Wes Edens, a well-known American entrepreneur, sports team owner, and private equity investor founded Fortress Investments in 1998 today is also the company’s Chairman. He was one of the five business partners who founded the company that year. The company was sold recently for about $3.3 billion. Edens is a co-owner of the NBA (the National Basketball Association) franchise based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, called “the Milwaukee Bucks.” Wes also is the owner of the League of Legends team FlyQuest. His ownership of these sports teams and franchises comes from his passion since a young age for American sports and sports teams. Wes Edens received his education from Oregon State University in the year 1984, a double major Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration and Finance.

Wes Edens started his career in finance and business in the year 1987 at Lehman Brothers, where he quickly rose to become a managing director, as well as partner. He worked at the Lehman Brothers until the year 1993. He has other finance and investment firm experience, another being at the company, the BlackRock’s private equity division, in which he worked as a BlackRock Asset Investor. The company, as described on their website, www.fortress.com, “is a leading, highly diversified global investment manager with approximately $43.6 billion of assets under its management as of December 31, 2017.” In addition, the company “manages assets on behalf of over 1,750 institutional clients and private investors worldwide.” Many of these assets and funds being managed by Fortress Investment Group ranges from real estate to credit, as well as “private equity and permanent capital investment strategies.” Fortress Investment Group boasts employing people all throughout the world, in addition to the United States, cities such as: Frankfurt, London, Rome, Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Shanghai. US cities in which people are employed include: New Canaan, New York City, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Wes Edens also made the Forbes Billionaires List in March of 2018, about 10 years ago, which is a big achievement for him. He didn’t exactly plan on joining the list, but through his hard work and determination, he was on it, he finally made it there! After all, his fortune is self-made, meaning working hard and being determined are qualities he must have had to possess to have made it here! According to Forbes.com, his net worth was about $1.2 billion at that time.