Igor Cornelsen Has Shared Many Investing Tactics Over The Years

Born in 1947, Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian native that has become one of the most respected and wealthy investors in the entire country. At the beginning of his adult life, Igor was going to focus on engineering for his studies but instead focused on economics. His skills working with numbers allowed him to excel in class and after graduating he was able to land a valuable position at an investment bank right away.

Igor’s talents allowed him to flourish in the investment business and he was able to quickly rise up the ranks at his first company, Multibanco. First, Igor joined up with the company’s board of directors, followed by taking lead at the company as CEO. When the company was acquired by a bigger one, Igor Cornelsen moved on to other investment opportunities, building up his experience and knowledge of the industry as he went along. His last position as was London Merchant Bank, where he worked for several years before finally starting up his own investment firm.

Igor has been able to build up a vast wealth of different information and various sources of market information from all over the globe thanks to his many years in the banking industry. After starting up his own investment company in 1995, Igor has stuck to his work managing investments and proving advice to others within the community to help bolster their own skills as well as the market. Igor has long been trying to get investors interested in the Brazilian market, where he made much of his fortune over the years.

Igor Cornelsen is regularly giving out his advice to investors and throughout various interviews, Igor has given away various key tips in becoming a successful investor. Not only is innovation important, but so is following the facts and navigating the market to find the right ways to invest. There are many investors out there that act based on pure feeling or listen to what others think, spouting their opinions. This behavior is what keeps many investors back from becoming truly successful in the field.

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