English Wine Producers Markets UK Vintners Many Wines

English Wine Producers is a marketing organization for UK vintners. The organization markets and promotes English wines and wineries that produce them. They have a sizeable membership that strives to promote these local products. Marketing is to the trade, consumers and media. Below are some UK vintners that produce some unique wine products.

Hattingley Valley Wines located in Hampshire produces sparking wines using traditional methods. They ferment wines in oak barrels and stainless steel tanks. Their sparkling Rose has won many awards for its delicate taste. It combines red berries and citrus notes. The 2013 Classic Cuvee Magnum uses green fruits and has a nutty flavor that goes well with appetizers.

Lyme Bay in Devon England strive to use the best grapes and push themselves to create new flavors. Their 2014 white wine Shoreline uses three type of grapes. It is dry wine with hints of grapefruit and lemon. It goes well with seafood and chicken. The Pinot Noir Rose is dry with a hint of strawberries and cream. It goes well with Chinese or Indian foods. Lyme Bay Winery strive to push the boundaries of quality and flavor in their wines.

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Nyetimber in West Sussex owns all their vineyards and plants all the crops for making their wines. They grow champagne grapes,chardonnay,and pinot noir. They produce sparkling wines using traditional methods. The Tillington Single Vineyard 2010 is a dry wine with the taste of red currants and raspberries and a hint of almond.

The Oxney Organic Estate is located in East Sussex. It is an award winning winery with tasting room and guide tours. They have 850 acres and grow their own grapes. They planted Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meniur,and Seyval Blanc. Their Classic 2014 is a dry sparkling white wine with delicate taste. It goes well with wine and cheese, and dish dishes. They have wine tours and tasting weekly.

Stopham Vineyards in Susex produces white wines grown from their vineyard next to the River Arun. They have wine tours and tasting most Saturdays from April thru October. Their Stopham Pinot Gris 2014 is a dry white wine with peach and pear flavors and citrus notes. It goes well with wine and cheese, fruit, and fish.

UK vintners that belong to the English Wine Produce make flavorful English wines in the UK. The varieties of white, red, and sparkling wines is amazing.

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