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Every retailer should take pride in making their customers smile and giving them a reason to come back for more. Just a few years back, decided to focus their efforts on raising chickens. The program noted as “Running Chickens”, was set to launch and it was not only designed to improve their marketplace but they would have their own chicken farm.

Focusing on an area where the people were disadvantaged, the overall goal was to reduce poverty in the Hebei Province. Known as one of the poorest regions in China, the area would now offer top-quality chicken to its residents. This meant that offering the chicken through would get eyes of discerning shoppers to buy their chicken.

The sales of chicken has now doubled year over year since the beginning of the program. The chicken farm now represents so much more than helping an impoverished area. This is an effort that is focused on giving back and helping farmers to reach their goals.

There are now loans available to the farmers that are interest free, and now there are more than 500 families that have been able to benefit from the program. Improving quality of life is just one of the many benefits, and it will continue. Ultimately, Wuyi County was removed from China’s National Poverty list.

Great care has been taken from the beginning to run the chicken farm in the best way possible. Farmers have also been offered part-time work in order to help tend to gardens for growing vegetables and maintaining grain supply.

Another benefit of the chicken farm owned and operated by Jingdong, is the ability to raise chickens in a more humane environment. The chicken farms in other areas keep chickens caged, thus the drive for operating a free-range chicken farm was one of the primary concerns for Chinese farmers.

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