How Stephen Hicks Managed to Lead Southridge Capital to Greater Heights

Stephen M. Hicks is the founder, Chairman, and the Chief Executive Officer of Southridge Capital. He started the company in 1996, and it specializes in managing plan executions and business development. Hicks is an alumnus of King’s College in New York. He also attended Fordham University and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration.


When starting the company, Stephen brought 30 years of investment, risk management, and financial experience he gained from his other places of work. His duties in the company are to steer and manage the directions, set the standards of all the companies under Southridge group of companies. Stephen and his team of highly trained experts are experienced in the business field. Their expertise and knowledge help their clients in planning for expansion and making the profit in development.


Stephen admits that his idea of starting Southridge Capital emerged when he worked at a small hedge fund in New York. He adds that he took the initiative after the fund’s principal decided to go back to Australia. Since the principal was to take a full year to do the clearance, Stephen started his hedge fund, and the principal gave him the green light to start while continuing to work for his organization. According to Stephen, their day at work kicks off by outlining a list of his duties and other employees. Then, he points out that he finds time on his schedule to gather more ways of expanding the company at the same time keeping in mind that the ongoing projects remain strong.


Asked about what makes him successful, Stephen answers by saying that for one to succeed in entrepreneurship, one must be organized and focused because it is a very competitive field. He overcomes that obstacle in running Southridge by making sure he has a list of daily tasks to fulfill. Additionally, he makes sure the company is gaining its full potential by monitoring the company’s cash system. Apart from business activities, Southridge is involved in philanthropic activities through Daystar Foundation, which Stephen Hicks and his wife Mary started as a vehicle to deliver community-based activities. you can visit their facebook and  twitter account to see more.




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