Perry Mandera: An Overview of His Professionalism

Perry Mandera is the founder and chief executive officer for Custom Companies, Inc. Perry has been in the field of transportation and logistics for quite some years. This dates from 1976 when he began working in this industry and now garners over forty years of experience. His expertise over the years revolves around serving the shipping needs from his customers in Illinois and the entire country in general. Observing Mandera’s career exposes one to learn a lot from his experience. His experience and thoughts are captured in this article generated from the response from an interview. Perry began his profession during his Marines times, a period when much of changes in life happened. While he was serving in the Marines, Perry was in charge of the transportation of troops and supplies. This helped him to realize the broader goal of shipping services. When asked concerning his service line, Mandera says that this gave him experience and influenced him towards his career path. ry much accomplished in serving at the Marines.


His service did not end after leaving armed forces. When he returned to his civilian life, Mandera decided to be involved in running for office. He was then elected in 1984 as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the Chicago 26th ward. He served for a four-year term. Perry acknowledges his passion for charitable work in the societies. He has been in positions to help various communities. Perry donates time and resources towards programs that are crafted in the way of addressing the needs of the less privileged individuals in the society. He specifically points out that his heart goes out to help children with needs through financial donations as well as material support such as transport services and clothing. Perry’s charitable support is not only towards the established organizations but also to the new groups of people who come out for help. One of the charities that he prides in is being able to reduce the burden of holidays to individuals by giving them resources especially on those people that his employees can identify in the societies. It is important to note that his experience is not majored in services and charitable aids but also as a respected figure in the business world.

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