Glenn Schlossberg stays ahead of the Game

As is expected in the creative industry of fashion, Glenn Schlossberg is an innovator which manages to shine in what is a saturated market. Glenn is the founder of Jump Design Group; an achievement which he regards as his biggest career stride. Jump Design Group operates on three pillars: design, quality and speed. The idea is that by applying their wealth of experience and understanding of fashion and market trends, they can design what you need (even if you’re not sure what you need) at the highest quality in a timely manner. Glenn was kind enough to give insight into both his business and personal thought process and approach.

Though he believes in the philosophy of hard work, Glenn Schlossberg also believes it is important to put the energy into something you believe in. He is one of the best examples of this as he took the decision to start a business as opposed to doing a college degree. He believed in his ability to do this as he spent time learning the business as an employee of his father’s company. One of his key principles is a sales-driven attitude as he cites sales as the cornerstone of a successful business.

Glenn’s typical day at work is quite busy as it ranges from planning, to meetings, to reviewing e-mail; however, he takes control of the day by establishing what needs to get done. He achieves this by thoroughly reviewing his dashboards and taking note of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

While he is an expert in business and fashion, there is more to Glenn Schlossberg than being a stereotypical ‘suit’. Glenn and his wife are dedicated to charitable causes and they experience joy in supporting their community and worthwhile causes. According to, an example of this is his raising of over a million dollars for the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

Glenn is also a car enthusiast as he is proud owner of a car collection. They are not all for show, however, as he is also a McClaren racer at the Monticello Motor Club. This passion was born in his childhood days when he raced motorcycles.

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