Crystal Hunt and Her Long Acting Career

Crystal Hunt was born in Florida in 1985. She was a young star before she was even walking. She was a pageant baby and eventually went on to star in a movie called ‘Problem Child 2’. She landed several commercial and went on as a teenager to go on to make an appearance as a troubled teen on the daytime show Guiding Light. Quickly after that she was offered a full time job on the show. As time passed Ms. Hunt started moving into movies such as, The Derby Stallion. Later she moved over to another soap opera known as One Life to live.

Not only is she an actress of daytime shows and the big screen, she also helped produce, with a friend and fellow actress, the movie called Talbot County.

Current projects include, Mike XXL and a series called Queens of Drama. The actress is known throughout the business and has been nominated for a Daytime Emmy award and a nomination for Soap Opera Digest award.

Ms. Hunt is active on her social sites such as, Twitter, Facebook.

Crystal Hunt has been in show business a long time and knows her way around a camera and not afraid to try a variety of projects as an actress and a producer.  Follow her journey on her official website.

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