Matthew Fleeger, CEO of Gulf Coast Western supports Sadie Keller and her Foundation

Pediatric cancer is cancer in a child. Childhood cancer has been estimated to have an occurrence of 175,000 in a year and a mortality rate of around 96000 per year. Sadie Keller was diagnosed with cancer at a tender age. Due to the entire trauma coming with the knowledge that she has cancer, she resorted to standing strong and hep other children experiencing the problem. Her bravery has led to the opening of the Sadie Keller Foundation.

Sadie Keller’s story

Sadie Keller at the age of seven was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a type of cancer of the blood and bone marrow. She had to endure a series of infections, blood transfusions, and rare, complex side effects. This effects robbed her, her childhood and a chance of just being a normal kid. She missed out on her 2nd and 3rd grade while undergoing weekly chemotherapy treatments.

Sadie, made videos about her experiences while battling the life-threatening disease. She felt the need to help other children in her situation, to make them informed ahead of time of what to expect. She had been frightened of what to come and did not want other children to undergo the same. At first, she did it under the rails without her parent’s knowledge. Then when they came to know, she started sharing her videos.

The mission

She has now become the spokesperson for the families battling pediatric cancers. Her purpose is to raise awareness and to push for funds and more research into childhood cancer. She has lobbied for the STAR Act and many other acts.

The support

Matthew H. Fleeger, CEO of Gulf Coast Western, Inc has supported the Sadie and her Foundation by raising $14,000. He has had various contribution the children causes. He is an influential business leader in the oil and gas industry. Fleeger’s donation to the Foundation will go to support families battling childhood cancers.

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