Paul Mampilly’s Thoughts On Car Purchases

The world of finance has been impacted by the work of Paul Mampilly. Currently Mampilly is the Senior Editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He is also the founder of he newsletter Profits Unlimited. During his career Mampilly has served in several major leadership positions. He has used his experience to master investing and finance. He has collaborated with several legal firms during this time.

Paul Mampilly has an interesting perspective on a common consumer purchase. Mampilly is convinced that in the future everyone will purchase their cars online. His prediction comes as a result of a recent purchase. Last year served as the first time Mampilly bought a car from a dealership. Mampilly delayed the process for quite some time because he was not looking forward to going through the process. During this purchase Mampilly had done lots of research before hand. He knew he needed certain type of vehicle that could meet the needs he had. Before every entering the dealership, Mampilly had already settled on a Ford Pickup Truck between 2013 and 2016. Despite this research and preparation the process of negotiating the price of his truck was exhausting. It took him more than 13 hours and three dealerships to get the price he wanted.

Paul Mampilly is not alone. Many other people agree that the process of buying car is not fun. According to Autotrader, 99.5 percent of people would like to see a change in the entire system. 24 percent of people would rather have a root canal than deal with a car salesman. These statistics along with his own experience make Mampilly believe that eventually people will complete the entire process online. Many dealerships are already set up to accomplish the entire process online. In Mampilly’s opinion it is only a matter of time before others do.

Paul Mampilly is a graduate of Fordham University where he received a Master of Business Administration degree. He has years of experience working with Bankers Trust where he became an assistant portfolio manager. In his current position with Banyan Hill Publishing Company he recommends recommends stocks to his followers. His work has been featured on major networks that include CNBC and Fox News.

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