Johanan Rand Remarkable Stride in Weight Loss and Anti aging Treatments

Dr. Johanan Rand is a specialist who deals with weight loss and conditions that accompany the aging process through regenerative medicine. He is the fuel behind Healthy Ageing Medical Center, West Orange, New Jersey. He leads and has changed the lives of many people in the medical field through his specialties namely aging, erectile dysfunction, menopause, traumatic brain injury and weight loss He carries out wellness programs that compose of IV nutrient therapy. Some of his alternative solutions usually address individualized needs which is what makes him a game changer. His Peer-Review practice places him well at the top. He only recommends what can be supported with medical journal.


A Peek on Johanan Rand Treatments


Dr. Johann Rand weight loss program concentrates on hormone levels. The idea behind this is for the patient weight loss to be as natural as possible. The unique HCG diet program, (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which he developed is natural and leads to weight loss immediately. The supplements of the program usually let the patients lose fat without them feeling hungry. This is after restriction of calories but the fact that the program combines the two is what makes it unique and more appealing to the patients. The program can also influence weight loss to even those who are eating healthy options and exercising.


When it comes to aging, Dr. Johanan Rand creates therapies that restore the health and vitality of younger years and prevent diseases. He brings the patient’s hormones back by administering bioidentical hormones to the patient which are safe and effective through IV Nutrient Therapy. Thanks to that hormone therapies help reinstate the natural levels of essential hormones to the body, and in return this helps eradicate numerous aging symptoms while reversing others.


His treatments take a unique approach which mainly leans on exercise, nutrition, and hormone level. He uses therapeutic model to acknowledge the issues associated with aging. Often, he uses himself as an example to show that age does not come with a sign of slowing down in life. At the age of fifty years, Johanan Rand is enjoying life and going on with his duties actively.


Johanan Rand Career


Dr. Johanan Rand started his medical journey at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He studied nutritional principles and integrated medicine. He joined Howard University College of Medicine for an Advance Degree. He is currently the founder and president of Healthy Aging Medical Centre and an active member of the Age Management Group.