Whitney Wolfe’s Enhances Online Dating

Whitney Wolfe is the owner of Bumble BFF. The Bumble BFF is an online dating application intended to provide a boost to Austin’s tech-industry. The Bumble BFF aims at enhancing the online dating environment for women who seek long-term online relationships. The difficulties that women face while looking for partners in online dating applications is what inspired Whitney Wolfe to launch her dating site.

Whitney Wolfe’s passion has always been the prevention of online harassment and bullying. Whitney Wolfe created the dating app to prioritize women who are interested in relationships. Being a knowledgeable individual, Whitney understands that the opinions of other people count. Whitney Wolfe was advised by Andrey Andreev on how to get started on the business. Andrey Andreev is the founder of Badoo, a European social network. Later, Andrey and Whitney formed a partnership with the Foundation of Bumble.

With the Bumble app, both women and men express their love interests. The users just tap a photo they like displayed on the profile. The Bumble app then recognizes the link only after the two people like each other’s photo first. After both parties have shown their interests, women make the first contact. After that, the two individuals connect to build a successful relationship.

Since the app was launched, it has experienced tremendous success. By August 2016, the app had approximately 25 billion profile views with over 7 million users. On a daily basis, an average of 350,000 females starts conversations through the Bumble application. The other promising statistic of Bumble is that it possesses an even number of both women and men using the application.

Whitney Wolfe has been recognized globally for her significant contribution. In 2014, Whitney was named among the most influential women in the tech industry. Currently, Whitney is leading Bumble towards the launching other new verticals including BumbleBIZZ. Over time, Bumble value has risen to $500 million.

Find more about Whitney Wolfe: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/03/18/fashion/bumble-feminist-dating-app-whitney-wolfe.html

Doe Deere amkes A Colorful Statement And Inspires Female Entrepreneurs

While Lime Crime cosmetics founder Doe Deere now lives in Los Angeles, the foundation of her company were set during the years she lived in Russia and New York City. Doe Deere’s first foray into business was as a schoolgirl in Russia selling temporary tattoos to the children in her class. When she moved to New York as a teen, she got formal training in fashion at the famed Fashion Institute of Technology, developed a larger than life image as a rock & roll artist and learned how to make her own cosmetics.

The love of bright colors and the creative use of cosmetics were things that were in Doe Deere’s soul ever since she was a child. Given an opportunity to develop them, she’s burst on to the scene as one of the most innovative modern marketing visionaries. She has helped to transform the staid, almost prudish, cosmetics industry into a free-flowing river of color that now gives people the tools for colorful self-expression. With Lime Crime, makeup is no longer for blending in, it’s for standing out and making a loud, proud, colorful statement. And countless people worldwide have embraced this concept.

Always imaginative and ambitious, Doe Deere was never been shy about chasing her dreams. Her success with Lime Crime cosmetics has inspired countless women to work to fulfill their dreams as well. And Doe Deere is committed to helping them any way she can. She tells female entrepreneurs to do the work necessary to create the companies they’ve always envisioned. She makes time to offer guidance to as many of them as possible. Doe Deere is now a role model and a motivating force behind an international ground swell in female entrepreneurship. And she says she was inspired by the female entrepreneurs that came before her.

For a long time Doe Deere wondered if she was the only one enamored with bright colors and unique uses of makeup. But when she dared to unleash Lime Crime cosmetics brand on the beige, toned-down, neutral-shades makeup world, millions of customers told her she wasn’t alone. Now the loud, luscious Lime Crime lipsticks, nail polish, eyeliner and more are turning up not only in parties and at music festivals, but also in board rooms, business meetings, court rooms and many other serious business settings being worn by highly-skilled professionals no longer ashamed or afraid to show their inner unicorn.

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