Glenn Schlossberg stays ahead of the Game

As is expected in the creative industry of fashion, Glenn Schlossberg is an innovator which manages to shine in what is a saturated market. Glenn is the founder of Jump Design Group; an achievement which he regards as his biggest career stride. Jump Design Group operates on three pillars: design, quality and speed. The idea is that by applying their wealth of experience and understanding of fashion and market trends, they can design what you need (even if you’re not sure what you need) at the highest quality in a timely manner. Glenn was kind enough to give insight into both his business and personal thought process and approach.

Though he believes in the philosophy of hard work, Glenn Schlossberg also believes it is important to put the energy into something you believe in. He is one of the best examples of this as he took the decision to start a business as opposed to doing a college degree. He believed in his ability to do this as he spent time learning the business as an employee of his father’s company. One of his key principles is a sales-driven attitude as he cites sales as the cornerstone of a successful business.

Glenn’s typical day at work is quite busy as it ranges from planning, to meetings, to reviewing e-mail; however, he takes control of the day by establishing what needs to get done. He achieves this by thoroughly reviewing his dashboards and taking note of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

While he is an expert in business and fashion, there is more to Glenn Schlossberg than being a stereotypical ‘suit’. Glenn and his wife are dedicated to charitable causes and they experience joy in supporting their community and worthwhile causes. According to, an example of this is his raising of over a million dollars for the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

Glenn is also a car enthusiast as he is proud owner of a car collection. They are not all for show, however, as he is also a McClaren racer at the Monticello Motor Club. This passion was born in his childhood days when he raced motorcycles.

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How Stephen Hicks Managed to Lead Southridge Capital to Greater Heights

Stephen M. Hicks is the founder, Chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital. He started the company in 1996, and it specializes in managing plan executions and business development. Hicks is an alumnus of King’s College in New York. He also attended Fordham University and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration.


When starting the company, Stephen brought 30 years of investment, risk management, and financial experience he gained from his other places of work. His duties in the company are to steer and manage the directions, set the standards of all the companies under Southridge group of companies. Stephen and his team of highly trained experts are experienced in the business field. Their expertise and knowledge help their clients in planning for expansion and making the profit in development.


Stephen admits that his idea of starting Southridge Capital emerged when he worked at a small hedge fund in New York. He adds that he took the initiative after the fund’s principal decided to go back to Australia. Since the principal was to take a full year to do the clearance, Stephen started his hedge fund, and the principal gave him the green light to start while continuing to work for his organization. According to Stephen, their day at work kicks off by outlining a list of his duties and other employees. Then, he points out that he finds time on his schedule to gather more ways of expanding the company at the same time keeping in mind that the ongoing projects remain strong.


Asked about what makes him successful, Stephen answers by saying that for one to succeed in entrepreneurship, one must be organized and focused because it is a very competitive field. He overcomes that obstacle in running Southridge by making sure he has a list of daily tasks to fulfill. Additionally, he makes sure the company is gaining its full potential by monitoring the company’s cash system. Apart from business activities, Southridge is involved in philanthropic activities through Daystar Foundation, which Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary started as a vehicle to deliver community-based activities. you can visit their facebook and  twitter account to see more.




Paul Herdsman Shares Important Advice About How His Company Became An International Success

Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, Paul Herdsman did not have any entrepreneurial experience before starting his own business in 2014. NICE Global came from a simple concept– people get very frustrated when talking to automated machines. Herdsman took the initiative to create a business that would address this issue.

It has happened to almost everyone while calling a company it seems impossible to get where you want. Instead, an automated voice incorrectly interprets answers making callers more and more upset as the call progresses. These phone calls can actually result in reduced customer satisfaction. Businesses can suffer from reduced sales and negative word-of-mouth. Find More Information Here.

NICE Global, located in Montego Bay, Jamaica, has created a solution to consumer’s complaints about automated phone answering systems. NICE Global ensures that customers always reach a live employee every call. Company founder Paul Herdsman ensured that his business would succeed through hard work, dedication, and innovative strategies. Herdsman recently shared some of his best advice that has led to NICE Global’s success in his article 12 Success Tips for Entrepreneurs From NICE Global CO-Founder Paul Herdsman.


Some of them are listed below:

  • Businesses should solve a problem
  • Create an inviting company culture
  • Invest in employees through adequate training
  • Offer employee rewards for hard work
  • Carefully choose new employees


Herdsman has followed his own advice thoroughly; his company offers a solution to a problem many organizations have. Paul Herdsman has also strived to make his employees happier and more productive through efforts to ensure that each employee has all of the training necessary to succeed in their position. He also knows the power of employee retention which he is why has an amiable work culture and employee rewards. Finally, Paul Herdsman instituted an employee referral system as a way to find new employees. These efforts have led to an internationally successful company under his leadership with a bright future.


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