Norman J. Pattiz- Entrepreneur and Founder of Broadcast Networks

Norman J. Pattiz is an American entrepreneur, the founder and chairman of Podcast One network. Norman is also the founder of Westwood One, which has become the largest provider of news, entertainment,sports, talk and traffic programming to the Broadcast Industry in America. He serves as the executive chairman of Podcast, one of the leading producer of audio on-demand programing. He is a National Radio Hall of Fame member due to his tremendous contribution to the broadcasting industry.

Experience and Accomplishments

Crunchbase reveals that Norman Pattiz also serves at Los Alamos National Security and at Lawrence Livermore laboratories as its chairman and member of board of governors. He is also member of the Pacific Council on International Relations and of the Council of Foreign Relations.

He has been a director of many broadcasting bodies and Institutions and still serves the roll of director and board member of many more bodies. For instance, Mr. Pattiz was appointed and re-appointed by President Clinton and President Bush respectively to serve at the United States of America’s Broadcasting Board of Governors.

He was also the force behind the creation Arabic-language satellite TV channel, Alhurra, which was sponsored by United States and that serves the whole of Middle East. Norman is highly skilled with over 40 years of experience in the broadcasting industry. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

Effects of Podcast Advertisement on Products and Services

The Edison Research results on a number of advertising tests on five leading consumer brands. This is done on various products and services shows by podcast through brand recall. Messaging has tremendous positive impact on intent and willingness to purchase. There has been 53% increase in listeners aware of post-campaign on a specific grocery brand. It shows also that there has been 47% growth on financial service products, 24% growth for lawn and garden products, and 37% increase for an automobile aftermarket unassisted products awareness according to post-study.

The study also reveals that over 30% of respondents on automobile aftermarket products had a good opinion of it and 22% up from 16% were very likely to consider using a lawn and garden product. Casual dining restaurant specific message campaign awareness grew by 76% while automobile aftermarket product awareness increased by 60%.

According to Norman Pattiz, they focus at ensuring that format of podcast provides enriched brand effectiveness far beyond outdated formats of advertising independently. The positive results confirms podcast incorporated advertising and measurement methodology.

Norman has received several civic and professional awards that include; The Freedom of Speech Award, the Distinguished Education Service Award and a number of Broadcaster of the Year Awards.