The CEO Of GreenSky Credit Is A Successful Billionaire Entrepreneur – That’s Why The Company Is So Successful

GreenSky Credit is one of the financial markets’ hottest financial technology – or fintech for short – companies out on the market. Created in part by the world-renowned billionaire and top-notch entrepreneurial mind of David Zalik. Mr. David Zalik is best known as the Chief Executive Officer of GreenSky Credit – he’s been with the company since he helped create it in 2006 – though he’s also founded companies like MicroTech Information Systems at the green age of fourteen.

If it weren’t for the constant involvement of CEO David Zalik in the day-to-day operations of GreenSky Credit, the company wouldn’t have made it as one of the biggest financial technology companies without the consistent, day-in, day-out effort that Mr. Zalik has put forward.

What exactly does GreenSky Credit do and how does it make its money?

GreenSky Credit’s primary means of generating revenue is providing two-way financing solutions; prospective clients and business partners can simply visit the company’s website and either offer funding directly to GreenSky for the company to handle as it sees fit or apply for a loan.

One thing unique about GreenSky is that it doesn’t own any of the capital it funnels to other organizations it does business with. Just about every business acting as a corporate creditor – think of credit card issuers like Discover and consumer mortgage lenders including local banks – lends their own money to clients instead of borrowing money to have a person or another business borrow borrowed money.

However, GreenSky doesn’t just act as a marketing company or referral agency to help clients get their hands on sufficient funding; rather, GreenSky has hundreds of experienced program administrators on staff to appropriately structure financing agreements. Further, GreenSky – the public company trades on the NASDAQ stock exchange as GSKY – sources funding from financial institutions that are insured by the federal government and chartered on both the state and federal level.

Being able to source these secure loans is one of the major reasons why GreenSky LLC and GreenSky Credit – the companies are almost one in the same – are the best in the business.

A New Trend of Margin and Stock-based Loans is Emerging

With banks and other lenders tightening their belts on lending criteria, Global Lender Equities First Holdings is seeing a growing trend in margin a stock-based loans. Getting a large loan for capitol or for personal reasons is not as easy as it once was due to uneasy global and national economic climates. For those who need to raise capitol quickly or do not qualify for a conventional loan based on credit, equities lending is becoming a popular alternative.

The appeal of stock-based loans
While traditional options for borrowing money still remain for many individuals seeking capitol and large loans, many banks have made it more difficult to qualify for a loan by tightening qualifications and increasing interest rates. Loans that are collateralized by stocks is a unique and attractive alternative for borrowers to receive the capitol they need. With a higher loan-to-value ratio than margin loans, stock-based loans are attractive to borrowers because they provide certainty throughout the life of the transaction and offer a fixed interest rate. Also, a stock-based loan offers a hedge that can lower the borrower’s investment risk in downside market.

The innovative thinking of Equities First Holdings
Offering fresh, innovative, and alternative lending options is what Equities First Holdings is all about.

About Equities First Holdings
Equities First Holdings has 14 years of operation under its belt with offices in London, Indianapolis, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok, Sydney and Perth and is a global leader in shareholder finance. Since its establishment in 2002, EFH has experienced some amazing growth. Its closed loans transactions increased 30% yearly in the past 3 years and the firm’s total workforce grew by more than 50% since 2012. To support the firms continued growth and success, Equities First Holdings announced its acquisition of Meridian Equity Partners Limited in the United Kingdom. President and founder, Al Christy, Jr., believes the acquisition will bring EFH to a new and higher level of global of success.