Hyland’s Growth and Development in the Homeopathic Market After Teething Tablets

Hyland’s is a private company that specializes in the manufacture of oral tablets for all family members in different growth levels. This company originated from Standard Homeopathy Co, and for over a century the company has been leading in the Homeopathic market in North America. Hyland’s company CEO and president John P. Borneman comes from a family with experience acquired over many years in the homeopathic business. John Borneman ensures that the company sells a variety of oral baby products for pain relief, irritability and swollen gums.  They are manufactured using natural active ingredients, follows all the required standards of preparation strictly and they do not contain chemicals.


Hyland’s for kids Cold and Cough Day and Night Value Pack are relief tablets for coughs congestion, sore throat and sneezing. The teething process causes discomfort in infants as hormones that cause some gum cells to die are produced to pave the way for the milk- teeth to erupt. At times teething causes fever and swollen gums, for this reason, Mr John`s company has introduced a new product as a remedy for teething problems. The new formula Hyland’s oral tablets for teething are tiny, soft and dissolve fast making them easy to administer to a child. The tablets for teething can be dissolved in a teaspoon of water for easy swallowing. Teething is no longer a problem as the pain ends after a short period of time.


Hyland’s company aims at creating awareness to the mothers by providing them with infants’ education and engaging them in various activities. Mothers are advised to keep all medications away from the child, in a cool, dry environment, and whenever the symptoms persist after the child has taken medicine, they should seek assistance from a physician for more advice. In a situation where one has overdosed, they should consult a medical profession or the poison control center as soon as possible.

Hyland’s tablets have been recommended by many users as they are free from benzocaine, belladonna, dyes or even parabens.

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