Jacob Gottlieb Founds Altium  As Yet Another Investment Project

Jacob Gottlieb has begun yet another reputable health facility in New York. This great investor in the health and medical sector is passionate about the growth of the companies. Explore on for more information.

Career development

After graduating from the universities of New York and Brown in the school of medicine. He went for an internship, he was interested in investment, and he, therefore, focused on working in the financial industry.

He has founded several companies including the most recent one, Altium. He began as an investment portfolio manager of Meril based in New York City. He also covered global healthcare for about two years at Sanford C. Bernstein and company. He was a buy-side analyst at the same company.

He was among the founders of Banyans Asset Management. He was a top earner at the company that he was renowned for the gains he amassed in the portfolio. He worked as an investment portfolio manager at Merlin. He t5hen went ahead to found Visium Asset Management, LLC.

Jacob Gottlieb founds Altium Capital

Jacob is known for his successful investments in the medical sector owing to the many companies and facilities he has established and managed. Recently, this icon added yet another more significant investment. Altium capital is based in New York City. It is a healthcare-oriented investment capital that is focused on investments about the companies’ growth in the medical field. The founder, Gottlieb aims at recruiting facilities offering substantial medical and health treatment advances.

It has recently invested in Amarin Corporation, Oragenics, and Oramed Pharmaceutical. Their initial investment in Oramed was about 5.6% and was meant for oral diabetes treatment for patients that initially got injectable drugs. The project has proved to be a very successful project. The facility is proud for the competent management team that has years of experience in both pharmaceutical and business. The other projects are successful too.

Edwin Miranda Joins An Excellent Leadership Team:

In a major piece of new for biopharmaceutical contract manufacturing firm Cytovance, the firm has recently announced that Edwin Miranda is joining its leadership team in the role of Vice President in Charge of Quality. The company manufactures biologics of a microbial and mammalian nature and the addition of an individual with the impressive background of Edwin Miranda is a huge step toward further successes for the company. Edwin Miranda’s extensive experience in biopharmaceutical field goes back more than three decades and his deep level of knowledge in the field has made his services highly sought after. He is particularly noted for his work in areas such as quality assurance. Cytovance Biologics’s Dr. Jesse McCool, Senior VP of Research and Development, has stressed how happy the firm is to be able to bring in a professional of the caliber of Edwin Miranda to the dynamic team that Cytovance Biologics already has on hand.

Before taking up this new position with Cytovance Biologics, Edwin Miranda was a member of the quality control assurance team that worked on the Keppra project. This is a new drug application that Edwin Miranda helped to obtain approval through the FDA. He has also worked in quality assurance with Mutual Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Regulator compliance, quality of systems and remediation plans are all part of the extensive work that Edwin Miranda has engaged in throughout his long and successful career in  industry.

Mike O’Mara is Cytovance’s Senior Vice President for Manufacturing Operations and he has emphasised the excellent timing of the arrival of Edwin Miranda to the team there. This arrival comes just in time for the firm’s PAI. Edwin Miranda’s expertise in quality assurance will be invaluable in the area of performing inspections for the FDA. This is one of the many reasons that he will be so valuable for Cytovance going forward.

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OSI Group Expands Its Operations Internationally

OSI group is the largest food processing industry in the world. The company has been existing for over 12 decades with no signs of quitting the market any time soon. The OSI group company has about 20,000 workers and has been providing services in countries. The headquarters of the company is located in Aurora, Illinois in the USA with several other offices operating in the Asia Pacific and Europe.

The OSI group is one of the few companies that have recorded a spiral growth in the last five years. The company announced a new plant in Geneva that was responsible for producing branded and private–label frozen entrees in 2012. The plant was operated by Millard Company that provides refrigerated warehouse and distribution services. The company also bought another facility that has a high capacity production line from the existing building in Babolna. The company went ahead to invest $25 million to triple the production capacity in chicken processing products.

The OSI group continues to use modern technology as a strategy to expand its products in the local and international markets. The company use machines that have X-ray equipment to detect the presence of impurities in the processed food. The company uses advanced equipment to ensure the quality and safety of food production is guaranteed. The goal of the company reaches every continent and become more significant in providing quality customer services.

There are times where the OSI has invested in many businesses. In 2016 the company purchased many businesses. It bought Baho food that has its operations Germany and the Netherlands. The company also acquired Flagship Europe which focused on the production of frozen poultry, condiments and pies. The management of OSI expanded its investment locally by buying off Tyson Foods at $7.4 million.

Last year, OSI Group Company decided to expand its production in Spain. It built a high capacity production line to its plant in Toledo. The company invested €17 million to increase production in the chicken processing industry. Its production increased from 12,000 to 24,000 tons annually. The new production line in Spain has the capacity to produce a total of 45,000 tons of pork, chicken and beef products.

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Talos Energy Has Made An Impressive Entry Into The Publicly Traded Sphere:

One of the biggest accomplishments in the career of Tim Duncan has been a monumental acquisition/merger with Stone Energy that has allowed the Talos Energy CEO to take his company public while foregoing the traditional IPO. Duncan will now head up a stronger than ever exploratory energy firm that will go into the publically traded sphere with equity market capitalization in the initial range of nearly $2 billion. Talos Energy Inc. is also going to power into the publically traded listings with a $2.5 billion enterprise value. This is calculated based on the stock price that Stone Energy Corporation was valued at. This was a price of nearly $33.50.

Talos Energy makes its headquarters home in the well-known Texas city of Houston and Tim Duncan and his team are very happy about the great benefits that shareholders now gain due to this merger. This also places Talos Energy in an ideal position to take advantage of the impressive assets that the company currently holds in its portfolio. A major area that the firm is now concentrating on in terms of exploratory work is the Gulf of Mexico region, both in U.S. territory and Mexican territory. There are also exciting recent talks that Talos Energy and a conglomerate it is currently spearheading will team up with Mexico’s national oil firm Pemex.

One of the factors driving the success at Talos Energy is the fact that it has developed such an outstanding reputation as a company to work for and has been recognized as such for the past five years running now. Talos Energy offers dedicated individuals the ability to work in careers such as exploration and production as well as providing opportunities within the corporate leadership structure of the constantly growing firm. Tim Duncan is very proud of the great company atmosphere that himself and his team have been able to build up over the years at Talos Energy.

Robert Ivy’s Achievements

Robert Ivy was honored in April 2018 with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters. Ivy has been serving as the executive vice president of the American Institute of Architects since February 2011.

His company, AIA, is a leader in licensing new architectural professionals. He also has prior experience as the vice president and editor of Dodge Data Analytics and the editor in chief at S&P Global. These companies specialized in providing financial services and analyzing data results.

Ivy was honored to receive such a prestigious award since it was the first time that an architect was awarded it. However, the Polk Award recognizes residents in Mississippi that contribute to the arts in various ways and Robert Ivy has done just that. Besides his business background, Ivy has also wrote and acted as a commentator on past architectural projects. Carl Elefante, AIA President, was delighted that his colleague was finally recognized for his professional achievements and his personal commitments. Elefante also believes that Ivy has served as the perfect ambassador for the architecture field.

Since 2011, the American Institute of Architects has seen a large expansion across the globe and has been influential to many different nations. Robert Ivy believes that while architects are small in number, they can be quite loud when swaying policymakers. In fact, he has led his team to make effective changes to past tax laws so that group members would be treated fairly. This is why joining an association can be so critical for upcoming professionals. Ivy has worked hard to let architects across the globe know that they can take a stand against unfair practices by getting involved with a professional organization such as AIA. Robert Ivy warns though that members must be committed to the values of AIA when they become joining members.

Find more about Robert Ivy: https://www.architecturalrecord.com/articles/5547-architectural-record-editor-in-chief-robert-ivy-to-head-aia

Upwork  Create To-Do List for Perfect Time Management

For professionals who do not have the habit of maintaining a to-do list, it would be difficult for them to manage their time. Upwork is a company that has been helping professionals and clients come together and do business. The company also maintains an online blog where helpful blogs and articles are frequently posted to help the freelancers gain more insight and tips on how to achieve success. One of the tips that it recently posted is that freelancers should have a to-do list that would keep them updated on the tasks that are pending and the ones that are completed.

As a freelancer, it is necessary that they have fixed work timing and schedule in order to achieve success. One should not misuse the freedom they have as a freelancer as it would make it difficult for them to win the trust of the clients or complete work on time. Missing deadlines will become frequent if you do not have a to-do list that would keep you on track as far as work is concerned. For people who are looking to achieve success as a freelancer, following the tips mentioned by Upwork would be really helpful. There are tons of applications available in the market that would help the freelancers to maintain their to-do list digitally on their phone and PC, and which would be remotely accessible as well.

A to-do list may seem like a simple list, but it can do wonders if it is created perfectly. It allows you to prioritize your work so that you can complete all the important tasks first and then start with the remaining. You can also mention the deadline so that you can complete your tasks before they are due. Being a freelancer has many benefits, but you need to know how to know how to manage your time properly.


Neurocore is a research group that has developed a work out powder for both before and after the workout. When developing the powder they wanted it to be unlike any other powder on the market. They wanted to cut down the caffeine while still giving the customer the energy they need during the workout and after the workout so that they can go on with their day too. The brand that they developed when doing the research for their new powder is called muscle tech. The focus that the brand has is natural, clean energy, that won’t leave you crashing afterwards. The vitamins and minerals that is in the powder is designed not only to give you natural long lasting energy but to help your muscles recover from the workout you do. The powder is for before the workout but for the best results you can have it before the work out and after. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The company also wanted to cut down on the calories in the powder as compared to other powders on the market. The feeling that you are working out simply to burn off the powder isn’t very appealing and often leaves people that would be interested in the powders feeling hopeless as they don’t have the energy for their whole workout on their own but if they use the powder they aren’t going to be any better off caloric wise. Thus the powder was made for people that are trying to lose weight and for those that are trying to tone the body or build muscle. Muscle tech believes that all of those things should be possible all within one powder so that you don’t have to sacrifice anything for your workout.

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After they made the changes and developed the powder it was of course time to put that to the test. The Neurocore feedback was amazing as the participates raved about the powder mainly noting that they had no energy spikes and crashes like they had experienced while using other powders. This important change made all of the difference for those that were using the powder on a regular basis. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar Legacy in Plastic Surgery Industry

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is an icon in the plastic surgery industry. He is among the most successful plastic surgeon in Dallas, Texas. He is also a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute which is among the most recognized group of plastic surgeon due to their professionalism. He specializes with cosmetic surgery that includes the following areas, face, breast, and the body in general. Brazilian Augmentation is one of the critical procedures that he does. If he is not engaged with plastic surgery operations, he attends some meeting and conferences as the main speaker.

Sam Jejurikar is usually invited to share his experience and extensive knowledge with the newbies and the prospects in this department. Sameer is a member of the International Multisociety Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force which is an organization that researches the various ways to prevent hazardous defects and side effects that results from gluteal augmentation operation procedures. Both his colleagues and patients admire him for his hard work and commitment in his career and the entire industry at large.

Dr, Sam Jejurikar spent much his childhood life in the Midwest. His originated from Minnesota where he was born. He pursued his career at the University of Michigan where he earned his undergraduate degree in Medicine. After he completed his training from medical school, he moved to New York and joined Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital and proceeded with his studies. This opportunity intensified his desire and interest in cosmetic surgery. Sameer Jejurikar is perfect with his hands when it comes to the hospital setting. Besides this, he is also an eloquent speaker. His presentations for the international crowds teaches excellent lessons regarding his research as well as time in the operating room.

Despite that he is recognized for his completing the elective cosmetic operation procedures on patients, he is also a great philanthropist. He offers a great contribution to philanthropic ventures. He supports the poor, the needy and the less fortunate of free of charge basis. This has also created him a big name in the philanthropic world. He believes in giving back to society. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a certified pioneer in the plastic surgery industry. He has maintained a positive reputation, and his reviews tell it all.

Sheldon Lavin Talks About Sustainability And OSI Group

OSI Group, LCC is one of the biggest food providers in the market right now. It regularly supplies big food chains like McDonald’s and has 65 facilities in 17 countries with 20,000 employees to meet their client demands. In this article, we will feature Sheldon Lavin, the face of OSI Group.


Lavin is the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, CLL and is one of the pillars of the food processing industry right now. He started his career in food processing when he helped Otto & Sons, who eventually become OSI Group, to meet funds they needed for their operations.

In 1975, when Otto started searching for international investment funds, Lavin was made a partner and Otto & Sons became OSI Group. After a few years, McDonald’s requested OSI’s full-time commitment to supplying their food chain. At this time, he became the Chairman and CEO of OSI.


OSI Group and Lavin see to it that the sustainability is also maintained during the operations of their products. In fact, Lavin committed himself to the sustainability of both his company and his clients. He is one of the influences in McDonald’s GRSB, a move where the food chain giant will move to sustainable beef.

Sheldon Lavin also received awards for his efforts in sustainability. He received the California Green Business Award (2016), Globe of Honour (2016), and Global Visionary Award (2016). Lavin is also a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from RSM US LLP (2015).

When asked about what he thinks makes him successful, he revealed that his ability to plan ahead and prepare for the future is what makes him different. He also revealed that since he was a kid, he developed the habit of making decisions that will affect his future improve. With this ability and mindset, creating a company that will stand the test of time is possible and OSI Group is the living proof. He also added that he loves seeing his plans unfold and click together over time.

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Hyland’s Growth and Development in the Homeopathic Market After Teething Tablets

Hyland’s is a private company that specializes in the manufacture of oral tablets for all family members in different growth levels. This company originated from Standard Homeopathy Co, and for over a century the company has been leading in the Homeopathic market in North America. Hyland’s company CEO and president John P. Borneman comes from a family with experience acquired over many years in the homeopathic business. John Borneman ensures that the company sells a variety of oral baby products for pain relief, irritability and swollen gums.  They are manufactured using natural active ingredients, follows all the required standards of preparation strictly and they do not contain chemicals.


Hyland’s for kids Cold and Cough Day and Night Value Pack are relief tablets for coughs congestion, sore throat and sneezing. The teething process causes discomfort in infants as hormones that cause some gum cells to die are produced to pave the way for the milk- teeth to erupt. At times teething causes fever and swollen gums, for this reason, Mr John`s company has introduced a new product as a remedy for teething problems. The new formula Hyland’s oral tablets for teething are tiny, soft and dissolve fast making them easy to administer to a child. The tablets for teething can be dissolved in a teaspoon of water for easy swallowing. Teething is no longer a problem as the pain ends after a short period of time.


Hyland’s company aims at creating awareness to the mothers by providing them with infants’ education and engaging them in various activities. Mothers are advised to keep all medications away from the child, in a cool, dry environment, and whenever the symptoms persist after the child has taken medicine, they should seek assistance from a physician for more advice. In a situation where one has overdosed, they should consult a medical profession or the poison control center as soon as possible.

Hyland’s tablets have been recommended by many users as they are free from benzocaine, belladonna, dyes or even parabens.