Jana Lightspeed and her great successful career

Jana lightspeed is a successful businesswoman who has built a great and successful career in business. She has acquired a lot of skills and experiences in business from her many working experiences in various business companies. Jana lightspeed is a very educated woman who owns a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering. She got a chance to acquire her training from the University of Illinois where she acquired prolific skills in technology. She has worked as Vice President of Global Business Development and platform when she was given the responsibility for creating partnerships and strengthening relationships between the company and the investors.

She successfully formed a partnership with Twitter and became in charge of enterprise sales, partner engineering, platform operations, and platform marketing. She carried out these entire roles successfully and through her leadership skills, Jana was able to make a great difference in the company. She also worked at Netflix which is a great and renowned company in the whole world, the company is known for the spectacular movies it produces with many having great views from people. It has produced very many movies and has founded an application where viewers can subscribe at an affordable price and get the chance to watch all their latest movies and television shows.

The company has worked with very many Hollywood celebrities and has become a worldwide movie production house. Jana worked at the company as the director of business development where she took care of mobile and consumer electronic partnerships. Recently, she was able to join lightspeed and became one of the investing team of the company. Lightspeed in a company that company that has developed a platform marketing platform for buyers and sellers. It provides retail services and well as Lightspeed restaurant. Jana lightspeed will be able to apply prolific knowledge in business and technology to drive the company to greater heights.

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