OSI Industries: Using Sustainability Measures To Remain Competitive And Relevant In The Industry

OSI Industries, a food processing company, has been able to accomplish what a significant number of other food companies will not be able to achieve in their operations. Being the president of OSI Industries, the respected business leader and manager, David McDonald, has been able to gain a significant reputation in the food industry.

OSI China was mandated with the role of supplying food products to most of the participants in the 2008 Beijing Olympics where the firm was supposed to supply more than 113 tons of food products.

Getting such a huge offer put the company into focus. Surprisingly, the organization was able to offer quality food products to all the participants of the global event without a single complaint being recorded by all the individuals who consumed the food products supplied by the organization. Some of the food products provided by the organization include eggs, chicken, dehydrated onion, and pork. It is worth recording that some of the food products supplied by the organization are perishable and delicate such that is was a great achievement to supply food of such magnitude without a single complaint. This was a great achievement that brought the company to a global scale while at the same time enhancing its reputation.

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One person who has played a crucial role is David McDonald who has helped OSI Industries to start operating at a global scale. His employment at OSI Industries came immediately after graduating from the University with a degree in animal science, which means that he has significant insight in animals and animal products offered by a substantial number of food processing organizations around the world. His ability to spearhead some of the most excellent deals such as the 2008 Beijing Olympics makes him a shrewd business partner that any organization out there would like to work with.

Despite being a champion in advancing the operations of the organization, David McDonald has played a pivotal role in ensuring that OSI Industries is able to remain sustainable in an industry where other entities are finding it challenging to remain operational. Dave has always suggested alternative strategies that would play a vital role in the continuous improvement of the company through a guiding principle. His essential skills and knowledge have been seen through the role he has been playing of ensuring that the organization operates sustainably and responsibly. Currently, OSI remains to be a fundamental entity in supplying food products to McDonald’s, Subway, Burger King, and Papa John’s among others.

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