Southridge Capital LLC was founded by Mr. Stephen Hicks. Necessity is the mother of invention and the South ridge conception in 1996 is one that came through for the good of companies which in order to gain to their best performance, require outside equity capital. The equity firm, Southridge, has made direct investment of approximately 1.8 billion to over 250 companies globally in the past two decades.

Southridge Capital has a unique understanding of concerns facing growing companies. It specializes in private placement transaction with small public companies (PIPES) that require additional financing to implement their business strategies for their bloom. Under securitization structured finance, companies that often do not avail themselves in of all current opportunities when in need of capital, Southridge offers creative solutions that include monetization of a company’s existing asset base. Specific approaches include loans against capital assets or insider shares.

Southridge enhances credit worthiness of companies by working with their creditors to eliminate debt in favor of common stock. This structure is of great benefit to the client company since its implementation does not require registration statement, and is based on the existing level of liquidity in the company’s stock.

Southridge offers financial solutions by providing resolutions based on the current circumstances of the company. The services offered include Equity Purchase Agreement (EPA) that allow the companies to raise capital solely at their behest at any point of time irrespective of market conditions. Companies that have seen the benefits of (EPA) are Western Graphite Inc. of $5million worth EPA and Nutranomics Inc. of $10 million worth EPA.

Advisory services that are of great importance to a growing company offered by Southridge include financial analysis that help estimate cash needs and determine the company’s enterprise value, advise on mergers and acquisitions through its many contacts, legal settlement and balance sheet optimization. In tough times of a company, Southridge still holds the company’s hand by advising bankruptcy filing in of need be and help negotiate terms with creditors on a structure to help the company emerge from bankruptcy.

The Daystar Foundation is a charitable organization that Southridge embraces its social responsibility. Southridge efficacy affects people’s lives positively and many companies’ life’s growth.

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