Article Title: Official Launching Of’s E-Commerce Platform In South East Asia

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JingDong and Central Group(Thailand’s leading retail conglomerate) have come joined hands to do business together. This is JingDong’s move to further its expansion in Thailand by launching its e-commerce platform, JD CENTRAL. This platform is set to debut on Sep.28., and the move will further cement JD’s relationship with its clients in the region. Already, JD is doing business in the region such as running an established Indonesian e-commerce platform and strategic investments in Tiki. This is the top most B2C e-commerce business in Vietnam.


June 18 is JD’s anniversary, and it was on this day that the test operations of JD CENTRAL were opened. This e-commerce platform offers marketplace models and direct sales. Since that day, their sales have gone beyond what they expected. Some of the things you’ll find on this platform are top home appliances, fashion, electronics, cosmetics, beverages, and many more. To this day, nearly 80% of shoppers use their cell phones to access the platform. The good registering the highest sales are from China such as Huawei Xiaomi, Lenovo, and OnePlus.

JingDong makes its own technology, and using it, JD has created the globe’s most advanced operation in retail. Now, this company has brought that technology and more to Thailand. JingDong has a Warehouse Management System that it uses to power the warehouse at JD CENTRAL. This e-commerce platform will be offering same-day deliveries in Bangkok. The target for JD CENTRAL is to extend these services to the entire nation. Through partnering with local providers of service delivery, this will come to pass.

The Future for JD CENTRAL

JD CENTRAL’s CEO, Vincent Yang, says that the platform was launched to help serve all customers in southeast Asia. The merge between the Thai’s leading retailer and the biggest retailer in China will help see this through. Thai consumers will have a chance to experience world-class e-commerce with authentic products. This is a good move as it will benefit from the high population in Thailand. JD CENTRAL is also working with leading brands in the region to reach more clients and be the most trusted brand in the region.

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A Look at The Relationship Between The OSI Group and McDonald’s

The OSI Group is the world’s leading supplier of processed food product an array of retail outlets and companies in the food industry such as McDonald’s. Since the establishment of OSI more than 100 years ago, the firm has been able to establish itself as the trusted supplier and the go-to brand when it comes to value added foods such as OSI Group McDonalds products. McDonald’s is a firm in the food industry relies on OSI Group McDonalds for their food supply since the OSI uses the best practices in food value addition and processing, something allows the firm to deliver healthy and high quality products.

Technology has made access to information to people all over the business world easy; as a result, people can get acquainted with various issues such as health in regards to the foods they eat. In recent years, there has been a steady increase in debates and talks about the ingredients that go into our processed foods. More people are beginning to question the exact amount of ingredients that go into our foods. Sugar tops the list of the ingredients people are asking questions about, and nutritionists are encouraging people also to question the quantity of salts and additives that go into their foods. McDonald’s is one of the successful companies and fast food franchise in America.

Similar to the OSI Group, McDonald’s has been around for decades. McDonald continues to experience sustainable and continuous growth; this is allowing the company to expand into other territories in America and around the world. Information from McDonald shows that the company used to sell about 75 hamburgers which are OSI Group McDonalds every second across the world, but this represents a fraction of what the firm currently sells since it embarked on facility expansion across the globe. Food production process, supply, and processing companies undergo rigorous scrutiny and the monolith firms such as, and the OSI Group are not exempt. A recent study of the OSI Group McDonalds food products from the two companies reveal that they use preservatives to prevent food from going bad. The preservatives also serve to extend the shelf life of certain variety of products.


Dan Bethelmy Rada’s Career In The Beauty Industry

In 2015 Dan Bethelmy-Rada was named as the global president in the L’Oreal professional products. Dan was appointed by the company as the DMI general manager at the age of 38 years old. Throughout his life, Dan has been moving from one country to another thus gaining a lot of skills and knowledge to help him succeed in the beauty industry. Dan has more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, and throughout his career, he has been determined to make a difference as a colleague and a mentor in L’Oreal. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a strong advocate for diversity philanthropy as well as continued education in his field. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is a great innovator in the beauty industry and uses digital strategies and his marketing skills to manage the brand strategy globally.

Dan discovered that he could make a career in the beauty industry after his international business studies at Sorbonne University located in Paris. Dan Bethelmy-Rada started his career in 2002 in L’Oreal after completing his studies from ESSEC business school. Within his first year of working, he was appointed as the product manager for LaSCAD, which was a distribution company belonging to L’Oreal. In 2011 Dan was named as the vice president of global marketing with L’Oreal Paris and given the responsibility of directing a three-year expansion and innovation plan. His experience in L’Oreal led him to not only becoming the global brand president but also led him to NYC as one of the youngest brand presidents.

During an interview, Dan Bethelmy-Rada talks about his long term and short term goals in the beauty industry. He says that his short term goal is to launch new products in 2020 and continue to transform the brands using digital technology. His long term goal is to lead his colleagues in defining goals for the legacy of the brand versus individual projects and products. Also, years went by Dan Bethelmy-Rada created R.A.W after realizing that there is a demand for natural products among consumers around the world. A few months after launching R.A.W Dan Bethelmy-Rada and his team got encouraging feedback from their clients and over 90% positive views online.

Dan Bethelmy-Rada’s advice to the youth is that they should continue growing and learning from their mistakes as they start their careers. Dan Bethelmy-Rada is successful today because of his determination and the hard work he is putting in his career as a global marketer.

Madison Street Capital Has Just Made Another Exciting Announcement

The Madison Street Capital reputation is that of one of the leading investment banking firms operating on an international level today. With a firm commitment to maintaining a high level of integrity and providing outstanding service, Madison Street Capital has experienced consistent growth and is a leading firm in the area of financial advisory services as well as mergers, acquisitions and professional services in the area of valuations. The Madison Street Capital reputation is that of an investment banking firm that combines its client’s goals into its own in order to obtain success for all parties involved. This has helped Madison Street Capital to develop an outstanding reputation with its worldwide customer base.


One of the biggest announcements that the team at Madison Street Capital has recently made is the fact that the firm is the recipient of M&A Advisor’s Turnaround M&A Deal of the Year. This is the 13th instalment of the M&A Advisor Turnaround Awards and the organization was proud to announce the fact that Madison Street Capital was an award recipient. As the Chief Executive Officer at Madison Street Capital, Charles Botchway leads a vibrant and experienced team and he has expressed how proud and honored that everyone at the firm is to be selected by M&A Advisor as the recipient of this prestigious award. He emphasized the fact that this is yet another great way to showcase the quality of work that Madison Street Capital is doing for its extensive base of clients.


Winners of the M&A Advisor awards represent companies that do truly excellent work in the area of distressed investing. The team at M&A Advisor takes great pride in being able to shine a light on the outstanding work that companies like Madison Street Capital are doing.


M&A Advisor has been in operation for twenty years now and was founded as a way to present insights into the area of mergers and the area of acquisitions. This has led M&A Advisor to become recognized as the leading media source in today’s industry. Today’s busy finance professionals trust the work that M&A Advisor works diligently to publish. The organization’s annual awards have become a highlight of the business year and bringing home an M&A Advisor award has become a highly coveted prize. The recent accomplishment by Madison Street Capital is yet another major feather in the cap of this vibrant and dedicated firm.


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Suffering from mental health or behavioral health issues can be challenging when it comes to seeking treatment. The challenges are numerous ranging from the high cost of treatment to social stigmatization from friends and sometimes even family. In other cases, the illness itself prevents the patient from seeking the right treatment, and they end up living with the disease all their life.

The few that were able to surpass these challenges and get treatment were offered medication and psychotherapy. At the time, science had not yet evolved, and the treatments were not very effective but with time scientists have modernized everything. Pharmaceutical treatments and psychotherapy are combined to treat patients, and the results are better than before.

The treatments come with side effects depending on how the body reacts to the medication, and some patients are not ready to live with the side effects. Not everybody responds to treatment the same way as to some the therapy might be helpful, and to some, it might be toxic. These are the risks involved in undergoing psychotherapy. Neuroscience has however changed the approach to dealing with mental health issues by coming up with a new form of treatment known as neurofeedback. The treatment utilizes the brain’s power to assess different behavioral and mental health problems and then learn and better itself from studying the surroundings of a patient. Many brain performance institutions have embrace neurofeedback and have successfully dealt with diseases like autism, depression migraines, memory boot camp, and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Neurocore is one of these centers that have incorporated neurofeedback into their treatment. The healing process solely depends on the strength of the brain of a patient. Some patients have stronger and healthier brains than others, and therefore they take less time to heal. Although the diseases might vary, treatment starts in the same manner. The patients are given a hat which records the electrical activity in different parts of the brain to wear. A brain map is then drawn from these records to have a rough copy of brain activity. The brain maps also help to identify further disorders of the patient by checking for irregular electrical activity. This is the beginning of neurofeedback treatment.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Takes Over E-Commerce

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Richard Liu is the Founder of He started his empire with just one store in June of 1998. It quickly grew to twelve chain locations. He knew that he was making strides in right direction. In 2004, he decided to take the things that he had learned in retail to the online space. He saw how other people were having success and thought that he would attempt to do the same thing but only better.

In 2007, Richard Liu decided to take things a step further by creating his own logistics company. He wanted his customers to be able to get their packages shipped directly to them, no matter where they lived. Another way is different is because they receive all of items directly from the manufacturer. So, people never have to question whether they are getting the real product or not. Richard Liu has changed the way people view e-commerce.

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Article Title: Richard Liu

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Richard Liu is the founder and CEO of which has built the website from the ground up starting right after college and while he was working for an herbal supplement company at the time. Richard Liu has a huge amount of wealth as he is now one of the richest men in the world and spends his time as he wishes. But he wasn’t always that way as he built his own empire from nothing because he worked hard and believed in himself so that he could succeed in the future.

Now although he is middle aged he expects to have a long career ahead of him doing everything he can in order for his company to remain competitive, grow, and meet the needs of customers while being an top independent company that is able to make deliveries on time without the burden of being dependent on the postal office so much.

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How Tim Ioannides Suggests Using Vitamin D to Treat Skin Conditions

Tim Ioannides is a licensed dermatologist who has been practicing for over 15 years. He founded the company Treasure Coast Dermatology, which is a company that is more focused on taking steps to be proactive rather than just being reactive. Ioannides mainly focuses on medical issues dealing with skin conditions and does not tend to focus very much on cosmetic issues. Tim Ioannides received his medical degree from Miami University School of Medicine and is a certified member of the American Board of Dermatology.

Ioannides believes that vitamin D is a vitamin which possibly can offer help with skin conditions, such as rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, or contact dermatitis. Vitamin D is a vitamin which can be obtained through food as well as from exposure to sunlight. Some of the common reasons people have vitamin D deficiencies include not enough exposure to sunlight, being overweight, not getting enough vitamin D through food, having digestion issues, using sunscreen often, or being of older age. Some of the most common signs of low exposure to vitamin D include back pain, loss of hair, wounds not healing as fast as they should, constant sickness, staying tired all the time, and being depressed. Ioannides recommends everyone in general should try to get about 10 to 15 minutes of exposure to sunlight every day.

Ioannides suggests that any patients who have skin conditions take 10,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, which is a bit more than what is typically recommended. Just this dose of vitamin D has helped some of Ioannides’ patients skin conditions clear up. Some of the patients that had the skin conditions eczema and intractable psoriasis had a complete end to skin problems just by supplementing vitamin D. Vitamin D is readily available, inexpensive, and is a highly safe supplement.

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The Environmental Concern of Maluf

The Brazilian entrepreneur, Flavio Maluf, is an active philanthropist. Who often assists financially to help provide healthcare to needy individuals in the communities of Sao Paulo and Salto County. He also donates needed medical supplies to area hospitals, primarily Idio Carli Hospital and Maternity Clinic. He also loves to help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and business leader via his blog writings and through one-on-one meetings. One of the first and most primary lessons he teaches these people is that being an entrepreneur means more money and less work.

Despite all of this, he is known for his great humility. He also exudes an optimism that everyone around him finds incredibly encouraging and inspiring. He first took first entered the adult world by getting his higher education first in Brazil then New York. After this education, he worked for several different companies to gain experience and knowledge for a planned future role. Finally, he took up a leadership role at Eucatex, the family business, when he was 36-years-old. In the ensuing years, he worked through the ranks and eventually became its president and CEO. For more information about Maluf, view his crunchbase profile.

In addition to his roles at Eucatex, he also serves as the president of Grandfood Group. The primary focus of this company is the high-end food products for cats and dogs. Brazilian is well known for its growing love of pets. And Grandfood is becoming especially favored as a Brazilian pet food supplier, particularly because of its environmental responsibility emphasis. Maluf leads it in this effort by having Grandfood plant vegetation that helps protect fauna and flora, and also help enrich forests. In addition, educational programs have been implemented for the public.

This environmental concern runs strong in the Maluf family. In fact, they first founded Eucatex with this very ethic in the early 50s when it was very rare to find companies with such an ethic.

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A Short Biography of Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot attended the Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville. He graduated from the institution with a B.Sc. Degree in Nursing. Shortly after earning her nursing degree, Baggot joined the Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business that is situated in Chicago. She received her MBA from this institution. Baggot later studied at the University of Colorado; she earned a PhD. from this institution.

Peers in the healthcare industry, refer to Baggot as an experienced business strategist, and her exceptional track record speaks for itself. After graduating from Boston University, Baggot settled within Boston in 2006, and she is there to date. Most people know Deirdre Baggot is the brain behind the transformation of the payment system across most American hospitals. She introduced the bundled payment system which is currently being embraced by numerous healthcare institutions across America. Keep up to date ECGMC Thought Leadership

Deirdre Baggot began her career in 1997. The first position she held was as a resource coordinator while also being a staff nurse. Shortly after, Baggot assumed the position of manager at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital. She diligently served the firm for more than half a decade before making a move to Ann Abor medical facility that is situated in Michigan.

While serving at Ann Abor, Baggot got the opportunity of joining the University of Michigan Health System. Baggot was entrusted with different positions at Ann Abor. Some of the positions she served in include analyst and administrative manager.

On her return to Denver Colorado, Baggot was hired to the position of Administrator at the Cardiac and Vascular Institute; a subsidiary of SCL Health. Her leadership skills came to the test while serving as an Administrator in this institution (Cardiac and Vascular Institute) where she was tasked with leading more than 450 members of staff. Other than being an executive administrator, Baggot was also responsible for various critical areas such as business and strategy development.

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