Neurocore is a research group that has developed a work out powder for both before and after the workout. When developing the powder they wanted it to be unlike any other powder on the market. They wanted to cut down the caffeine while still giving the customer the energy they need during the workout and after the workout so that they can go on with their day too. The brand that they developed when doing the research for their new powder is called muscle tech. The focus that the brand has is natural, clean energy, that won’t leave you crashing afterwards. The vitamins and minerals that is in the powder is designed not only to give you natural long lasting energy but to help your muscles recover from the workout you do. The powder is for before the workout but for the best results you can have it before the work out and after. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The company also wanted to cut down on the calories in the powder as compared to other powders on the market. The feeling that you are working out simply to burn off the powder isn’t very appealing and often leaves people that would be interested in the powders feeling hopeless as they don’t have the energy for their whole workout on their own but if they use the powder they aren’t going to be any better off caloric wise. Thus the powder was made for people that are trying to lose weight and for those that are trying to tone the body or build muscle. Muscle tech believes that all of those things should be possible all within one powder so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for your workout.


After they made the changes and developed the powder it was of course time to put that to the test. The Neurocore feedback was amazing as the participates raved about the powder mainly noting that they had no energy spikes and crashes like they had experienced while using other powders. This important change made all of the difference for those that were using the powder on a regular basis. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

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