How Jeremy Goldstein Used the Wine Dinner to Raise Funds

In May, Jeremy Goldstein hosted a wine dinner’s party at the Fountain House. In attendance included Omar Khan and Jim Finkel who were the chairmen of the organization. Through the event, the management raised 56,000 dollars to support victims of mental health.




Since it is a global epidemic, the non-governmental organization helps individuals to secure employment to avoid being idle. For instance, the wine dinner united the prestigious individuals in society to enact excellent ways in supporting the victims. During the first event, the management decided to conduct it at the famous NoMad hotel.




Through the rooftop, the attendees could view the skyline while accessing the flight vintages of Chateau Latour. Thus, it would attract various individuals who were interested in attending the fundraising event. Since the first event was popular, the company decided to hold its second event to understand the response of several individuals.




The donations




During the first dinner, the Fountain House received gifts worth 33,300 dollars. Moreover, it raised 23,000 dollars during the second dinner. They were later available as an impact on the people with mental illness.




In 2010, the board of directors accepted his membership as a member of the board of directors. While in New York University, he obtained a J.D after completing his law course. Furthermore, got a distinction from Cornell University because of his excellent achievement in his studies.




In the next ten years, he engaged actively in transactions among large corporations in his country. By forming great partnerships with other CEOs, his organization managed to excel in all its ventures. For example, he chairs the association of business owners in America.




The Fountain House established a culture that transforms the lives of people with mental illness by empowering them. Through collaboration with staff members, it prepares food, programs, enhances maintenance, and administers support to them. Moreover, it allows its members to engage in projects that can improve friendship in the community.




In the end, they establish skills that are necessary for fulfilling their purpose in society. Foundation House introduced an employment program in its system that enables the youth to participate in it. Additionally, it provides programs that link the victims to first housing, education, and health and wellness.








Through the organization, the youth can acquire reliable support in their community. In the long run, it promotes development in the city because every individual engages in a meaningful activity.



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