Wild Ark Takes Makes Sure You Have a Great Eco-Friendly Vacation

If you love traveling and you are eco-conscious and conservation centered, here are three destinations that you can consider for your great vacation.



  1. Lithuania


It’s a sleeper favorite and has responsible tourists as the nation is embracing the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and is working towards having a greener industry in tourism. The nation has established a goal of 23% use of energy that’s renewable by the year 2020; as for the year 2015, the country was already almost there. It was the first Baltic country to become a part of the UNWTO (World Tourism Organization), and it has ever since showed a commitment to sustainability. The national parks of Lithuania are a source of great pride.


  1. Kenya


Tourists usually flock to the breathtaking savannahs of Kenya for safari encounters with plenty of most majestic wild animals in Kenya. The nation has more than 50 national parks as well as preserves. The Kenyan government created Ecotourism Kenya for safeguarding this natural resource of the African nation. With community outreach projects as well as widespread education, this organization keeps a watchful eye to the fauna and native flora. On Kenya’s coastline, visitors could stroll along the virgin white sand beaches or even dive among great coral reefs.


  1. Costa Rica


It’s a popular tropical getaway famous for lots of responsible tourists. With nature reserves, national parks, and lush rainforests, it is a sustainable development pillar within the global community. Costa Rica is in the lead of eco-friendliness with its nationwide rating system that rates lodgings on their environmental policies. It is a beautiful spot that has a well-developed ecotourism infrastructure and tourism industry to make sure that your next trip in the country has an impact on the stunning biodiversity plus natural beauty of the country.


Wild Ark can visit these three beautiful eco-conscious and conservation centered places. The mission of Wild Ark is securing sections of the identified green belts worldwide for protecting the rich biodiversity of these regions as a means of conserving wildlife, while they create research as well as experience opportunities for individuals to reconnect with nature so that they could become and protect it.Visit here: http://wildarkonline.com/