The Inventor Of The First Blockchain Debit Card: Serge Belamant

Serge Belamant was born in France and later moved with his parents to South Africa at the age of 14 years. Mr. Serge attended the Highlands North High School which a boys school. He learned to write and speak in English. He also did well in various sports such as Athletics, Rugby, and Chess. He was appointed the Head Prefect in the year 1972 and was awarded with full colors in athletics, Rugby, chess and academics. He went on to attend the Witwatersrand University where he studied engineering and during his second year transferred to applied mathematics and computer science.

After Serge Belamant was done with education, he was recruited by an engineering firm known as Matrix, a branch of BKSH, a big civil engineering company. Serge Belamant worked on a medium size IBM computers utilizing finite element software. After working for these companies for sometimes, Serge Belamant ventured into the payment industry. He observed the business landscape in South Africa and identified an opportunity that many people had not identified before.

At that time, the majority of the South Africa population was made up of poor people who could not afford expensive banking solutions. Serge Belamant founded the Net1 Technologies Company that is behind the first Blockchain debit card. Mr. Belamant has been the CEO of Net 1 and a sought-after consultant since the company was founded.

Blockchain Debit Card was well received in South Africa where it was run for testing before becoming approved and spreading to other parts of the world. The introduction of Blockchain debit card bridged the gap that existed between common people and banking services. Transactions were made easier at an affordable price which enhanced business and the overall economic growth. Mr. Belamant idea was adopted worldwide, and it had strengthened Blockchain with even emergence of new monetary platforms such as the Bitcoin.

Under his leadership, the Net1 Company has realized significant growth since it was founded. The company has created several job opportunities for people in South Africa and around the group. Mr. Serge is a source of inspiration for many upcoming entrepreneurs who have visions to change and contribute to the payment industry.

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Sheldon Lavin’s Goal Of Sustainability

When it comes to sustainable food production, Sheldon Lavin has made a serious commitment as his company enjoys a long history of embracing challenges and rewards of innovative technology. Sheldon Levine, the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, has led the company to become the leading innovator in the food sector. The company has grown to be among the major producers of food worldwide. It started as a butcher shop in Chicago to become a primary McDonald’s supplier in all of its initial restaurants. Sheldon Levine has led the company since the 70s to its exponential growth.

His idea was to embrace new strategies and technologies to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental footprint of OSI Group operations. This has made sustainability a core perspective that forms the foundation on which OSI Group management makes their decisions. Through his leadership, Sheldon has enabled OSI Group to develop a tradition where they develop and embrace new technologies and strategies as the company tries to meet the global need for more sustainable food production that is environmentally friendly.

Under his tenure, Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group respectively have received several sustainability awards for their efforts. They include the North American Meat Institute’s Award, Global Visionary Award, and Globe of Honor award from the British Safety Council as well as the California Green Business Award. Lavin terms these awards as the crowning achievement that comes from a long and illustrious career in business.

About Sheldon Lavin

Presently, the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group is none other than Sheldon Lavin. Sheldon also heads the OSI International Foods Ltd as the President. He is also a General Trustee of Rush Medical Centre. Other positions held by Lavin include the Director of National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. Lavin is not slowing down any time soon as he is involved with charitable causes like the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Inner City Foundation of Chicago, Evans Scholarship Foundation, the Boys and Girls Club of Chicago and so on. He is most proud of his ability to raise three children with his wife and at the same time, give back to society as he worked hard to grow his company.

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Peter Briger, the man who will take Fortress Group to the global arena.

Peter Briger has excellent leadership and management skills that he acquired over time working for Goldman, Sachs, and Co. for one and a half decades as a partner. During his tenure at Goldman, Peter attended many committees including the Global compliance committee, Japan Executive committee, and the Asia Management committee. He had leadership roles at the Asian real Estate, Asian Distressed Debt, Special Opportunity capitals as well as being ahead of the Whole loan sales.

Mr. Briger attended Princeton University and the Wharton School of business- Pennsylvania University where he was awarded degrees in Business administration and MBA respectively. He currently serves as the president and Co-Chairperson of the Directors Board at Fortress Credit Corporation as well as the Principal and head of Credit at Fortress Investment Group, a company that was established in 1998 and is leading in the private equity companies. Despite working at Fortress group, Peter Briger also reinforced in the Central Park Conservancy agenda and other organizations that supported it. He works hard in maintaining a good relationship with his staff and the clients, this makes him successful and appreciated in the company. He also a board member in the Princeton University Investment firm.

Despite having a successful career in Fortress Investment, Peter Briger is also a philanthropist who contributes to charity organizations and events when he is working. Some of the charitable moves he has made include being among the leaders of Silicon Valley Council, an organization that governs the money that is meant to support children globally. He is also a member of the Council of Foreign matters, an organization that is focused on the promotion of individual comprehension of foreign issues. Peter Briger contributes his money to charities that provide education, alleviate poverty and those that help in supporting healthy growth of children. His contribution to the charity organization aims to give the less fortunate kids with access to better services. Peter Briger also supports no-profit making organizations focusing on saving those that are at risk in the society. He was ranked among top 400 in the Forbes list of US business professionals. Peter Briger Jr: Fortress Investment Group’s King of Debt

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How Wesley Edens Rebounds Business

Wes Edens is a well known businessman and the CEO of Fortress Investment Group. The company was started after he received his bachelors degree of finance, graduating from Oregon State University. The experience he accumulated as Managing Director within previous companies assisted him in is future aspirations. He co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998, with a primary goal to manage global investments. With offices operating out of New York, Wesley‘s objective as Chief Executive Officer is to corral the company’s private equity and manage investments. By the spring of 2018, Wes Edens had helped Fortress Investment Group become a leader in infrastructure projects that spanned across several industries. In 2014, he established New Fortress Energy with hopes to expedite global transitions to energy that can be renewed. During that same year Wes Edens became the co-owner of a NBA team as well.

The Milwaukee Bucks welcomed him with open arms and he began to deliver immediately. One of the first moves he made as a new owner of the team was the development of new sports arena. The project totaled up to $524 million and has been thriving since it’s opening. Wesley has an eye for attention and detail. This has separated his projects from others. For example, the new Milwaukee Bucks arena will be filled with artwork exclusively from Wisconsin; and those artists with ties to the state. It is this type of extra thinking that assists him in his business ventures. His schedule stays busy as the owner of a top performing NBA team, Chief Executive Officer of an investment group, and all of his other day-to-day operations. With new developments in progress, it is evident that Wes Edens will continue to innovate and close business deals.

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Betsy Devos Talks Education Reform & School Safety in Latest Interviews

Betsy Devos is the 11th US Secretary of Education. An education activist hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Devos began working in reform long before she went to Washington. While many have felt polarized on her policies, there is one thing to be said about Devos. She does not shy away from an interview and has continuously supported her position in spite of opposition.


In the 1980s, education reform was an all new topic. It was published in a report by the Reagan Administration. Devos was working in education reform at the time already. She was apart of the Michigan Republican Party, and she was married to Dick Devos. The pair were perfect for each other. They had similar views on education, and it became apparent that they could work together to support change.


In her most recent televised interview, Betsy Devos talked with Lesley Stahl on “60 Minutes.” It was an interview that showed who Devos really was, as she stated that students come first, and that’s why it was important that people took a second look at education choice as part of reform.


The road hasn’t been easy for Devos. She has been working in education reform for many years. It started while she was in Michigan with bills like the “Kids First!” Coalition. The bill was designed to help private and charter schools expand in the state, but it wasn’t approved.


To those that say public funding is the main resource for private school vouchers, Devos says that they simply don’t understand. In fact, philanthropy has been the main driver behind education reform lately. She has backers like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Sam Walton. However, it’s her own foundation that has done much of the work. The Devos Family Foundation has donated over $134 million to different charities, including those for education.


However, there are a lot of people who have supported educational choice before and still had to compete with other reforms, such as standardized testing and Common Core programs. While the Trump administration has said that Common Core is not supported. However, it’s really up to the states to change education policies. That has caused some issues at the state level for Devos who has had to fight for educational reform.


Devos has just two more years to work with states to get educational choice programs in place, but currently the most successful are in Florida and Louisiana.


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Shervin Pishevar: The tweet-storm predictions

When venture capitalist Shervin Pishevar went on a tweet-storm early this year, he revealed a lot about the US economy and the financial sector as a whole. He started by saying that the US economy would decline in the future unless some serious steps are taken to combat the problems facing the country. He predicted that the stock market would lose by 6000 points, a good indicator that the economy was not doing well. Performance of the stock market is directly tied to good economic performance in the country. According to Shervin Pishevar, it is not only the stock market loss but also the bond market.

Shervin Pishevar took to Twitter for a 21 hours outburst. In one of the tweets, he posted about the future of bitcoin. He pointed out that bitcoin will be of great benefit in the financial sector and its value will go up significantly in the future. However, before gaining again, it will go down to the $2-5k range. He also added something about gold. In his analysis, gold will gain value as the economy deteriorates. Since gold is considered a haven, investors will put their wealth in the metal.

As a long time entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, Shervin Pishevar had something about the future of the most advanced innovations hub in the world. Surprisingly, he has no kind words. By his prediction, Silicon Valley has lost the glory it once enjoyed. In fact, Silicon Valley is more of an idea than a physical location. The idea has been adopted by other countries, meaning that the best ideas in the world need not come to the US anymore. Some countries are offering real competition in this area. China is doing very well and could easily surpass the United States.

Shervin Pishevar was part of a team that was tasked with the responsibility of creating a bill that would allow migrant talent into the United States. The bill failed to go through the Congress, something Pishevar describes as a mistake. The dwindling fortunes in the Silicon Valley are linked directly to some of the decisions that have been made such as the failure by the Congress to pass the bill. The bill would allow immigrant special talent visas to the United States.

Guilherme Paulus Created New Travel Opportunities In Brazil

Guilherme Paulus looks at travel as a way to escape the mundane. He also looks at travel as a way to increase the economy in Brazil. He spent a lot of time looking at different opportunities for people to try things while traveling to the country. He also learned about the right way to help others understand they had great travel options. Paulus even liked what travel to Brazil did to the people who lived in the country. He pushed to make his hotels the best, give Brazilians jobs and make new opportunities for travelers.

The hotels Guilherme Paulus designs are among the best in Brazil. He owns the hotels so people have a chance to visit and enjoy luxury they might not be able to get anywhere else. Guilherme Paulus also makes sure his hotels have all the amenities that come with different things they might be able to use while they’re traveling. By focusing on his guests, Paulus creates a lot of opportunities for people to try things they might not have when they’re visiting the country and staying at a different hotel. His hotels are a unique experience compared to other options people have.

Creating jobs in the community is important to Guilherme Paulus. He knows people need jobs and he does what he can to make sure they have all the options that might make their lives easier. The hotel is a great place for people to work and Paulus knew that when he started. By hiring locals, he created different opportunities for people to try something new. He also created a chance for people who might not have had a chance in the past. It made sense for Paulus to do this so he could make things easier for everyone in the community the hotels were a part of.

When people came to the hotels Guilherme Paulus built, they knew they could have a fun experience. They also knew they could do things that would be better than what other hotels had. For Paulus, this gave people a chance to try things that might make it easier for them. Paulus started tour company to go along with the hotels he has. The tour also helps visitors have a better experience while they visit Brazil. By focusing on travel as the theme for his businesses, he makes sure he can help others get what they need from the company.

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After Years of Working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly Makes a Career for Himself in Mainstream

After Years of Working in Wall Street, Paul Mampilly Makes a Career for Himself in Mainstream

Paul Mampilly attended the Montclair University where he majored in Finance and Accounting. He graduated in the year 1996 with honors not only for his academic excellence but also for being the student fraternity president during the time that he was in the university. He then joined the Fordham Gabelli School of business where he got his MBA in Finance in the year 1997. From here, Paul Mampilly began a thriving career in Finance. His first few years were spent working on Wall Street.

 Paul Mampilly at Wall Street

Between the years 1989 and the year 1991, Paul Mampilly was employed as an Accountant Assistant at Chatham Street Management. Here he got to work as an assistant to the financial advisor also was also a portfolio manager. He gained a lot of experience that allowed him to begin a career as a portfolio manager also. In the year 1991, he got hired by Bankers Trust company, which is currently known as Deutsche Bank as an account administrator. He served this role for one month less of two years then was promoted to the role of Assistant Portfolio Manager.

Paul Mampilly worked under the senior portfolio manager for a year and eight months before he was promoted to the senior portfolio manager in the year 1995. When he left the company after serving on this position for three years, he had built a reputation for himself in the industry that secured him a job at Deutsche Asset Management firm as a research analyst in the year 1999. He worked here for a little over two years.He worked in other firms like the ING Funds as a research analyst and Kinetics Assets Management as a senior portfolio manager. At Kinetics, he helped increase the assets under the firm’s management from 5 billion dollars to 25 billion dollars.

Away from Wall Street

Paul eventually gave away from Wall Street and decided to start a business venture in research publishing. He is the founder of Capuchin Consulting and is also a senior editor at Bayan Hill Publishing. At Bayan Hill, he publishes research on investment opportunities that are set to make a lot of money for investors.