A Look at The Relationship Between The OSI Group and McDonald’s

The OSI Group is the world’s leading supplier of processed food product an array of retail outlets and companies in the food industry such as McDonald’s. Since the establishment of OSI more than 100 years ago, the firm has been able to establish itself as the trusted supplier and the go-to brand when it comes to value added foods such as OSI Group McDonalds products. McDonald’s is a firm in the food industry relies on OSI Group McDonalds for their food supply since the OSI uses the best practices in food value addition and processing, something allows the firm to deliver healthy and high quality products.

Technology has made access to information to people all over the business world easy; as a result, people can get acquainted with various issues such as health in regards to the foods they eat. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in debates and talks about the ingredients that go into our processed foods. More people are beginning to question the exact amount of ingredients that go into our foods. Sugar tops the list of the ingredients people are asking questions about, and nutritionists are encouraging people also to question the quantity of salts and additives that go into their foods. McDonald’s is one of the successful companies and fast food franchise in America.

Similar to the OSI Group, McDonald’s has been around for decades. McDonald continues to experience sustainable and continuous growth; this is allowing the company to expand into other territories in America and around the world. Information from McDonald shows that the company used to sell about 75 hamburgers which are OSI Group McDonalds every second across the world, but this represents a fraction of what the firm currently sells since it embarked on facility expansion across the globe. Food production process, supply, and processing companies undergo rigorous scrutiny and the monolith firms such as, and the OSI Group are not exempt. A recent study of the OSI Group McDonalds food products from the two companies reveal that they use preservatives to prevent food from going bad. The preservatives also serve to extend the shelf life of certain variety of products.


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