The life of Jeff Aronin; the founder and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC

Jeff Aronin is a passionate philanthropist who has been able to meet the pressing needs of people who have diseases with no treatment. Throughout his career, he has been able to offer support to the patients whose hopes have diminished due to health-related problems. His exposure in the medical field has enabled him to understand that the most crucial aspect of the area is to research on new therapeutic approaches that will help alleviate the disease and improve the health condition of the patient. Jeff Aronin intends to help individuals live in more favorable conditions. This drives him to conduct more research on medicine concerning the health-related problems affecting mostly the poor.


Aronin ovation pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Jeff Aronin graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and later pursued an MBA from DePaul University. His first job was in the healthcare sector and later founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, LLC. In 2000. Aronin created the ovation Pharmaceutical Company since he felt that he could do more for the patients whose medical needs had not been addressed and neglected by the society. Through the creation of this company, Aronin was able to utilize his knowledge and ability to work towards accomplishing his goals. The company focuses on the patients and drug development which makes it more competitive and reliable.


Promoting entrepreneurship in the community

Jeff Aronin worked with paragon Biosciences where he supported the community in various ways. The people in the city of Chicago benefited since they were involved in health care. As an established entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin is employing his vast experience and entrepreneurship skills to form a business incubator for biotech companies. He has also shared his entrepreneurship outlook with various startups who are looking to establish their firms in the healthcare sector. His strong commitment to entrepreneurship has seen him create Matter; an incubation hub in Chicago, which has over 200 startup firms that are in various phases of development.


During his career life, Jeff Aronin realized his passion was in healthcare. As a Physician, stabilizing a child’s health without worrying about the pay is the best decision in his medical career.