Article Title: Official Launching Of’s E-Commerce Platform In South East Asia

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JingDong and Central Group(Thailand’s leading retail conglomerate) have come joined hands to do business together. This is JingDong’s move to further its expansion in Thailand by launching its e-commerce platform, JD CENTRAL. This platform is set to debut on Sep.28., and the move will further cement JD’s relationship with its clients in the region. Already, JD is doing business in the region such as running an established Indonesian e-commerce platform and strategic investments in Tiki. This is the top most B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam.


June 18 is JD’s anniversary, and it was on this day that the test operations of JD CENTRAL were opened. This e-commerce platform offers marketplace models and direct sales. Since that day, their sales have gone beyond what they expected. Some of the things you’ll find on this platform are top home appliances, fashion, electronics, cosmetics, beverages, and many more. To this day, nearly 80% of shoppers use their cell phones to access the platform. The good registering the highest sales are from China such as Huawei Xiaomi, Lenovo, and OnePlus.

JingDong makes its own technology, and using it, JD has created the globe’s most advanced operation in retail. Now, this company has brought that technology and more to Thailand. JingDong has a Warehouse Management System that it uses to power the warehouse at JD CENTRAL. This e-commerce platform will be offering same-day deliveries in Bangkok. The target for JD CENTRAL is to extend these services to the entire nation. Through partnering with local providers of service delivery, this will come to pass.

The Future for JD CENTRAL

JD CENTRAL’s CEO, Vincent Yang, says that the platform was launched to help serve all customers in southeast Asia. The merge between the Thai’s leading retailer and the biggest retailer in China will help see this through. Thai consumers will have a chance to experience world-class e-commerce with authentic products. This is a good move as it will benefit from the high population in Thailand. JD CENTRAL is also working with leading brands in the region to reach more clients and be the most trusted brand in the region.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Takes Over E-Commerce

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Richard Liu is the Founder of He started his empire with just one store in June of 1998. It quickly grew to twelve chain locations. He knew that he was making strides in right direction. In 2004, he decided to take the things that he had learned in retail to the online space. He saw how other people were having success and thought that he would attempt to do the same thing but only better.

In 2007, Richard Liu decided to take things a step further by creating his own logistics company. He wanted his customers to be able to get their packages shipped directly to them, no matter where they lived. Another way is different is because they receive all of items directly from the manufacturer. So, people never have to question whether they are getting the real product or not. Richard Liu has changed the way people view e-commerce.

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Article Title: Richard Liu

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Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of which has built the website from the ground up starting right after college and while he was working for an herbal supplement company at the time. Richard Liu has a huge amount of wealth as he is now one of the richest men in the world and spends his time as he wishes. But he wasn’t always that way as he built his own empire from nothing because he worked hard and believed in himself so that he could succeed in the future.

Now although he is middle aged he expects to have a long career ahead of him doing everything he can in order for his company to remain competitive, grow, and meet the needs of customers while being an top independent company that is able to make deliveries on time without the burden of being dependent on the postal office so much.

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The Environmental Concern of Maluf

The Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf, is an active philanthropist. Who often assists financially to help provide healthcare to needy individuals in the communities of Sao Paulo and Salto County. He also donates needed medical supplies to area hospitals, primarily Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity Clinic. He also loves to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leader via his blog writings and through one-on-one meetings. One of the first and most primary lessons he teaches these people is that being an entrepreneur means more money and less work.

Despite all of this, he is known for his great humility. He also exudes an optimism that everyone around him finds incredibly encouraging and inspiring. He first took first entered the adult world by getting his higher education first in Brazil then New York. After this education, he worked for several different companies to gain experience and knowledge for a planned future role. Finally, he took up a leadership role at Eucatex, the family business, when he was 36-years-old. In the ensuing years, he worked through the ranks and eventually became its president and CEO. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

In addition to his roles at Eucatex, he also serves as the president of Grandfood Group. The primary focus of this company is the high-end food products for cats and dogs. Brazilian is well known for its growing love of pets. And Grandfood is becoming especially favored as a Brazilian pet food supplier, particularly because of its environmental responsibility emphasis. Maluf leads it in this effort by having Grandfood plant vegetation that helps protect fauna and flora, and also help enrich forests. In addition, educational programs have been implemented for the public.

This environmental concern runs strong in the Maluf family. In fact, they first founded Eucatex with this very ethic in the early 50s when it was very rare to find companies with such an ethic.

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Serge Belamant- The founder of Zilch Technology

Serge Belamant- The founder of Zilch Technology

Serge Belamant is prominent tech expert and the patent holder of the blockchain technology. He previously worked with NET1 Technologies, and now he is working with Zilch Technology, a company he founded after leaving Net1 Technologies. Belamant was born in France, but his family migrated to South Africa when he was 14 years old.

Serge attended Witwatersrand University for a degree in engineering. He later changed to computer science before transferring to the University of South Africa to pursue information system. He never completed his education since he opted to seek employment at the age of 22. His passion for tech matters would, however, get stronger as he worked with different organizations. Learn more about Belamant at

Serge created Zilch after a discussion he had with his son who owns an IT company. This company focusses mainly on the inventions that Belamant made when developing various solutions for the banking sector. His work through Zilch Technology has made it possible for other innovators to come up with various innovations about the cryptocurrency market.

Serge Belamant believes that his contributions to the growth of the blockchain industry cannot be ignored. He has made advanced innovations that have made the cryptocurrencies real. It is the contributions that he has made through the blockchain technology that makes the technology we see in the financial sector possible. He has even been hired by VISA to design the chip-enabled debit and credit cards that are used today.

Serge Belamant is an example of a person who followed his dream passionately and finally managed to accomplish things that he never anticipated. He has done so well in coming up with unique solutions to a crucial industry. Matters of financial security and efficiency have been up for discussion for a long time, but with the input of people like Belamant, there is hope that the world will have a secure environment for doing transactions.

Serge Belamant is now focused on growing Zilch Technology so that it can continue making further innovations in the future. From his accomplishments, there no doubt that he is one of the best we have ever had in this industry.

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The Rise of Organo Gold

There has been many coffee-production companies in the world that have come and gone over the course of decades. Some of the biggest names in the industry are Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Nestle and Folgers. On the other hand, Organo Gold is rather new to the game, but it has made a huge imprint with its success. Organo Gold has only been in existence for over a decade. Bernardo Chua, the company’s founder, has taken this brand to the next level because he has a brilliant background in network marketing. Chua has implemented specific strategies to set the ball in motion.

Marketing and distribution are seemingly important because the product will need to make it to the market. Organo Gold has a winning formula that effectively utilizes independent distributors. These individuals joined the team via membership, and they are the muscle that keeps this machine going. Sustainable production is the name of the game. Organo Gold provides sustainability via high-quality products. Simply selling a low-quality product isn’t ideal, and it certainly isn’t sustainable. Creating health and wellness is what this company does best. Organo sells a number of health and wellness products such as organic toothpaste and organic deodorant. When it comes to coffee, this company offers:

  • Gourmet-Black Coffee
  • Black Ice
  • Cafe Mocha
  • Cafe Latte
  • Cafe Supreme
  • And many others

In addition to that, Organo sells red tea, green tea and hot cocoa. What more could you ever want from a coffee-producing brand? The company’s Gourmet organic King of Coffee is a best-seller. This medium-dark roast beverage is loaded with beneficial antioxidants and nutrients. The company’s teas are also loaded with a ton of antioxidants. All in all, Organo Gold has laid a blueprint of success, and that’s a fact.

Edwin Miranda’s Advice On Business

Edwin Miranda is the founder and CEO of KOI IXS, a company based on Puerto Rico, San Juan and Miami, FL. He is a firm believer in the potential of performance marketing. As such, he has been instrumental in giving his clients the edge needed to make it in the current cluttered market.

In a recent interview, Miranda opened up about his life as the CEO of KOI IXS. He says he feels lucky to be working with a team of talented and passionate thinkers, designers, strategists and creators. He notes that as much as it can sometimes become challenging trying to align each of our visions and creative talents, he believes that this is what makes the whole process even more appealing. At the end of the day, all these ideas are brought to the table and one grand proposal will be born.

Miranda believes that the rich history of brand influence that each of his team members bring to the table have helped catapult the company even further. When asked about what enhances productivity, Miranda notes that he lives by the old adage of the early bird. He wakes up early in the morning, as early as 5:30 am. He notes that if you want to jump-start your day on a high note, you do not wait for the day to come to you but rather you should go for it.

Miranda is full of advice to younger generation. He encourages them not to be afraid of making mistakes but rather keep the passion and boldness. He says the life of an entrepreneur is full of challenges, but what will set you apart is your attitude and dedication. He also reiterates on the need to surround yourself with people of substance who can help grow your business even more.

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Jana Lightspeed and her great successful career

Jana lightspeed is a successful businesswoman who has built a great and successful career in business. She has acquired a lot of skills and experiences in business from her many working experiences in various business companies. Jana lightspeed is a very educated woman who owns a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. She got a chance to acquire her training from the University of Illinois where she acquired prolific skills in technology. She has worked as Vice President of Global Business Development and platform when she was given the responsibility for creating partnerships and strengthening relationships between the company and the investors.

She successfully formed a partnership with Twitter and became in charge of enterprise sales, partner engineering, platform operations, and platform marketing. She carried out these entire roles successfully and through her leadership skills, Jana was able to make a great difference in the company. She also worked at Netflix which is a great and renowned company in the whole world, the company is known for the spectacular movies it produces with many having great views from people. It has produced very many movies and has founded an application where viewers can subscribe at an affordable price and get the chance to watch all their latest movies and television shows.

The company has worked with very many Hollywood celebrities and has become a worldwide movie production house. Jana worked at the company as the director of business development where she took care of mobile and consumer electronic partnerships. Recently, she was able to join lightspeed and became one of the investing team of the company. Lightspeed in a company that company that has developed a platform marketing platform for buyers and sellers. It provides retail services and well as Lightspeed restaurant. Jana lightspeed will be able to apply prolific knowledge in business and technology to drive the company to greater heights.

Fortress Investment Group Has Plenty of Career Opportunities for Financial Services Job Seekers

Fortress Investment Group has been a leading global investment management firm since 1998. The firm manages around $41.2 billion in assets for over 1,750 institutional and private investors. Fortress Investment Group offers plenty of investments, including private equity, real estate, transportation, infrastructure, media, natural resources, and corporate securities.

Fortress Investment Group has over 1,100 investment and asset management employees. They work in the firm’s New York City headquarters and affiliate offices around the world, including Dallas, Los Angeles, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney, London, Rome, and Tokyo. There are plenty of career opportunities that Fortress Investment Group has to offer. Here are brief descriptions of some of the current career opportunities:


Administrative assistant

A person in this position works directly with the executives of the firm. The Administrative Assistant will manage calendars, book domestic and international travel, manage expense reports, assist in a variety of office duties, and act as a gatekeeper for the executives. Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree and have at least five years of administrative assistant experience in a financial corporate setting.

Senior Recruiter, Vice President

The Senior Recruiter works with the Global Talent Acquisition team, which handles all recruiting activities for the firm. The Senior Recruiter has plenty of duties, which include conducting professional reference checks, collaborating with the HR department, preparing candidates for interviews, crafting job offers, and developing executive search strategies. A candidate for this position must have a bachelor’s degree and ten years of recruiting experience with at least five of those years in the financial service sector. The candidate also must have an entrepreneurial spirit and be a leader on a variety of projects.

Commercial Real Estate Business Analyst

A person in this position will handle business analysis and database management. They will provide data analysis, identify business needs, and coordinate between the database developer and business users. They will also improve and expand the database platform and provide database training. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance, IT, or data analytics. They must also have two to four years of experience in business system analysis in finance and real estate.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong And His Efforts Of Making JD.Com Competitive Globally

Richard Liu Qiangdong prides himself as the founder of one of the largest Chinese online shopping sites, On the other hand, boasts of having several logistic centers for operations. The e-commerce platform is also reputable for providing shoppers with fast and accurate deliveries. Deliveries for products ordered from the site take three to six hours to reach the consumers.

Liu is hopeful that will expand to Southern Asia through the adoption of different business models and partnerships with distributors. He is also ambitious that the company will continue being competitive in the international online shopping marketplace. He believes that Chinese businesses can successfully expand to the United States if the regulations in the country favor them. To him, is as a result of indulging in business with integrity and determination. is on the verge of reducing the maximum delivery time by ten days to improve costs and operational efficiency. JD operates as a publicly traded e-commerce platform with stocks listed on NASDAQ and its headquarters in Beijing, China. Richard Liu effortlessly ensures that offers quality consumer goods and services to the customers to stay competitive in the industry. As of 2018, JD’s online inventory includes more than one billion products.

Richard Liu’s Education and Professional Background

Richard Liu earned his sociology degree from the People’s University and EMBA at the China Europe International Business School. Though he was passionate about pursuing a career in politics, he decided to venture into entrepreneurship. He sourced money from his family and carried out programming jobs to raise capital for his first restaurant. He also worked logistics supervisor computer director and business director at Japan Life.

Liu started a company (Jingdong) that distributed magneto-optical products and managed to expand it to accommodate 12 stores. He later made his debut in the e-commerce industry with, which sold consumer electronics before diversifying to various consumer goods. Most people compare Liu to Jeff Bezos and to Amazon because of the business models Liu adopted. Liu’s net worth currently stands at $12.7 billion as his company’s stock price keeps increasing.

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