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China is one country in which the e-commerce industry has grown to an incredible extent, and is one place where there is an incredible amount of potential for a customer base when it comes to this particular industry. People all over the country are already incorporating the norm of online shopping and depend on online marketplaces to be able to get the things that they need. However, the market scenario is not always favorable because of the fact that there are a few companies that have a monopoly over the market. In these scenarios, very few companies have managed to stand out, especially because of the general perception that people have towards new marketplaces. One site that has managed to break the mold with regards to this and which has acquired a notable position within this industry is stands as one of the more notable names within the Chinese e-commerce industry and is something that has managed to hold a sizeable amount of sales that happen in the e-commerce industry. The company was founded by Richard Liu Qiangdong and has since then grown under his strong leadership.

Richard Liu is an entrepreneur who has always wanted to lead a company of his own. At an early age, he knew that business was something that he wanted to get into and was always driven in that regard. He came from a regular family who was involved in the coal mining industry and since an early age knew that he would have to work incredibly hard for the benefit of his future. During this college years, he began to get more interested within the IT industry and decided that he would teach himself how to code. This was his first step towards becoming a well-regarded person within this industry.

Soon after graduating from college, he worked in a multinational corporation and reached notable positions within that company. After this, he decided that it was time to embark on his own ventures and decided to start up his own company. This company later transitioned into an online marketplace, and become the that we know today.

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