Fagali’I Airport

Located in Samoa, Fagali’I Airport is not one of the world’s largest airports. However, it is a key component of travel within the region. It is located in Apia, which is the capital and largest city in Samoa. This means that the airport is in a location convenient for many Samoans. It is one of just three airports located within the Samoan Islands.

Although the Fagali’I Airport now plays a significant role in air transport within the region, that almost was not the the case. It began its life as a grass strip airport, was renovated and reopened in 2002. However, its new lease on life did not last for long. It was decommissioned just three years later. A few years later, in 2009, it was again resurrected when it was reopened by Polynesian Airlines.

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Since that time, the airport, whose code is FGI, has played an important role in air travel within the region. It has seen its usage increase recently. In June of 2017, it was the site of the inaugural flight of Talofa Airways when one of the airlines’ planes flew to nearby Tonga according to wikipedia.org. Also in 2017, Polynesian Airlines nearly doubled the number of flights it offers each day in the Samoas to 14.

While the airport is useful for those who live in Samoa, it is also key for those who are visiting. Fagali’I Airport’s location makes it a convenient to many hotels of various classes and tourist attractions. Nearby are points of interest such as the Museum of Samoa, Piula Cave Pool, Pe’ape’a Cave, Mount Vaea and Upolu. Apia also serves as a convenient spot for tourists looking to stop, rest, get their bearings and move on to exploring the rest of what Samoa has to offer beyond the city itself. Thereby, the airport is ideally situated for visitors to Samoa according to youtube.com.

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Betsy Devos – on topic article

Once again, we see the secretary of education, Betsy DeVos, visiting an all-girls charter school in Washington. She did this in conjunction with Melania Trump and Queen Rania from Jordan. Afterwards, DeVos made a statement to show her support for school choice. She said Excel Academy gives us a prime example of charter schools meeting the educational needs of the student body, parents and the community at large. It shows us the transformation that takes place when parents feel empowered with the educational setting to fit the individual needs of the child.


DeVos later flew to Florida for two days where she worked with the Miami schools. The schools here run a little different in their educational offerings. Some of the schools they looked at included a traditional public elementary school, a private Christian school, two institutions of higher education and a charter school. Pitbull, the famous rapper, had actually started the charter school in his hometown of Miami, and some have criticized him for this because of his misogynistic and profanity-based lyrics. That’s why it seemed somewhat unusual when the United States secretary of education appeared with Pitbull. However, it does show DeVos’s commitment to improving the options for schools across the nation, which has become her main priority throughout her time in office.


This marks the third time in history that DeVos has visited the schools of Florida. She has frequently said the schools of Florida reflect the national model when it comes to school choice. DeVos continues on as an ally to Jeb Bush, the previous governor of Florida. Jeb Bush also supports the national education reform with charter schools and increasing the programs that have made use out of public money. In addition, DeVos has a deep family tie to the state of Florida. Dick DeVos, her husband and the co-founder of Amway, owns a home in Florida while other members of the DeVos family also own a home here.


In fact, at one point, the DeVos’s were so well known and affluent that they own the Orlando Magic basketball team. Why does Betsy DeVos seem to support charter schools so much? Part of the reason probably stems from the fact that DeVos went to a charter school herself, and she loved how it offered students an abundance of choices. With a traditional public school, you can be locked into doing things a certain way, and as a result, many of the talented students fall through the cracks.


For a long time, the DeVos’s have donated millions of dollars to the education sector, and they have become well-known philanthropists in their home state of Michigan. As a politician, Betsy DeVos earned a frightening and ruthless reputation for playing hardball. Many Michigan politicians who found themselves pitted against her were soon voted out of office. The DeVos’s have also been forthright in their donations to Christian organizations. In fact, around 10 percent of the total donations were given to the church. Many of the supporters of charter schools have said that these schools help families from low-income areas to get a better education at the private schools, but others have criticized them for having no accountability to the government. Learn more: http://www.betsydevos.com/policy-involvement/