Sussex Healthcare Trusted By CQC

Sussex Healthcare has worked really hard to gain a rating for themselves that is absolutely outstanding. Sussex has recently received one of the best ratings given out for being caring, well led, safe, and having other good qualities. Sussex Healthcare was visited by the Care Quality Commission recently. They have been rated at the top for their emergency and non emergency services.

Sussex Healthcare hopes to be able to give the best they can to their patients that come in seeking emergency and non emergency services. Sussex specializes in many different things including surgery, medical care, maternity, emergency care, and many others. The Care Quality Commission made sure to go through the healthcare center and evaluate each area of expertise that Sussex Healthcare specializes in.

A few years ago with the Care Quality Commission visited Sussex they said that their care was very good overall, but there was a few things that they needed to work on to make their top healthcare services the absolute best of the best. Upon coming back in to evaluate recently the Care Quality Commission said that they say much improvement within Sussex. The workers at Sussex work hard and know that building great relationships with their patients help them to serve them better. They know that trust among the patients and providers is important. They want to do anything that they can to help out their patients.

Sussex has become a very popular healthcare center. At Sussex the workers want to make sure that their patients receive the absolute best care that they can provide them with. Sussex prides itself in building relationships with their patients that are built through trust. Sussex is a great healthcare center that always puts their patients first. Sussex Healthcare is a very successful healthcare center that will continue to grow as the years go by.

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Applied Neuroscience Opens Up Career Development Opportunities At Neurocore

Medical practitioners and researchers at Neurocore have discovered how applied neuroscience can impact lives. Neurotherapy is a new career path you can follow if you’re into therapy, biology, cutting-edge technologies as well as driving relief and enhanced mental capabilities.

Founded in 2004, Neurocore runs eight brain performance centers that use neuroscience technologies to offer drug-free, customized solutions for people across all ages. The Neurocore’s solutions are improving the lives of people with depression, ADHD, migraines, autism spectrum disorder, stress, sleep, as well as anxiety. The company leverages proven neurofeedback protocols to train people’s brains so that they can lead healthy and happy lives.

Neurocore has licensed clinical specialists, client advocates and brain coaches who can guide patients to better brains. It now operates six centers across Lower Michigan and two brain performance centers in Southern Florida. It has expanded its practice to include mobile/remote program. The company operates on sophisticated process which includes educating the public on what it offers, answering questions from the public, and other stages before a client shows up in a center and get to experience the benefits of neurofeedback treatment. It takes competent and qualified specialists to do that. That is part of the reason why Neurocore is a great place for people looking to take their careers to the next level.

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Talos Energy, A Promising Energy Company Of The Future

Talos Energy is a energy company that is really making a difference in the Gulf of Mexico area. Recently, Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission, or CNH, allowed Talos to conduct a discovery appraisal of the Zama-1 field in Gulf of Mexico; this discovery and development approval is a landmark accomplishment for the company internationally. This was especially true because of Mexico’s history in oil production. Originally, only a Mexican major company Pemex was allowed to develop this area; but because Mexico was able to see that Pemex couldn’t keep up to major companies such as Exxon, Chevron, and Shell, in 2014, it allowed it’s oil and gas fields to be developed by private energy companies. Mexico sold rights to their Zama oil field to Talos in 2015.

Talos Energy went on to discover a major oil deposit in their recently acquired Zama Field in 2017; its estimated oil production rate was about 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of oil, an acheivement for which they recieved The Discovery of the Year 2017 at Wood Mckenzie’s annual exploration awards ceremony. This was a major accomplishment for Talos Energy.

Following this, Talos applied for drilling permits in 2018 and is expecting the go-ahead from CNH in mid 2019. Tim Duncan, Talos Energy’s CEO, commented that his company was buiding a reputation for intuitive growth. He was referring to Talos’ acquistion of two companies, Stone Energy Corporation, in 2018, and Whistler Energy 2. He was also referring to Talos acquiring 16,494 acres of oil field, known as the Green Canyon 18 Field, whose typical oil production rate was 30,000 barrels a day and 30 million cubic feet of gas per day. This field was originally worked by Exxon then later acquired by Whistler Energy.

In 2013, The Houston Chronicle cited Talos Energy, a Houston based company, as the #1 Top Workplace in Houston for businesses that are staffed by less than 150 people. It has stayed at #1 for 5 years, much to its credit. Talos’ CEO, Tim Duncan, was named Entrepreneur of the Year of energy companies in the Gulf Coast area, His company continues to build and grow as a promising oil and gas company of the future.

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Paul Mampilly’s Thoughts On Car Purchases

The world of finance has been impacted by the work of Paul Mampilly. Currently Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the founder of he newsletter Profits Unlimited. During his career Mampilly has served in several major leadership positions. He has used his experience to master investing and finance. He has collaborated with several legal firms during this time.

Paul Mampilly has an interesting perspective on a common consumer purchase. Mampilly is convinced that in the future everyone will purchase their cars online. His prediction comes as a result of a recent purchase. Last year served as the first time Mampilly bought a car from a dealership. Mampilly delayed the process for quite some time because he was not looking forward to going through the process. During this purchase Mampilly had done lots of research before hand. He knew he needed certain type of vehicle that could meet the needs he had. Before every entering the dealership, Mampilly had already settled on a Ford Pickup Truck between 2013 and 2016. Despite this research and preparation the process of negotiating the price of his truck was exhausting. It took him more than 13 hours and three dealerships to get the price he wanted.

Paul Mampilly is not alone. Many other people agree that the process of buying car is not fun. According to Autotrader, 99.5 percent of people would like to see a change in the entire system. 24 percent of people would rather have a root canal than deal with a car salesman. These statistics along with his own experience make Mampilly believe that eventually people will complete the entire process online. Many dealerships are already set up to accomplish the entire process online. In Mampilly’s opinion it is only a matter of time before others do.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University where he received a Master of Business Administration degree. He has years of experience working with Bankers Trust where he became an assistant portfolio manager. In his current position with Banyan Hill Publishing Company he recommends recommends stocks to his followers. His work has been featured on major networks that include CNBC and Fox News.

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Fortress Investment Group Has Plenty of Career Opportunities for Financial Services Job Seekers

Fortress Investment Group has been a leading global investment management firm since 1998. The firm manages around $41.2 billion in assets for over 1,750 institutional and private investors. Fortress Investment Group offers plenty of investments, including private equity, real estate, transportation, infrastructure, media, natural resources, and corporate securities.

Fortress Investment Group has over 1,100 investment and asset management employees. They work in the firm’s New York City headquarters and affiliate offices around the world, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Rome, and Tokyo. There are plenty of career opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has to offer. Here are brief descriptions of some of the current career opportunities:


Administrative assistant

A person in this position works directly with the executives of the firm. The Administrative Assistant will manage calendars, book domestic and international travel, manage expense reports, assist in a variety of office duties, and act as a gatekeeper for the executives. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree and have at least five years of administrative assistant experience in a financial corporate setting.

Senior Recruiter, Vice President

The Senior Recruiter works with the Global Talent Acquisition team, which handles all recruiting activities for the firm. The Senior Recruiter has plenty of duties, which include conducting professional reference checks, collaborating with the HR department, preparing candidates for interviews, crafting job offers, and developing executive search strategies. A candidate for this position must have a bachelor’s degree and ten years of recruiting experience with at least five of those years in the financial service sector. The candidate also must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be a leader on a variety of projects.

Commercial Real Estate Business Analyst

A person in this position will handle business analysis and database management. They will provide data analysis, identify business needs, and coordinate between the database developer and business users. They will also improve and expand the database platform and provide database training. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, IT, or data analytics. They must also have two to four years of experience in business system analysis in finance and real estate.

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A Difficult Begining For Serge Belamant.

Serge Belamant had a very difficult time getting his business started like most people do who try to gain success on their own. Starting a company is no easy task especially when you are trying to promote a product for people to buy that is not well known. Serge Belamant had little success with his customer base, and getting banks to use his patent Universal Electronic Payment System.

It was around 1995, when Serge began to see success. Serge’s company Net1 Technologies was hired by Visa. This new opportunity allowed Serge to move to America. In America, the land of opportunity, Serge was able to once again excel with his skills. With his knowledge he was able to invent a new application using FTS/UEPS technology. Inventing a new application was the project that Visa hired him to do.

Serge Belamant invented the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card, or (COPAC). He was able to do this by utilizing his FTS/UEPS technology. This technology is used to prevent fraud, and the misuse of credit. The invent of the COPAC is also used to verify personal identification numbers. The COPAC is a primary secure feature for Visa, and still is today. Net1 Technologies was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange when Serge Belamant returned to the RSA.

In need of modernization in paying out grants, Net1 Technologies was able to find success again in 1999 when it purchased Cash Payment Services (CPS). Within the RSA, CPS was a system that paid welfare grants. This system would be upgraded when Net1 Technologies bought it from the First National Bank of South Africa. The purpose was to pay out grants to more than 1 million South Africans. Speed, security, and interoperability within the CPS was implemented using the UEPS provided by Net1 Technologies Company. Serge would also find success in the following years to come.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Efforts Of Making JD.Com Competitive Globally

Richard Liu Qiangdong prides himself as the founder of one of the largest Chinese online shopping sites, On the other hand, boasts of having several logistic centers for operations. The e-commerce platform is also reputable for providing shoppers with fast and accurate deliveries. Deliveries for products ordered from the site take three to six hours to reach the consumers.

Liu is hopeful that will expand to Southern Asia through the adoption of different business models and partnerships with distributors. He is also ambitious that the company will continue being competitive in the international online shopping marketplace. He believes that Chinese businesses can successfully expand to the United States if the regulations in the country favor them. To him, is as a result of indulging in business with integrity and determination. is on the verge of reducing the maximum delivery time by ten days to improve costs and operational efficiency. JD operates as a publicly traded e-commerce platform with stocks listed on NASDAQ and its headquarters in Beijing, China. Richard Liu effortlessly ensures that offers quality consumer goods and services to the customers to stay competitive in the industry. As of 2018, JD’s online inventory includes more than one billion products.

Richard Liu’s Education and Professional Background

Richard Liu earned his sociology degree from the People’s University and EMBA at the China Europe International Business School. Though he was passionate about pursuing a career in politics, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He sourced money from his family and carried out programming jobs to raise capital for his first restaurant. He also worked logistics supervisor computer director and business director at Japan Life.

Liu started a company (Jingdong) that distributed magneto-optical products and managed to expand it to accommodate 12 stores. He later made his debut in the e-commerce industry with, which sold consumer electronics before diversifying to various consumer goods. Most people compare Liu to Jeff Bezos and to Amazon because of the business models Liu adopted. Liu’s net worth currently stands at $12.7 billion as his company’s stock price keeps increasing.

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Talos Energy : Recipient of the Workplace Dynamics award

Recently, Talos Energy announced that they will be the recipients of 2018’s No. 1 small company to work for in Houston, which is presented by WorkplaceDynamics. CEO of Talos Energy Tim Duncan commented on the announcement saying that this was possible not because of weekday happy hour or motivational speeches, but by the fact that the company runs as a team and every member of Talos feels like their work matters in the final outcome of the company. Their method of doing business comes to no surprise as the company is known to hold an internal entrepreneurial spirit amongst their employees and the ventures taken by the company.

Talos Energy has had to overcome a lot of obstacles these past few years, from sinking oil prices to having to move many of their assets into more risky areas of the globe, Talos Energy fought its way through and has come out a big winner in the oil industry. CEO Tim Duncan attributes much of this success to his staff and employees, the comments on the fact they progress in a sort of boat manner in which everyone steps in and rows together, whether the boat sinks or floats is determined by everyone. With over 120 employees on their payroll, Talos Energy does not offer the best pay or greatest benefits, however, what it does offer its employees is meaningful work. Tim Duncan adds to his statement pertaining to the award, that when he gets emails for potential projects or other types of opportunities, those emails are shared with the employees of Talos, why? Because Duncan wants them all to know that he is always working hard to be able to make them and the company money. There is no doubt that Talos Energy seems to provide some of the best working environments for employees.

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Edwin Miranda Joins An Excellent Leadership Team:

In a major piece of new for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm Cytovance, the firm has recently announced that Edwin Miranda is joining its leadership team in the role of Vice President in Charge of Quality. The company manufactures biologics of a microbial and mammalian nature and the addition of an individual with the impressive background of Edwin Miranda is a huge step toward further successes for the company. Edwin Miranda’s extensive experience in biopharmaceutical field goes back more than three decades and his deep level of knowledge in the field has made his services highly sought after. He is particularly noted for his work in areas such as quality assurance. Cytovance Biologics’s Dr. Jesse McCool, Senior VP of Research and Development, has stressed how happy the firm is to be able to bring in a professional of the caliber of Edwin Miranda to the dynamic team that Cytovance Biologics already has on hand.

Before taking up this new position with Cytovance Biologics, Edwin Miranda was a member of the quality control assurance team that worked on the Keppra project. This is a new drug application that Edwin Miranda helped to obtain approval through the FDA. He has also worked in quality assurance with Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Regulator compliance, quality of systems and remediation plans are all part of the extensive work that Edwin Miranda has engaged in throughout his long and successful career in  industry.

Mike O’Mara is Cytovance’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing Operations and he has emphasised the excellent timing of the arrival of Edwin Miranda to the team there. This arrival comes just in time for the firm’s PAI. Edwin Miranda’s expertise in quality assurance will be invaluable in the area of performing inspections for the FDA. This is one of the many reasons that he will be so valuable for Cytovance going forward.

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Talos Energy Has Made An Impressive Entry Into The Publicly Traded Sphere:

One of the biggest accomplishments in the career of Tim Duncan has been a monumental acquisition/merger with Stone Energy that has allowed the Talos Energy CEO to take his company public while foregoing the traditional IPO. Duncan will now head up a stronger than ever exploratory energy firm that will go into the publically traded sphere with equity market capitalization in the initial range of nearly $2 billion. Talos Energy Inc. is also going to power into the publically traded listings with a $2.5 billion enterprise value. This is calculated based on the stock price that Stone Energy Corporation was valued at. This was a price of nearly $33.50.

Talos Energy makes its headquarters home in the well-known Texas city of Houston and Tim Duncan and his team are very happy about the great benefits that shareholders now gain due to this merger. This also places Talos Energy in an ideal position to take advantage of the impressive assets that the company currently holds in its portfolio. A major area that the firm is now concentrating on in terms of exploratory work is the Gulf of Mexico region, both in U.S. territory and Mexican territory. There are also exciting recent talks that Talos Energy and a conglomerate it is currently spearheading will team up with Mexico’s national oil firm Pemex.

One of the factors driving the success at Talos Energy is the fact that it has developed such an outstanding reputation as a company to work for and has been recognized as such for the past five years running now. Talos Energy offers dedicated individuals the ability to work in careers such as exploration and production as well as providing opportunities within the corporate leadership structure of the constantly growing firm. Tim Duncan is very proud of the great company atmosphere that himself and his team have been able to build up over the years at Talos Energy.