Jacob Gottlieb Founds Altium  As Yet Another Investment Project

Jacob Gottlieb has begun yet another reputable health facility in New York. This great investor in the health and medical sector is passionate about the growth of the companies. Explore on for more information.

Career development

After graduating from the universities of New York and Brown in the school of medicine. He went for an internship, he was interested in investment, and he, therefore, focused on working in the financial industry.

He has founded several companies including the most recent one, Altium. He began as an investment portfolio manager of Meril based in New York City. He also covered global healthcare for about two years at Sanford C. Bernstein and company. He was a buy-side analyst at the same company.

He was among the founders of Banyans Asset Management. He was a top earner at the company that he was renowned for the gains he amassed in the portfolio. He worked as an investment portfolio manager at Merlin. He t5hen went ahead to found Visium Asset Management, LLC.

Jacob Gottlieb founds Altium Capital

Jacob is known for his successful investments in the medical sector owing to the many companies and facilities he has established and managed. Recently, this icon added yet another more significant investment. Altium capital is based in New York City. It is a healthcare-oriented investment capital that is focused on investments about the companies’ growth in the medical field. The founder, Gottlieb aims at recruiting facilities offering substantial medical and health treatment advances.

It has recently invested in Amarin Corporation, Oragenics, and Oramed Pharmaceutical. Their initial investment in Oramed was about 5.6% and was meant for oral diabetes treatment for patients that initially got injectable drugs. The project has proved to be a very successful project. The facility is proud for the competent management team that has years of experience in both pharmaceutical and business. The other projects are successful too.

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