Sussex Healthcare Trusted By CQC

Sussex Healthcare has worked really hard to gain a rating for themselves that is absolutely outstanding. Sussex has recently received one of the best ratings given out for being caring, well led, safe, and having other good qualities. Sussex Healthcare was visited by the Care Quality Commission recently. They have been rated at the top for their emergency and non emergency services.

Sussex Healthcare hopes to be able to give the best they can to their patients that come in seeking emergency and non emergency services. Sussex specializes in many different things including surgery, medical care, maternity, emergency care, and many others. The Care Quality Commission made sure to go through the healthcare center and evaluate each area of expertise that Sussex Healthcare specializes in.

A few years ago with the Care Quality Commission visited Sussex they said that their care was very good overall, but there was a few things that they needed to work on to make their top healthcare services the absolute best of the best. Upon coming back in to evaluate recently the Care Quality Commission said that they say much improvement within Sussex. The workers at Sussex work hard and know that building great relationships with their patients help them to serve them better. They know that trust among the patients and providers is important. They want to do anything that they can to help out their patients.

Sussex has become a very popular healthcare center. At Sussex the workers want to make sure that their patients receive the absolute best care that they can provide them with. Sussex prides itself in building relationships with their patients that are built through trust. Sussex is a great healthcare center that always puts their patients first. Sussex Healthcare is a very successful healthcare center that will continue to grow as the years go by.

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