Ronald Fowlkes – Amazing and Influential Personality in Hockey and Law Enforcement

“Ronnie”, as he’s commonly referred, is a St. Louis resident and has served both in the military and the local law enforcement. Currently, he holds a position in Eagles industries unlimited whereby he acts as a one of the central correspondence personalities in the business with other people in the United States. He joined the firm that operates in the peaceful suburbs of Fenton, Missouri in July 2008 and has never left since. The main business of the company is to provide the public with easy access to armor carrier, chest rigs, belts and slings. Ronald Fowlkes main position at Eagles industries is as a business development manager whereby he leads training sessions for the over one hundred and fifty sales representatives that represent the company in the market.

His military background from his active participation as a United States Marine until 1993 earned him two promotions as well as active duty in the gulf war. He is greatly recognized as a gulf war veteran among his peers as well as the public. Such a history landed him a position with the St. Louis County Police Department where he worked for three years. He was also engaged with the St Louis Metropolitan Police Department for a decade. This multidisciplinary encounter with various arms of law enforcement that includes that spans from the military to different sections of the local law enforcement authority earned Ronald Fowlkes a specialization in the same and involvement in ATK.

ATK is a security firm that has over thirty years of experience. It is also actively involved in sporting. The firm’s central market is sports and shooting enthusiasts and law enforcement. ATK security produces high quality products for the tactical market that range from shooting accessories, optics, and reloading gear. ATK is the parent company of Eagles Industries where Fowlkes holds a significant position.

Considering his longtime involvement with the US army and law enforcement for a career that spans thirteen years, he got a position as an instructor with the United States military hostage rescue. During his time in the law enforcement, his SWAT and URBAN teams where he was the leader participated in 250 high risk entries that involved hostage situations. Also, the teams he lead took part in investigative initiatives in different neighborhoods for drugs, illegal weapons possession, gangs violence and many more related law enforcement duties.

“Ronnie” is a staunch follower and avid supporter of matters hockey. He is a coach of a certain youth league. On his blogs at medium, he expresses his views as well as discusses latest matters in the hockey sport mostly relating to both international and local events. He concentrates his talks on the NHL.



Ara Chackerian Is An Entrepreneur With A Wide Portfolio Of Projects That He Works On:

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur that focusses his business efforts on projects that bring him great financial success while at the same time giving great benefits to the communities in which the projects are going on in. He places a huge amount of importance on environmental sustainability. To help himself accomplish this lofty goal, he founded Limonapa Teak. The teak operation is located in Nicaragua in an area called Chinandega that has previously been poorly managed in terms of its land. Cattle grazing has caused the region’s soil to be used up after the area was heavily deforested. Limonapa Teak has many residents of the region employed in its forestry operations. Ara Chackerian’s goal with this project is to reforest the region and revitalize the land after the years of it being poorly used for grazing of cattle. The region’s economy has been greatly strengthened due to this employment that this project is providing. It is part of Ara Chackerian’s devotion to managing the vital resource that is the world’s forests.


Ara is based out of San Francisco, California. He has years of experience in many different entrepreneurial endeavours including the field of technology related to the healthcare field. He has worked tirelessly to improve the area of mental health treatment with his firm TMS Health Solutions. Ara is also deeply involved in environmental sustainability in regard to the world’s forests. In this regard, he co-founded Limonapa Teak. For more info you can checkout



Ara Chackerian recently sat down with IdeaMensch for a candid interview about his career and work with TMS Health Solutions. Asked about where he came up with the idea for TMS, Ara emphasizes that along with one of his longtime business partners, they put together a goal of starting radiology centers that worked on an outpatient basis. These centers make use of magnetic stimulation on a transcranial basis. Ara also has some interesting things to say about what his typical day consists of. The first thing he emphasizes is that he really doesn’t have a typical day and that every day is different. He tries to approach all of his different interests in a different way each day in order to keep fresh ideas flowing. Ara Chackerian also talks about how digital healthcare is a trend that he has become very excited about recently due to its massive potential to bring the healthcare system a great deal of value. You can visit for more details.


Jeunesse Global creates innovative new multivitamin with AM PM Essentials

With all of the energy drinks and other performance-enhancing substances available over the counter today, it is, perhaps, surprising that productivity has not spiked through the roof. But it turns out that most products that people use to maintain high levels of productivity throughout the day have a particularly nasty side effect: They make it difficult to fall asleep at night.

Experts recommend that even caffeine use should be completely stopped by at least six hours before someone plans on falling asleep. With more hardcore and explicitly energy-boosting products, like supplements or energy drinks, that number should probably be expanded to eight or even 10 hours. However, few people heed this advice. The result is that people who consume energy drinks, caffeine or performance-enhancing supplements in the few hours before they go to sleep at night often end up suffering from insomnia. And this inability to fall asleep and stay asleep can not only erase any positive effect that performance-enhancing products may have during the workday, they can actually diminish overall productivity even with the use of those products.

But the truth is that few people are able to consistently stop drinking coffee, energy drinks, soda or any other substance that they use to help boost performance eight hours before they should be falling asleep. As a result, insomnia, of one degree or another, now ranks among the most serious killers of productivity in the country today. And few products that also seek to boost daytime performance have sought to address this problem.

But now, AM PM Essentials from Jeunesse Global is offering the first multivitamin that provides an all-natural means of helping people who need to be at peak performance during the day to wind down at night. AM Essentials contains all the fundamental nutrients to help people stay going strong throughout the workday. These include vitamins A through F as well as B6 and B12.

PM Essentials, on the other hand, contains a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that is formulated to help people wind down, falling asleep on time and staying asleep throughout the night, leaving the user refreshed and ready to face the next day.

Bob Reina: His Heart Is Pure

When people look at an individual like Bob Reina, they respond to the fact that his heart is pure and he wears his heart on his sleeve. He is very revealing in interviews, and he is not afraid to say what is on his mind in a manner that gets the point across in a polite yet firm way. Bob Reina knows there is important work being done over at Talk Fusion each and every single day. To people on the outside, they might only see it as a video technology company. However, they don’t see the big picture and Bob Reina has always kept his focus on the big picture of the company and the world as well.

He knows how many people are really unhappy, stressed, and miserable at their jobs. It has taken an emotional and physical toll on them. It has not been easy, and they are not exactly sure what they can do or how they can fix it. Once they discover Talk Fusion, they realize they can actually have the means to start up their own company and watch it grow from step one. That is what Bob Reina wants for the people out there, and he knows they deserve it and they have earned it as well.

Bob Reina is here fighting for the people because he knows they need it, they want it, and they deserve it. After all, it is why Bob Reina is giving out 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion to brand new customers. In case they are not sure what to expect or what Talk Fusion is all about, this takes all of the guess work out of it. It is just like any free trial in life, if they don’t like it, they can quit whenever they want. They are not tied to this.  Learn more:

However, Bob Reina is confident that once they get to sample it out and see all of the features in addition to the tremendous customer service team over at Talk Fusion, they will be head over heels in love with it.













Hiring Dr. Jennifer Walden for Professional Cosmetic Surgery

There are so many reasons for you to give Dr. Jennifer Walden a try for yourself. Not only is this a professional you can trust, but it is something that is right for you and is going to benefit you when you want to feel good about yourself. Now is a good time for you to give Dr. Jennifer Walden a try and see what she can do for your face, body and overall self-confidence. Make sure to give Dr. Jennifer Walden a call and see if this is a professional you can trust for all of your needs.

The fact that Dr. Jennifer Walden has been working in the field for a long time and is one of the best out there is why a lot of people choose her for their needs. In fact, Dr. Jennifer Walden can work on a wide array of different procedures, and now is a good time for you to make use of this type of expert to see if this is something that is going to be helpful in a lot of different ways. Be sure to consider Dr. Jennifer Walden and see if she is someone you can use for this specific service right now.

Before you forgo plastic surgery because of the price and not knowing who you can hire, you’re going to want to consider Dr. Jennifer Walden and see if she can help you out. Once you do this, you’re going to find that this helps you out and gives you exactly what it is that you’re going to need. Make sure that you take a look at the Dr. Jennifer Walden site and see if this is something you’re going to want to have done in order for you to feel good and look even better right now.

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Robert Ivy Is Honored With A Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy is an architect on a mission to make architecture more accessible to the public. His initiatives will likely change how architects design tomorrow’s building structures.

As CEO of American Institute of Architects, he has accomplished much toward realizing his goals. The AIA plays a critical role in helping architects reach the full potential of their profession.

The AIA is now at its highest level of membership since its formation 160 years ago. The organization provides access to topics that cover building safety, research, building science, matters of resilience, the adoption of global architectural practices, engagement in civic activities, and much more.

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For his lifetime commitment to the advancement of architecture, Robert Ivy received the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award. It means a great to deal to Robert Ivy and his profession. As such, it was the first time the award landed in the hands of an architect. The award is generally reserved for artists and patrons of art who connect with the Mississippi art culture. The Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters issued the prestigious award to Robert Ivy.

The consensus for architects, along with stimulating conversations on the topic, is there will need to be greater collaboration with architecture’s historical aspects as it relates to urban planning. Architects will need to incorporate other, innovative, ideas to their trade. Public health and global warming are two such areas where design will play an integral role.

Robert Ivy also has an extensive writing background. His resume also includes tenure at McGraw-Hill Construction. There, he was also editor-in-chief of Architectural Record. He was also Vice President. Robert Ivy also received the G.D. Crain, Jr. Award. This honored Ivy’s contributions as an entrepreneur and editor.

Ivy is a busy man, and his life is a testament to his commitment to making the world a better place. Architecture is so much more than simply design and buildings. It is about education, understanding culture, and being able to bring a beneficial vision to life.

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