Rocketship Education Gets the Job Done With Spectacular Results

When Rocketship Education got its start in 2006, it sounded like a utopian dream, but when reality sank in several years later, people found out that the dream had turned into reality. Someone once said that if there is a need, someone will find a solution to that need and that is just what Rocketship Education has done.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter school network that works in economically deprived areas to establish a quality education program for elementary students. It looks for areas where there is little to no quality education available.

The results from studies that have looked at metrics of students who have been through Rocketship Education are impressive indeed. Most Rocketship students are ready to graduate a full year ahead of their peers in public schools. Alumni students who go on to middle school are much more accomplished in their academic abilities and have a higher skill level in emotional and learning skills than their public school counterparts.

One of the key areas that Rocketship uses to propel such high achievement is the partnerships that are formed with the community, parents, teachers, and students. When parents fully understand the program and buy into it, the students are just that much more motivated. Most students want to receive approval from their parents anyway, and here are their parents actively working alongside to make good things happen.

There are the Rocketship core traits of respect, empathy, responsibility, and persistence which engender the student to focus not only on their studies, but it makes them aware that there are social and demand criteria that are at stake. Classes come in many different forms, from large grouping where general concepts are discussed to smaller group sessions, and one on one tutoring.

Rocketship believes that each student has unlimited potential and that the job of the teachers and parents is to help unlock that potential. Using technology such as tablets, smartphones, digital aids, and similar functional tools, kids participate and take a hands-on approach to their learning. Rocketeers, as the students are called are exposed to a definite path of science, math, social studies and reading. In addition, they take dance, art, music, and gardening, which gives a well-rounded exposure to life elements.

What Rocketship Education Has Learned in Ten Years

Rocketship Education is a charter school company that builds schools in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout the U.S. They’ve operated for ten years and in that time they have learned some valuable lessons that they want to share with other school systems. Here are the ten major things Rocketship Education has learned by building schools all over the country in every kind of disadvantaged neighborhood.

1) Personalized learning starts with stronger relationships between teacher, student and parent. Each member is essential to the learning equation; therefore teachers and parents must also build a relationship as well as teachers and students. Rocketship teachers start each school year with a visit to the home of the student where they get an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with the parents.

2) Rocketship Education currently only teaches elementary students. Rocketeers go on to public school or other charter schools for higher education, because Rocketship doesn’t see a large demand for Charter high schools.

3) Parents who exercise their power can change the school system. In San Jose Rocketship Education has opened a middle school and a high school, because the parents were active demanding attention from the political leaders and better schools.

4) Rocketship believes integration of students is not the solution to helping marginalized communities. Integrating teachers of different ethnicities, creeds, races and classes is the answer.

5) For those who believe in equity, where you send you kids to learn is the action every you should take to ensure you are living what you preach. Rocketship provides an opportunity for everyone to learn by providing them with a quality education.

6) Rocketship has learned that including the disabled in the general classroom helps not only the disabled child but also the able-bodied child as well. The able-bodied child learns that there are others that need additional help and they can offer that help, which they often do.

7) Rocketship learned from a flex-model of teaching it tested. Now, Rocketship knows that an adult learning model of continuous learning, goal setting and feedback works.

8) Rocketship has defined the mindset that is ideal for their teachers. They seek teachers who like continuous feedback on their performance and love the idea of mastering their craft.

9) For any school to thrive it must develop healthy partnerships with public agencies, school boards, zoning commissions and bond financing boards.

10) Public Education can be excellent. Rocketship has been seen by many as a free private school. It’s not, but it wants the world to know it’s a charter school changing public education, so its new name is Rocketship Public Schools.