The Bodybuilding Industry: Enhanced Athlete

Most athletes are familiar with products . Whether an athlete has taken products  or have heard about them, the integrity of what a bodybuilding product company promises is sometimes questionable. Enhanced Athlete, a Wyoming-based company, focuses on providing customers the best researched products  on the market.


The non-profit company spends its revenue on researching and developing safer and high quality products . The list of ingredients used in their products  are clinically tested to prove its effectiveness. Essentially, Enhanced Athlete is on a mission to provide athletes with the utmost ethical and healthiest products for their athleticism. The company makes products with essential vitamins like Zinc and Magnesium. Health is their overall goal. But the company is not only involved in the nutritional product business. Their sister company, Enhanced Gear, is a clothing line of t-shirts, tank tops and sweatshirts for women and men. Enhanced Athletes does not stop there. They also have a coaching company called, Enhanced Coaching. Enhanced Coaching was created to bring training and diet plans to gain weight and give desirable looks for an affordable price.


In November 2017, the United States District Court settled a case between Nutrition Distribution and Enhanced Athlete. Nutrition Distribution is a fitness and bodybuilding product company that claims because of false advertising from companies like, Enhanced Athlete, their sales have seen a decline. Nutrition Distribution filed lawsuits against seventy various companies in the nutritional product business with these accusations.


Enhanced Athlete believes Nutrition Distribution are in the business of coercing other industry relevant companies to pay a small amount of money or else face threatening lawsuits of false accusations. Enhanced Athlete believes the opposing company does not have actual facts or data to prove false advertising has had an influence on their sales. The CEO of Enhanced Athlete states his company will not be penalized by this scheme. The court ultimately denied the lawsuit, siding with Enhanced Athlete.


Enhanced Athlete is a leader in its field of products . The company is committed to researching and developing products with high standards. Enhanced Athlete is a one-stop shop of clothing, coaching and products  the affordable and standard way.

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