you and how much effort you put into it. Work part time or build your business into a thriving career.

Don’t worry about your experience level. The Traveling Vineyard offers full online training and printed materials to let you learn on the go. There are so many benefits to working with The Traveling Vineyard. It allows you to earn money on your schedule, gives you the opportunity to introduce people to the best wine selections available, and gives you a chance to connect with your friends and family through wine tastings.

The thorough training gives you access to a leader in your region to guide you and handle your questions. In the Tasting Room, you will learn the secrets of a successful wine tasting. Teaching you about their various wines will allow you to introduce your potential customers to wines that are the perfect match for them. From your first success kit to growing into an expert team leader, The Traveling Vineyard stands by you with support and continuous training. They even celebrate your anniversaries with you every year.

Whether you work part time or become a full-time wine connoisseur, The Traveling Vineyard will guide you to a profitable home based business.

The Traveling Vineyard Wines Story

In 2001 an idea was born for the distribution of select wines and a plan for educating people about their usage. Traveling Vineyard Wines is a company that uses home parties as their primary distribution method. Similar to Tupperware and Pampered Chef, a host agrees to hold a gathering in his or her home in turn for a nice reward, like some free wine.

A gathering of 15 to 20 people is a comfortable number to get together for a wine tasting event while at the same time be educated by an experienced wine consultant on the use and the makeup of the different wines.

The consultants for Traveling Vineyard Wines is trained by the company and is someone who has an interest and knowledge of wines and how they can be used for different kinds of cuisine and events.

Traveling Vineyard has experienced steady growth over the years as the concept is unique enough to attract plenty of people to come to a neighbor’s home to see what this is all about. What they find is a congenial group of people who are anticipating that they will have a good time while having the opportunity to drink a little wine, and what could be getter than that?

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The guests in the home event are to be brought together to share in the tasting of these spectacular wines while having a fun, entertaining and educational get-together in a relaxing home environment.

The home environment is also a great place to discover others who are interested in becoming a consultant themselves, and who would be interested in looking into that aspect of the company.