Steve Ritchie Rises to the Top of Papa John’s

Steve Ritchie has been promoted to the role of Chief Executive Officer with Papa John’s. Steve Ritchie has a long history with the company, and he started in 1996 earning just $6 an hour. He became a franchise owner in 2006 until he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer in 2014. Ritchie is humbled to take on this new role.

Steven Ritchie will focus on digital marketing, technology and its team members. Ritchie knows what it takes to rise up the ranks, and he is aware that 98% of managers were at one point hourly workers with Papa John’s.

Ritchie has been traveling the country listening to staff members to see how the company can improve its diversity and inclusivity. He has instituted mandatory training for all management, so that they are more aware of the issues affecting their staff and customers. Ritchie has also asked for the help from leaders in the fields of inclusion and equality. He is also rolling out a new advertising campaign. The ad campaign will focus on Gen Z customers. Ritchie hopes that the new ads will remind customers of Papa John’s core values. He is hoping to avoid closures of stores in the United States, and he forecasts 350 new stores around the world.

Steve Ritchie sees some concrete steps the company can make to ensure they are as inclusive as possible. He is looking to bring in more minority and female franchisees. He also knows the importance of having a more active role in the communities Papa John’s serves. He plans to do this with a series of financial aid and incentives for new franchises. Ritchie hopes this will go some way to reversing the recent negative earnings reports. He is also restructuring the stock availability to ensure there is no takeover of the company by a single stockholder.

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