Fabletics: Kate Hudson’s Example of Starting and Growing a Successful Business

Every now and then, there is at least one person that tries to start a business. For many people, the world of a business owner or an entrepreneur is a lot different from the world they are used to. For this reason, they need to learn a lot about the activity that they are trying to get involved in. Fortunately, the internet has a wealth of information from people like Kate Hudson, who has started her own clothing line called Fabletics. She has outlined the process of starting and growing a successful empire in simple steps. The steps for creating Fabletics can be applied to other companies that are being started in other industries.


The first step is for one to identify an industry that he wants to be a part of. When it comes to starting a business, this is an opportunity for the entrepreneur to get involved in something that he is passionate about. This is the chance for anyone to make money doing what he enjoys and realize that work does not have to be so miserable. For some people, this is a quick and easy process. Other people may have to take a little bit of time off in order to find out what they truly enjoy.


After figuring out what is wanted, the next step is the educational step. The worst thing anyone can do when trying to start a business is to jump in with very little to no knowledge about the process. Entrepreneurs need to take the time to know how running and marketing a business works. They need to know each of the marketing channels and how they work. Then after that is the planning process when they figure out which channel they are the most comfortable with.


Another thing to do is leverage any advantage. For instance, Kate Hudson was a famous celebrity. She used her fame as well as business skills to bring forth a successful fashion retailer. Another important thing she has used is a unique business model that takes advantage of the latest trend in business and shopping. This in particular is the online membership model. With this business model, Kate Hudson has made it a point to get to know her members so that she can better provide what they want in clothing and accessories.

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