Robert Ivy Is The First Architect To Receive The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award

The Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award is one that is only given to those who have attained extraordinary artistic goals and who have a strong connection to Mississippi.

The CEO and EVP of American Institute of Architects (AIA), Robert Ivy, is one of those individuals, as he was recently honored with this award by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL), and is the first architect to receive such an honor.

Robert Ivy is an alumnus of Sewanee: The University of the South and Tulane University, where he obtained both a Bachelor of Arts in English and Master of Architecture degrees. Prior to working for American Institute of Architects, Ivy served in the United States Navy as an officer. Additionally, Robert Ivy employed his combined education and experience as both a writer and architect while working diligently as an editor-in-chief for McGraw-Hill’s Architectural Record. There, he gained traction as a respected expert and gained renewed interest in architecture by helping to make the journal one of the most read architectural resources worldwide, even succeeding to have it translated into additional languages for subscription retention purposes.

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Ivy has worked to build his career by paying attention to the specific and unique needs of individuals in both corporate buildings and private homes with the goal of helping to better the quality of life through spatial motivation. Ivy believes that space and lighting can create the right atmosphere for life improvement. Through attentive architectural design, Ivy feels spaces can be used to properly motivate individuals to become more productive. This will, in turn, create a pathway toward happiness and increased productivity for individuals in their home or office.

Ivy is no stranger to positively impacting lives and receiving accolades as a result. In addition to the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, Ivy has been honored with the title of Master Architect by a national architecture fraternity called Alpha Rho Chi, as well as the 2017 Dean’s Medal from the University of Arkansas Fay Jones. With all the good Robert Ivy has done, it is fair to say that he well deserves the tribute of being honored with the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award.



Dr. Saad Saad who was born in Kuwait has always wanted to become an engineer like his elder brothers and thanks to the hot summers in Kuwait which exceed 110 degrees Fahrenheit he decided to change his profession to work indoors where he could get access to air conditioning facilities, and that is how he went on to become a doctor. Graduating second of his class with a medical degree from Cairo University in Egypt he went on to do his internship in England then later immigrated to the United States where he did his residency in pediatrics with the United States Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery.

Dr. Saad Saad expertise and skills have attracted many patients and organizations to seek his service, a case that was a highlight for him was in 2012 when an organization based in Palestine known as Palestine’s Children Relief Fund approached him to do an operation to a 15-year old that was suffering from gunshot wounds. The boy had complications that doctors in his country could not manage to operate. Dr. Saad had the patient flown into the U.S where he carried out a successful operation and saved the child’s life. There were more other cases that the doctor was approached to help and due to his conviction to treat underprivileged people who not get access to advance medical could care he helped the patients. This was also a chance for him to pass on his medical skills to the doctors that he worked with especially in underdeveloped nations.

Due to the multiple complex pediatric surgeries, Dr. Saad Saad has performed he has identified the need to develop methods to improve the existing techniques and procedures to enhance the recovery processes of his patient and risks involved in operations. That is why the doctor developed two inventions that help surgery procedures;

  1. The Catheter Invention. A catheter is a flexible hollow tube that is inserted into the body to treat specific conditions and is also used in surgical procedures. They are added to body cavities to aid in drainage of fluids or gases and thus to give easy access to the surgical instruments.

The use of catheters has always been ineffective because for their position in the patient’s body to be tracked doctors had to do an X-ray or an MRI scan which posed a dangerous threat of radiation on multiple exposures. Dr. Saad invented a catheter tip with a coil that utilizes energy to identify the catheters’ position.

  1. Visual Suction/ Irrigation Rigid Endoscope. An endoscope is a tubular instrument with an optical camera that doctors use to view inside the body. Dr. Saad has invented an anti-fog endoscope which can act as suction and irrigation to clear the view for the physician. Learrn more:


The life of Jeff Aronin; the founder and CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals LLC

Jeff Aronin is a passionate philanthropist who has been able to meet the pressing needs of people who have diseases with no treatment. Throughout his career, he has been able to offer support to the patients whose hopes have diminished due to health-related problems. His exposure in the medical field has enabled him to understand that the most crucial aspect of the area is to research on new therapeutic approaches that will help alleviate the disease and improve the health condition of the patient. Jeff Aronin intends to help individuals live in more favorable conditions. This drives him to conduct more research on medicine concerning the health-related problems affecting mostly the poor.


Aronin ovation pharmaceuticals, LLC.

Jeff Aronin graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and later pursued an MBA from DePaul University. His first job was in the healthcare sector and later founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals, LLC. In 2000. Aronin created the ovation Pharmaceutical Company since he felt that he could do more for the patients whose medical needs had not been addressed and neglected by the society. Through the creation of this company, Aronin was able to utilize his knowledge and ability to work towards accomplishing his goals. The company focuses on the patients and drug development which makes it more competitive and reliable.


Promoting entrepreneurship in the community

Jeff Aronin worked with paragon Biosciences where he supported the community in various ways. The people in the city of Chicago benefited since they were involved in health care. As an established entrepreneur, Jeff Aronin is employing his vast experience and entrepreneurship skills to form a business incubator for biotech companies. He has also shared his entrepreneurship outlook with various startups who are looking to establish their firms in the healthcare sector. His strong commitment to entrepreneurship has seen him create Matter; an incubation hub in Chicago, which has over 200 startup firms that are in various phases of development.


During his career life, Jeff Aronin realized his passion was in healthcare. As a Physician, stabilizing a child’s health without worrying about the pay is the best decision in his medical career.

Glen Wakeman the Outspoken Business Mentor

Glen Wakeman is the CEO and the founder of the company, Launchpad Holding, LLC a SAAS organisation. The company agenda is to empower upcoming entrepreneurs to be able to manage different businesses to succeed by providing them with relevant tools. Glen Wakeman applied the five steps of methodology that ask questions that are intended to overlook the principles of an enterprise plan, using a software. The idea to use the five-step methodology came as a result of many people seeking business advice from him. The concept is to mentor upcoming entrepreneurs to have the fundamental ideas of how to run a business irrespective of the type of service offered or the product.


Glen Wakeman is a veteran entrepreneur who has been on an adventure for his entrepreneurial activities. During his twenty-year career at GE (General Electric), he travelled to thirty-two countries for business and lived in six countries. Glen being a renowned business advisor, mentor and global executive, created a new segment named GE Money Latin America. It progressed from a one-man business to over 17,000 employees and a boost of $12billion assets.


His experience in the business sector made him form Launchpad the organisation that followed the five-step methodology. He had gathered massive knowledge of business, and this enabled him to know the concepts to run a successful business. Glen Wakeman is an outstanding technocrat who has gained enormous experience from working all around the globe. The business environment from his native land, the United States, Asia, Africa and many other countries, he has been to has exposed him to different business techniques leading to his expertise.


He has many followers on social media who seek the advice for business enterprise starting from running a babysitting venture to other more significant business ideas and skills. Glen Wakeman organization to nature upcoming entrepreneurs, is a very remarkable activity as it will foresee the progress of many businesses both large and small scaled, leading to great yielding of profits. Glen Wakeman Launchpad holdings is a wakeup call for those young entrepreneurs seeking to start a successful business in the long run.

Perry Mandera: An Overview of His Professionalism

Perry Mandera is the founder and chief executive officer for Custom Companies, Inc. Perry has been in the field of transportation and logistics for quite some years. This dates from 1976 when he began working in this industry and now garners over forty years of experience. His expertise over the years revolves around serving the shipping needs from his customers in Illinois and the entire country in general. Observing Mandera’s career exposes one to learn a lot from his experience. His experience and thoughts are captured in this article generated from the response from an interview. Perry began his profession during his Marines times, a period when much of changes in life happened. While he was serving in the Marines, Perry was in charge of the transportation of troops and supplies. This helped him to realize the broader goal of shipping services. When asked concerning his service line, Mandera says that this gave him experience and influenced him towards his career path. ry much accomplished in serving at the Marines.


His service did not end after leaving armed forces. When he returned to his civilian life, Mandera decided to be involved in running for office. He was then elected in 1984 as the Republican Ward Committeeman for the Chicago 26th ward. He served for a four-year term. Perry acknowledges his passion for charitable work in the societies. He has been in positions to help various communities. Perry donates time and resources towards programs that are crafted in the way of addressing the needs of the less privileged individuals in the society. He specifically points out that his heart goes out to help children with needs through financial donations as well as material support such as transport services and clothing. Perry’s charitable support is not only towards the established organizations but also to the new groups of people who come out for help. One of the charities that he prides in is being able to reduce the burden of holidays to individuals by giving them resources especially on those people that his employees can identify in the societies. It is important to note that his experience is not majored in services and charitable aids but also as a respected figure in the business world.

Things You Need to Know about Christopher Linkas

Christopher Linkas is the head of credit at a firm based in the UK and has gained a great reputation as a successful financial expert. Besides investing, Christopher has also taken the initiative to teach people, particularly the young about the importance of investing their money while they are still young. The renowned financial expert believes that people who are business minded while still young are likely to acquire success in future as long as they start investing at their age. Through the growth of one’s investments, they also acquire a chance to acquire extra cash from their ventures, which plays a crucial role in helping them improve their living standards.

Besides, Christopher insists that people that invest earlier acquire chances of reinvesting due to the capital that they acquire after some time. He encourages people to be always prepared to take risks as it is one of the bases for success in business. Through challenges and mistakes, an investor gets to learn what to as well as the things to avoid so as to be successful in business. Besides, Christopher Lukas encourages people to rely on the use of the modern technology so as to improve their business strategies. He believes that young people can learn a lot through technology and as a result, acquire ideas regarding investments.

Linkas has for the past 25 years working with some of the most prestigious firms in the world, through which he has gained vast knowledge regarding investments and finance. He gained his passion for business and investments while still at college and he has always strived to acquire the best out of his ventures. His drastic rise in the financial world has served as a motivation to many people. Additionally, Linkas has received a high accreditation from many people due to his ability to share ideas with other people as well as will teach people about the various strategies they can adapt so as to achieve their financial and investment goals. He started his career as an asset manager at RER Financial Group LLC, which served as the basis for his today`s notable successes.

Graham Edwards: Contributing to the Growth of Telereal Trillium Ltd.

Graham Edwards is a British businessman who is most well-known for his contributions at Telereal Trillium Ltd. He is currently a member of the Center for Policy Studies, being assigned to one of its newest divisions. He will hold the position as the chairman of the Housing Policy Group, and he would also have to engage in research works performed inside the center. Graham Edwards is also working with Telereal Trillium Ltd., serving as the company’s chief executive officer. The company is known for managing properties all across the United Kingdom, and Graham Edwards contributed a lot to the company for being able to manage them properly and selling properties worth billions of pounds that helped the business earn more profit. Through the help of Graham Edwards, Telereal Trillium Ltd. became one of the United Kingdom’s fastest-growing businesses.


Taking two responsibilities at the same time looks simple for someone like Graham Edwards. Working with the in-house experts from the Center for Policy Studies, he managed to develop new policies that would allow him to promote the idea of owning a house to the local people of the United Kingdom. He can also influence them to engage in housebuilding, increasing the number of properties in the country. Graham Edwards believe that by influencing the British people about owning and building properties, there would be a great demand for the services provided by Telereal Trillium Ltd. His remarkable thinking skills have already placed the company in a higher status.


Graham Edwards has a lot of significant contributions to the company, but one stands out among the rest. When he was assigned to work with the properties under the company, he had to initiate a transaction with BT, and it allowed Telereal Trillium Ltd. to get the ownership of more than 6,000 properties. The worth of the transaction was around two billion pounds, and it was considered as one of the company’s largest transactions. Because of these feats, Graham Edwards was given a promotion earlier this year to become the executive chairman of the Telereal Trillium Ltd., and he stated that he would continue doing good for the advancement of the company.


Jorge Moll: Discovering the Biological Truth of Morality

Jorge Moll is the President, director and member of the governing board of the D’Or Institute for Research and Education (IDOR) in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. He is also a senior researcher and the head of the Cognitive Neuroscience Unit and Neuroinformatics Workgroup, also at IDOR. Moll graduated in Medicine from the Federal University of Rio de Janiero in 1994 which is where he completed his medical residence in Neurology. Moll also acquired a PhD in Experimental Pathophysiology from São Paulo University in 2004.


Recently, Jorge Moll along with other neuroscientist, Grafman, at the National Institutes of Health, had worked on a study where volunteers were asked to think about a situation either donating money, or keeping it. The researchers then scanned the participants’ brains while they decided. The results of the scans show similar effects from altruism as with food or sex. Altruism, the experiment proposed, was not a loftier moral capacity but actually a basic function of the human brain.

Molls research in 2006, finding that generosity stimulates the pleasure center of the brain, offers scientific support to the spiritual and moral ideals that altruism, and possibly morality, are naturally programmed into the brain. It is a dramatic example of neuroscience becoming part of the discussion about morality. The study has posed new questions about what it means to be “good”. Jorge Moll and others are using brain imaging and experiments to study whether morality is a key component of the human brain and psychology. The results, unexpectedly, are revealing that many facets of morality appear to be hard-wired in the brain.

This new research is showing that morality has possible biological beginnings. This brings forth new questions about negating personal responsibility as the possibility of a chemical imbalance might be blamed for a lack of morality or empathy. Moral decisions often feel like logical challenges, but the experiment by Moll and Grafman has shown that emotions are essential to moral discernment. The moral compass within humans’ psyches may be a result of biological evolution. This controversial hypothesis will require more study and debate in future years.

The Amazing Lee May

When you think of the history of the Cincinnati Red names like Johnny Bench and Joe Morgan are usually near the top of the list. The Reds have some very famous players who have played for their organization. One influential member of their history who you may not have heard of is Lee May. Lee May is one of the best players ever to play for the Reds but many people only know of him because of an historic trade in 1971. His legacy however goes far beyond that.


Lee May began his tenure with the Reds back in 1961. He worked hard for several years in their farm system before being called up to the majors in 1967. He had little trouble adapting to major league play. He quickly demonstrated his ability to hit with power as he had twelve homeruns and fifty-seven runs batted in with less than five hundred at bats. He was named rookie of the year by the Sporting News and his career quickly took off. Over the next several years he was very productive and his play was recognized in many ways. He was team MVP and eventually voted to the all star game. Despite leading his team to the playoffs however, Reds ownership was looking for even more success.


In 1971 the Reds traded Lee May in a major traded that landed them future Hall of Fame player Joe Morgan. May would ended up playing for several other teams including the Astros before retirement. He spent several years working as a coach as well. In 2006 The Reds honored may by making him a member of their Hall of Fame. May was both surprised and honored by the selection. It was a great way to cap off an excellent baseball career. Lee May’s accomplishment will now live on in Cincinnati history for years to come.

Johanan Rand Remarkable Stride in Weight Loss and Anti aging Treatments

Dr. Johanan Rand is a specialist who deals with weight loss and conditions that accompany the aging process through regenerative medicine. He is the fuel behind Healthy Ageing Medical Center, West Orange, New Jersey. He leads and has changed the lives of many people in the medical field through his specialties namely aging, erectile dysfunction, menopause, traumatic brain injury and weight loss He carries out wellness programs that compose of IV nutrient therapy. Some of his alternative solutions usually address individualized needs which is what makes him a game changer. His Peer-Review practice places him well at the top. He only recommends what can be supported with medical journal.


A Peek on Johanan Rand Treatments


Dr. Johann Rand weight loss program concentrates on hormone levels. The idea behind this is for the patient weight loss to be as natural as possible. The unique HCG diet program, (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) which he developed is natural and leads to weight loss immediately. The supplements of the program usually let the patients lose fat without them feeling hungry. This is after restriction of calories but the fact that the program combines the two is what makes it unique and more appealing to the patients. The program can also influence weight loss to even those who are eating healthy options and exercising.


When it comes to aging, Dr. Johanan Rand creates therapies that restore the health and vitality of younger years and prevent diseases. He brings the patient’s hormones back by administering bioidentical hormones to the patient which are safe and effective through IV Nutrient Therapy. Thanks to that hormone therapies help reinstate the natural levels of essential hormones to the body, and in return this helps eradicate numerous aging symptoms while reversing others.


His treatments take a unique approach which mainly leans on exercise, nutrition, and hormone level. He uses therapeutic model to acknowledge the issues associated with aging. Often, he uses himself as an example to show that age does not come with a sign of slowing down in life. At the age of fifty years, Johanan Rand is enjoying life and going on with his duties actively.


Johanan Rand Career


Dr. Johanan Rand started his medical journey at Albert Einstein Medical Center in New York. He studied nutritional principles and integrated medicine. He joined Howard University College of Medicine for an Advance Degree. He is currently the founder and president of Healthy Aging Medical Centre and an active member of the Age Management Group.