After Years of Working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly Makes a Career for Himself in Mainstream

After Years of Working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly Makes a Career for Himself in Mainstream

Paul Mampilly attended the Montclair University where he majored in Finance and Accounting. He graduated in the year 1996 with honors not only for his academic excellence but also for being the student fraternity president during the time that he was in the university. He then joined the Fordham Gabelli School of business where he got his MBA in Finance in the year 1997. From here, Paul Mampilly began a thriving career in Finance. His first few years were spent working on Wall Street.

 Paul Mampilly at Wall Street

Between the years 1989 and the year 1991, Paul Mampilly was employed as an Accountant Assistant at Chatham Street Management. Here he got to work as an assistant to the financial advisor also was also a portfolio manager. He gained a lot of experience that allowed him to begin a career as a portfolio manager also. In the year 1991, he got hired by Bankers Trust company, which is currently known as Deutsche Bank as an account administrator. He served this role for one month less of two years then was promoted to the role of Assistant Portfolio Manager.

Paul Mampilly worked under the senior portfolio manager for a year and eight months before he was promoted to the senior portfolio manager in the year 1995. When he left the company after serving on this position for three years, he had built a reputation for himself in the industry that secured him a job at Deutsche Asset Management firm as a research analyst in the year 1999. He worked here for a little over two years.He worked in other firms like the ING Funds as a research analyst and Kinetics Assets Management as a senior portfolio manager. At Kinetics, he helped increase the assets under the firm’s management from 5 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars.

Away from Wall Street

Paul eventually gave away from Wall Street and decided to start a business venture in research publishing. He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting and is also a senior editor at Bayan Hill Publishing. At Bayan Hill, he publishes research on investment opportunities that are set to make a lot of money for investors.

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