Omar Boraie Leads the Way to the City’s Rebirth

Do you know how many people in the lower class love to ridicule and accuse the higher class of being the reason for all the evils in this world? Many of the 1% are labeled as bigoted racists who just support white men. However, this characterization does not match Omar Boraie who has been like a father to New Brunswick, New Jersey.

Omar Boraie has been the main reason why the city of New Brunswick is a thriving hubbub of economic activity today. He has dedicated his life and his resources to bring New Brunswick to a level of status it has never known.

Omar Boraie’s passion for the city of New Brunswick grew during his travels acrossed Europe. He saw places such as Paris, London, Madrid, and Sicily and felt that New Brunswick could also be influential in its own right in the north east part of the United States of America.

When Omar Boraie returned home, he laid out a four-step plan that would allow him to help make New Brunswick the great city he knew it could be.

The first part of his plan was to get families interacting with each other so that New Brunswick would develop a community feel. One of the things he did was the summer of free movies. Over a seven-week time span, DreamWorks and Disney movies are shown at the State Theater. Boraie Development pays for admission and concessions, and this allows families to meet one another in a social environment.

The second part of his plan was to help the job market flourish in New Brunswick. He kept the current jobs in the area by getting Johnson and Johnson not only to stay but to open up more factories to employ more workers. He also brought new businesses to the area by selling commercial real estate to them at a deficit. Check out their website

The third part of his plan was to get all the influencers on board to pave a solid way forward for New Brunswick. This influential A-Team was made up of the Mayor, the President of the two universities, and several nonprofit executives. You can visit their website

The fourth part of his plan was to bring the middle-class professional back by providing them with office space and residential they could afford. They were able to purchase upper-class goods and look even more professional with just a middle-class salary this made New Brunswick thrive.

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