Edwin Miranda Joins An Excellent Leadership Team:

In a major piece of new for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm Cytovance, the firm has recently announced that Edwin Miranda is joining its leadership team in the role of Vice President in Charge of Quality. The company manufactures biologics of a microbial and mammalian nature and the addition of an individual with the impressive background of Edwin Miranda is a huge step toward further successes for the company. Edwin Miranda’s extensive experience in biopharmaceutical field goes back more than three decades and his deep level of knowledge in the field has made his services highly sought after. He is particularly noted for his work in areas such as quality assurance. Cytovance Biologics’s Dr. Jesse McCool, Senior VP of Research and Development, has stressed how happy the firm is to be able to bring in a professional of the caliber of Edwin Miranda to the dynamic team that Cytovance Biologics already has on hand.

Before taking up this new position with Cytovance Biologics, Edwin Miranda was a member of the quality control assurance team that worked on the Keppra project. This is a new drug application that Edwin Miranda helped to obtain approval through the FDA. He has also worked in quality assurance with Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Regulator compliance, quality of systems and remediation plans are all part of the extensive work that Edwin Miranda has engaged in throughout his long and successful career in  industry.

Mike O’Mara is Cytovance’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing Operations and he has emphasised the excellent timing of the arrival of Edwin Miranda to the team there. This arrival comes just in time for the firm’s PAI. Edwin Miranda’s expertise in quality assurance will be invaluable in the area of performing inspections for the FDA. This is one of the many reasons that he will be so valuable for Cytovance going forward.

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