Dan Bethelmy Rada’s Career In The Beauty Industry

In 2015 Dan Bethelmy-Rada was named as the global president in the L’Oreal professional products. Dan was appointed by the company as the DMI general manager at the age of 38 years old. Throughout his life, Dan has been moving from one country to another thus gaining a lot of skills and knowledge to help him succeed in the beauty industry. Dan has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, and throughout his career, he has been determined to make a difference as a colleague and a mentor in L’Oreal. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a strong advocate for diversity philanthropy as well as continued education in his field. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a great innovator in the beauty industry and uses digital strategies and his marketing skills to manage the brand strategy globally.

Dan discovered that he could make a career in the beauty industry after his international business studies at Sorbonne University located in Paris. Dan Bethelmy-Rada started his career in 2002 in L’Oreal after completing his studies from ESSEC business school. Within his first year of working, he was appointed as the product manager for LaSCAD, which was a distribution company belonging to L’Oreal. In 2011 Dan was named as the vice president of global marketing with L’Oreal Paris and given the responsibility of directing a three-year expansion and innovation plan. His experience in L’Oreal led him to not only becoming the global brand president but also led him to NYC as one of the youngest brand presidents.

During an interview, Dan Bethelmy-Rada talks about his long term and short term goals in the beauty industry. He says that his short term goal is to launch new products in 2020 and continue to transform the brands using digital technology. His long term goal is to lead his colleagues in defining goals for the legacy of the brand versus individual projects and products. Also, years went by Dan Bethelmy-Rada created R.A.W after realizing that there is a demand for natural products among consumers around the world. A few months after launching R.A.W Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team got encouraging feedback from their clients and over 90% positive views online.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s advice to the youth is that they should continue growing and learning from their mistakes as they start their careers. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is successful today because of his determination and the hard work he is putting in his career as a global marketer.

Sunday Riley-Taking the Beauty Industry By Storm

Sunday Riley has made her mark and she has become well-known for her botanical blends and natural beauty care products. But her products are much more than a passing fad and they are here to stay. When she first launched her beauty line back in 2009, there weren’t many “green” products on the market and her products seemed somewhat out-of-place.

But now that there have been more studies conducted and it has become apparent that the many chemicals found in most beauty care products are bad for us, organic and natural products are really beginning to catch on. People what to put good things on their skin and to feel good about the products that they are using. You simply cannot do that with products laden with chemicals and even poisons. And although we don’t intentionally consume the products that we wear, they are still absorbed into our bodies through our skin.

Sunday Riley loves all of her creations and if she doesn’t, she cuts them. She has high standards and if one of her products is not performing it has to go. She wants her customers to have the very best and she also uses her own products so they need to be top notch.

Her products are loved by her customers and they even have fun names such as Luna, U.F.O., and C.E.O. Sunday Riley has taken her fame well and she is not letting it get to her head although it is quite mind-blowing how her products have ended up in the makeup routines of women everywhere.

Her products are helping women to age beautifully and to feel great in their skin. Good Genes can now be everyone’s, and they don’t have to be born with good genes to have great-looking skin. Perhaps that is who it is one of her bestsellers. Power Couple follows closely behind, and all her products do well because if they don’t, she’ll get rid of it. In addition to great skin care products a regular face washing is in order too so that her products can get absorbed into the skin.