The Search for the Right Event Planner

Being an attendee at any event can be a great time. On the opposite end, planning that event can be stressful and frustrating. A lot goes into planning an event, and sometimes it may be best to hire an event planner. Event planners are qualified individuals who have the knowledge and the vision to make ideas come to life.


New York City is a city filled with amenities and services. There are numerous event planning companies in NYC, and one of the best is Twenty Three Layers. Jessica Boskoff is the founder and CEO and has been in charge for over ten years. Ms. Boskoff has a team of event planners in NYC that are highly trained and use attention to detail and a creative touch to make each event unique and special.


Not all event planners are alike. A lot of research and planning needs to be done before the right event planner is chosen. Start out your hunt for an event planner by asking around for recommendations. Ask family and friends who they have used in the past.


Once you have a list of names, do some checking online. Look for business pages to see what kind of work each planner has done for past clients. See if there are any reviews from past clients on how the event planner worked on how the end result was received. Doing your research beforehand will save you time and energy so you are not interviewing more event planners than you have to.


Set up meetings with a few of your prospects. Talk with them face-to-face and discuss your wishes for your event. Lay out all your ideas and see what the event planner has to offer. A good event planner will be able to take your ideas and explain in detail how they will make them a reality.

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