Lincolnshire Management Sells High-Performance Car Brand to Another Venture Capital Firm

Lincolnshire Management, Inc. is a New York City-based private equity firm. They focus on acquiring and investing in mid-sized companies and have about $1.7 billion in total assets. They were founded in 1986 by Frank Wright and Steven Kumble and are now led by Chief Executive Officer T.J. Maloney. They were ranked as the 5th private equity firm in the country by CNN Money and Fortune Magazine in 2011.

They have four private equity funds that are invested in a number of different industries. The team at Lincolnshire Management has invested in over 70 middle-market companies since it was founded. Some of their biggest investments include Wabash National Corporation, Prince Sports, Nurseries Supplies Inc., and Allison Marine.

Many of the professionals who work for Lincolnshire Management have backgrounds in operations and management. When they invest in a company they provide their experience as a resource that can be tapped into in order to better realize the company’s business objectives.

They recently announced that they had exited from their position in Holley Performance Products. They sold their interest in this company to one of Sentinel Capital Partners’ affiliates. Holley is a company that was established in 1903 and specializes in designing and manufacturing high-performance car parts. They are considered as one of the cornerstone companies of the American performance car culture.

Among the many brands that Holley has on the market are ACCEL, Hooker, Earls, Edge, Racepak, and DiabloSport. Their goal is to add excitement and value to the performance car market in order to help fuel car enthusiast’s passion for their vehicles.

T.J. Maloney said that Holley has an excellent management team and a very strong portfolio of brands. Since Lincolnshire Management partnered with Holley in 2013 his team had worked closely with Tom Tomlinson of Holley in order to aggressively pursue growth. This included investing in research and development of new products.

President and CEO Tom Tomlinson of Holley thanked the team at Lincolnshire Management for their help growing his company and increasing its growth trajectory. He always valued their insight into his company and how they always brought tangible value.

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