Talos Energy, A Promising Energy Company Of The Future

Talos Energy is a energy company that is really making a difference in the Gulf of Mexico area. Recently, Mexico’s National Hydrocarbons Commission, or CNH, allowed Talos to conduct a discovery appraisal of the Zama-1 field in Gulf of Mexico; this discovery and development approval is a landmark accomplishment for the company internationally. This was especially true because of Mexico’s history in oil production. Originally, only a Mexican major company Pemex was allowed to develop this area; but because Mexico was able to see that Pemex couldn’t keep up to major companies such as Exxon, Chevron, and Shell, in 2014, it allowed it’s oil and gas fields to be developed by private energy companies. Mexico sold rights to their Zama oil field to Talos in 2015.

Talos Energy went on to discover a major oil deposit in their recently acquired Zama Field in 2017; its estimated oil production rate was about 1.4 to 2 billion barrels of oil, an acheivement for which they recieved The Discovery of the Year 2017 at Wood Mckenzie’s annual exploration awards ceremony. This was a major accomplishment for Talos Energy.

Following this, Talos applied for drilling permits in 2018 and is expecting the go-ahead from CNH in mid 2019. Tim Duncan, Talos Energy’s CEO, commented that his company was buiding a reputation for intuitive growth. He was referring to Talos’ acquistion of two companies, Stone Energy Corporation, in 2018, and Whistler Energy 2. He was also referring to Talos acquiring 16,494 acres of oil field, known as the Green Canyon 18 Field, whose typical oil production rate was 30,000 barrels a day and 30 million cubic feet of gas per day. This field was originally worked by Exxon then later acquired by Whistler Energy.

In 2013, The Houston Chronicle cited Talos Energy, a Houston based company, as the #1 Top Workplace in Houston for businesses that are staffed by less than 150 people. It has stayed at #1 for 5 years, much to its credit. Talos’ CEO, Tim Duncan, was named Entrepreneur of the Year of energy companies in the Gulf Coast area, His company continues to build and grow as a promising oil and gas company of the future.

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